July 21, 2010

Mafia Wars Las Vegas District 1: North Las Vegas

In this series of posts on Mafia Wars Las Vegas, I will be discussing each district, loot info, and progression information. This first post about District 1: North Las Vegas will be a bit extended as I will be explaining some of the game mechanics that go along with the new chapters.

With that said, let's start with jobs!

North Las Vegas Jobs

As mentioned in an earlier posts, there are two ways to finish off a District's chapters in Mafia Wars Las Vegas. Here is a look at North Las Vegas' job tiers:

In the first picture, the "energy" pathway is highlighted. You will need to complete all the jobs highlighted in red to access the boss without spending stamina.

In the second picture, the "fighting" pathway is highlighted. You will need to complete the jobs in red in order to fight the boss.

The whole thing is weird because in order to progress to level 2 mastery, players have to master both tiers.

So rather than giving fighting-heavy characters a way around spending tons of energy to get tiers done, you actually still have to spend energy and now you have to spend stamina too. In the "ideal world" I suppose this is oriented in trying to make characters more balanced. In practice, it seems to still encourage energy (and now high stamina) accounts as you still have to spend tons of energy to finish content.

Fighting Jobs

Fighting jobs seem to cost quite a bit of Stamina (48 per job attempt on the final level of mastery on "Roll a Bingo Parlor" job.

Here's the thing: you can see who you are fighting before you actually click fight. You can then avoid tough-looking opponents and go for the easy targets. For example, when I go to the fight screen I might see something like this:

I can see "DON RON" has a full mafia and is almost level 700. He could have a lot of +defense, plus he typed his name in all capital letters, so that must mean he is a pretty tough guy. I can elect not to fight DON RON by refreshing the screen after about 15 seconds. Most of the time the target will change:

This guy only has a Mafia of 136. I know I can win easily, so I'll take that bet and be sure not to waste my 24 stamina.

If you lose the fight, you lose your stamina and gain no Job Progress. If you lose to a person and keep clicking fight, you will fight the same person repeatedly, so be sure to switch it up by refreshing the page rather than wasting all your stamina on the same target.


Job Loot:

Blackmail a Car Dealer - Drops "Car Key". This is a consumable used for the "Secure Some Wheels" job, which is also in District 1 (energy pathway).

Steal a Truckload of Slots - Drops "Slot Machine". These are used to build your Casino.

That is it for job loot for North Las Vegas. Nothing to exciting on that front.



The new boss fight concept is a lot different than the old one. You appear to do damage now based off of your attack scores and take damage based on your defense scores.

Players and bosses both seem to do a lot of damage, so be careful. The boss starts off with just 500 HP and this increases over time.

Mastery Level 1 - 500 HP
Mastery Level 2 - 1000 HP
Mastery Level 3 - 1500 HP
Mastery Level 4 - 2500 HP

I was able to kill the first boss in one hit on the first time around. (noted earlier I thought it was a bug but rather it is working as intended).

Also, each level of mastery, I dealt less and less damage each hit and was taking more and more damage each hit (his defense and attack also went up from level to level).

By the third level of mastery, the boss was killing ME in one hit, but you are able to get around this pretty easily. Just use the Stun Gun every round for a free hit. I used 7 Stun Guns to kill him on the final level of mastery without taking a hit. Seems kind of silly but that is how the game works, at least for now.

Each time you beat the boss, the mastery item (Alves' Muscle Car) increases in value:

Here are the reward's stats throughout the levels:

Bronze level mastery: 55 attack, 73 defense
Silver level mastery: 61 attack, 83 defense
Gold level mastery: 73 attack, 94 defense
Platinum level mastery: 81 attack, 105 defense


That is all for District 1. More information tonight!
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  1. do u know when las vegas will be open to everyone?

    awesome guide

  2. Interested as to how everyone else is tackling these? You doing mastery first or levelling and unlocking?

    Ive been levelling and am on chapter 5 (nearly done) although I didnt realise you had to fight too.

    Also the social option looks broken as it told me i already had something posted, even though that job was complete.

  3. @Tim you can probably only have one social job open per city, regardless of it'scompletion status.

    I found a few loot items that dropped from random jobs, nothing great as of yet, but so far two different weapons, 1 vehicle and 2 types of armor.

