July 28, 2010

Mafia Wars Las Vegas Loot List

In Mafia Wars Las Vegas, the loot system is a little bit different. All of the new armor, weapon, animal, and vehicle pieces drop randomly from jobs in each district.

In other words, there is a set of about 5-10 items (I will refer to this as the "loot pool" for ease of reference), and by doing any job you randomly have a chance to get any of those 5-10 items.

With that said, here are the loot pools for each district (big thanks to Steven for putting this together!):

District 1

Moving Truck (vehicle; 12 attack, 20 defense)

Carver (weapon; 24 attack, 16 defense)

24k Chainsaw (weapon; 29 attack, 15 defense)

Football Jersey (armor; 10 attack, 28 defense)

District 2

Sand Storm (vehicle; 29 attack, 15 defense)

Bison (animal; 23 attack, 40 defense)

Road Tractor (vehicle; 25 attack, 33 defense)

Highrise Sport (vehicle; 29 attack, 38 defense)

Reinforced Boots (armor; 27 attack, 19 defense)

El Escorpion (armor; 40 attack, 30 defense)

Reinforced Tuxedo (armor; 28 attack, 34 defense)

Biohazard (weapon; 18 attack, 28 defense)

District 3

Pump Shotgun (weapon; 32 attack, 22 defense)

Classic Convertible (armor; 30 attack, 35 defense)

Motorcycle Helmet (armor; 22 attack, 32 defense)

El Escorpion (weapon; 40 attack, 30 defense)

District 4

Two Pair (weapon; 31 attack, 44 defense)

High Society (vehicle; 37 attack, 29 defense)

Femme Fatale (armor; 45 attack, 28 defense)

Ventilated Blast Cap (armor; 32 attack, 24 defense)

Belt Fed Shotgun (weapon; 27 attack, 36 defense)

Hard Four (vehicle; 30 attack, 50 defense)

Bark Scorpion (animal; 50 attack, 30 defense)

District 5

Dune Buggy (vehicle; 41 attack, 35 defense)

Set of Biker Leathers (armor; 30 attack, 48 defense)

Bighorn Ram (animal; 37 attack, 42 defense)

Precision SMG (weapon; 42 attack, 30 defense)

Range Finder Rifle (weapon; 37 attack, 54 defense)

Mojave Mike (vehicle; 40 attack, 53 defense)


I think this list is incomplete; if you have anything to add, please post in the comments. The best three pieces I have seen so far are the Bark Scorpion (animal; 50 attack, 30 defense), the Range Finder Rifle (weapon; 37 attack, 54 defense) and the Mojave Mike (vehicle; 40 attack, 53 defense).

I have seen the Bark Scorpion in District 4 and the Mojave Mike and Range Finder Rifle randomly in District 5. Players are claiming to have found pieces in all cities, but I have not been able to confirm this or noticed this myself. Anyone have any pictures?

Mafia Wars Las Vegas is also now live for all players!
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  1. I've had the Bark Scorpion drop in District 5.

    Other loot:
    Range Finder Rifle (37, 54)

    Mojave Mike (40. 53)

  2. when i click on fight the boss nothing happens. WTF and i've finished all the other cities. damnit

  3. Loot found in District 3

    El Escorpion - Att 40, Def 30

  4. So basically rubbish loot? So we have a city that many people cannot do (see stupidly difficult boss threads), and the loot isn't worth the bother either.

    So what is the point of LV, unless as