  4. i don't know whether anyone is experiencing this, but i had finished off north las vegas and it should have reset back to 0% for all the jobs but it hasn't. do you have to go through ALL the district before it resets to 0% again?

  5. got some victory tokens for the fight club today, you have to enter and win tournaments, i went into the flyweight and won 3 victory tokens for winning the bracket, it then forces you to a harder bracket in order to keep winning, and if you lose you have to wait 4 hours before entering a new tournament, thus keeping ppl from gathering mass amounts of the fight club loot. also haven't seen anyone mention it, so i will they've completely killed the top mafia bonuses (unless im terribly unlucky) i noticed i didnt receive any in vegas today.

  6. You have to finish both paths for the mastery to reset. I had this happen, until I realized I hadn't completed the fighting path - it was just the energy path that was complete.

  7. Mastermind/Wheelman bonus don't seem to be in effect in Las Vegas

  8. thanks for the tip. the only thing that i realize is that fighting using an energy account is a bit more tricky since dealing w/ alot of high level users.

  9. i was able to get a wheelman bonus once in vegas... i did an energy job and it used up no energy... so i guess it's possible...

  10. I didn't see a single case where I got the 50% bonus for being mastermind in someone else's mafia. I did seem to get the 10% bonus for having my own mastermind, and extra cash for having that top mafia too.

    In Vegas, the loot is NOT mapped to a particular job like it is in other cities - it just drops randomly, and it appears there is different loot for each district. The loot I got on jobs in District 1 was worthless, but the loot I got in Districts 4 and 5 included some stuff that was better than the best loot from other cities.

    So far:

    Bark Scorpion: 50/32 (animal)

    Mojave Mike: 40/53 (vehicle)

    Femme Fatale: 45/28 (armor)

    Set of Biker Leathers: 30/48 (armor)

    Range Finder Rifle: 36/54 (weapon)

    Unfortunately, the Vegas loot does not appear to be giftable (at least yet)

    Note that the mastery loot has stars that indicate the mastery level on your loot page.

  11. Just watched them nerf the stamina requirements for Las Vegas jobs a few minutes ago.

  12. I don't see any change in stamina requirements.

  13. I'm not sure if its just me but i think i have another bug. One of the jobs in the district 1 tier "steal a truckload of slots" actually gives out 26 exp, not 24 exp. This isn't huge, but with my character, i'm finding that i have no problem leveling off of this with some other jobs in Bangkok since I have a wheelman.

  14. also for the above comment, here is what i do. i do Ship Burmese Sapphires Into Thailand in bangkok until i have about a 1.6:1 exp to energy ratio. i then do steal a truckload of slots in vegas and i find that i have around 300,000 vegas chips in about a half an hour. just a tip if you need vegas money. also works with settle a beef permanently with its 2:1 exp to energy.just make sure you can level off the energy you save for the vegas jobs or it will be much slower getting vegas money.

  15. Two comments. First one is to the guy above this... settle a beef is not the best in boss no more, 'Travel to the Old Country' gives a better ratio.

    Second comment is Mr.MWG. You have a 'typo':
    "In the first picture, the "energy" pathway is highlighted. You will need to complete all the jobs highlighted in red to access the boss without spending stamina." <-- highlighted in yellow ;)

  16. i think they did a good job on vegas. creating something entirely new. i cant complain so far. for me the bottle neck is stamina, but thats fine. i will farm baht and casino constrauction materials while i am waiting for my stamina to recover.
    thisll give players couple weeks of stuff to do.

  17. @ anon 5:17am

    the best job is actually 'Battle Your Way Through The Temple '= 2.08:1 in the last bangkok tier.

  18. ruby mastery for district 1 requires 15.1k of energy and 800 stamina(if you win all the fights).
    vegas is set for LONG TERM.....

  19. How about posting how many consumables we need so we can get what we need at lower energy costs.

  20. its really tough to win the fights w/out 501 mafia. Not so much fun clicking in other districts just hoping I find someone with a comparable size mafia.

  21. Any idea why I keep losing fights in the Fighter Path? Often I have 10,000-20,000 points more than the random opponent but I end up losing anyway. If this keeps up, then there doesn't seem to be much point playing anymore.

  22. its a random in the fighter path,,,had tried and lose in a lower defense person...had about in district 5 and had to pass for not having much stamina

  23. I think it's related to your level also (I often lose against low level guys allthough I had more attack, and sometimes win with less against very high level ones)

    On the other hand, I love the awesome vehicles they gave us, like Macuso's shades and Bidwell's suit... -_- Maybe there are wings on the shades and the suit must be an awesome jetpack?

  24. On another note: am I the only one who's biting in the dust on some of these bosses (even with the stun gun method)

  25. ????hotel security key card

  26. Iam waiting for 6 district

  27. unwanted evidence? anyone know what job drops this?

  28. Clean Out A Biker Bar
    dist 5, drops unwanted evidince

  29. Excuse the ignorance, obviously I am not the advanced player as most...

    what are the 4 stars located along side the progress bar, ??

    what do you do when you get thru a district on all jobs except the key which never dropped? what do you do then??

  30. the real bottle neck for everyone will be the bossfights. the 'bossfight consumables' apparently only drop in vegas.
    how am i supposed to kill them if the have 30 times my health and henchman. and that only being stage to gold mastery. its crazy. they kill me with one blow and i dont even damage them by 1!?!?!
    but now you can ask friends for help in those bossfights, they havent killed him yet, i might have to go back and finish it myself....

  31. I am quite disappointed in Las Vegas…

    I finished districts 1, 2, 3 and I am at gold level in districts 4 and 5 in about 7 hours and with only around 125 reward Points used mainly for stamina required for ruby level district 3 Fight path.

    V$ seems to be no problem… I bought all the loot required for ruby mastery in district 4… Have about a mil in the vault and I can see I need V$8,401,200 for loot required ruby mastery in district 5…

    The properties are pretty easy to Level up… I am done with most of them except:
    Vault I am at level 4 and Table Games… Casino Dealer does not drop for me.

    I guess we will have to redirect our efforts to Tournaments and Achievements

    As for the people who are asking about boss fights, you can ask your Mafia to help you.
    I only encounter a problem in district 3 both at the Gold and Ruby Boss Fights, my Mafia actually killed them for me  (I had no problem with gold level Boss Fights in Districts 4 and 5).

    PS. The counter for the Hot Shots achievement does not work yet... It is “coming soon”

    My Stats:

    Energy: 5835
    Stamina: 870
    Health: 162
    Attack: 800
    Defense: 560
    Mafia attack strength at 501: 94753
    Mafia defense strength at 501: 91990

  32. Could anyone who has completed the four star difficulty on the first few districts of vegas please post what weapons, armor, vehicles, and/or animals that we need to buy, so that we can buy them ahead of time, since I haven't upgraded my vault yet? Or better yet, post a screenshot somewhere for us?

  33. Grand Master Assassin &quot;Iphartzalot&quot;, level 1825 FearlessJuly 24, 2010 at 1:06 PM

    I have completed all on Ruby Except District 3, district 5 bosses. There must be some sort of glitch, I have been on them alone for 3 days. BTW, vegas SUCKS as far as I'm concerned.

  34. Grand Master Assassin " STEEL BUTTERFLY", level 788 Mogul Said So many bugs still i have killed boss district 1 x4 ruby level and still no car in loot!!!! also ruby level ditrict 3 won't go down (and that was with 9 people and myself attacking her) sort it out zynga!!!!

  35. I too am having trouble with fair competition against the bosses at ruby level districts 3 and 5. Seems you are going to need one hell of a lot of health to compete... I have 636 and still it is not enough. I think the key is health players. My stamina is 1135 and energy is 5135. level 1534 with both combined mafia defense and attack being over 98K. each. I have a pretty good Top mafia that hold their own. EXPECT to do a lot of jobs over and over to replenish consumables needed to fight the bosses. GOOD LUCK

  36. Editor - in the "Fight Jobs section" you wrote.
    If you lose the fight, you lose your stamina and gain no Job Progress."

    This is not true. You gain no Experience Points for losing a job fight but you do gain 1/2 of the job mastery that you would have if you had won.

    This means that high energy accts can still get through the fight path but it make take them 2x the stamina since they will lose most of the fights.

  37. I encounter problems with Dispose of the Evidence at Vegas District 5 Mojave Desert. Anyone, can you share where you have found those evidences?

  38. When will MW Vegas be open to everyone?

  39. hey, have yall notice that after completing the availble districts the loot stops except the consumables? or is it just me. also i can seem to tell which and where any particular loot will fall. its seems random when it does fall.

  40. After 5 attempts with Ruby bosses on district 3 and 5, I think I have them figured out.
    Need to re-collect all Loot and re-fight

    Sometime I was knocked out with one hit by boss after using consumables. I played around a bit and then found a way around that ;)


  41. bonjour pourriez vous m aider j ai acces a las vegas . je peux faire des combat des vol mais pas de mission . je clique dessu mais rien ne se passe pourquoi . avis a tous les joueur aider moi car je bloque . merci beaucoup

  42. where do i find the car key needed in stage 1 of vegas

  43. Hello could you m help j have access a las vegas. I can do the fighting of the flight but not mission. I click Lumix but nothing happens why. opinion has the player help me because I blocks. Thank you very much.

  44. How do you ask your mafia to help in the Boss fights. I see it in the job right above but not for attacking the boss. I'm having issues with the Ruby level in district 1

  45. I cannot defeat District 1, Ruby Level boss either. I have defeater higher bosses with no problem. So whats the deal? Any strategies?

  46. how to gain loot Item such as CAR KEY COPY no do more jobs in las vegas

  47. what the hell is wrong with vegas. i already mastered all but 2 districts in about 5 days. whereas bangkok took me ages(still haven't finished it infact). so how abt making the levels harder n not just the boss fights........

  48. I am not loot dropping any casino dealers, and when I try to ask friends for more the button disappears and the timer goes on, but it will not let me post. Has anyone had this problem or know a way around it? The same thing happens for weapons depot/ chop shop/ and the crew collections.

  49. for those trying to kill old Ruby, the creator of this blog gave a detailed way to do it. follow is instructions. i did and it worked. its a lot of effort but in the end you will be satisfied when you push the last button. quit whinning.

  50. It actually helps if all the boss fight consumables you had way back in NY are still with you. Helped me a lot.

  51. wth i can't seem to attack the damn boss in district 1. . . and i've done both tiers ! it just shows the annoying cartridge spinning motion

  52. Has anyone else gotten stuck on District 3? I'm working on silver mastery and I've completed each job in each path (fight, energy, and social) 100% (no doubt, I've checked multiple times). It won't move me up in mastery, though. I think it's because I did everything except the social job first, and then just now I posted the job help and got 10 friends to click and now it's stuck. I should have just done the fight path last like I have been. :/

  53. I am stuck in district 3 in Las Vegas. It shows all the jobs at 100% mastery. It will not give me the bronze achievement. I am going to try to repost the social job to see if that will bump it.

  54. The Fight Mastery levels are:
    (1) Apprentice Bully
    (2) Skilled Bully
    (3) Master Bully
    (4) Apprentice Brute
    (5) Skilled Brute
    (6) Master Brute
    (7) Apprentice Hunter
    (8) Skilled Hunter (12 fights per percent)
    and I'm guessing the trend will continue...
    (9) Master Hunter
    Will probably be in level 10 tomorrow. Let you know then!

  55. Just finished District 1, but it looked like I lost a bunch of $V while fighting the boss. Anyone else experience this?

  56. Hi, I am stuck in level 1 mastery but not able to move to the next level. Please suggest any solution

  57. Do you recommend finishing up District 1 up to Platinum Mastery before going onto District 2?

  58. bonjour a tous, j'ai un soucis sur mafia wars las vegas....
    J'ai ma jauge d'energie qui est pleine, ainsi que ma resistance, mais quand je veux faire une mission district 1 ou un autre ca ne fonctionne pas.... est ce normal? y-a t-il un bug? qui peux me repondre merci....

  59. @September 1, 2010: avez-vous toujours le même problème? Parfois c'est seulement des 'bugs'. Maintenant, l'Italie est ouvert! Encore une fois, il risque d'y avoir d'autres 'bugs'.

    Bon jeu et à la prochaine!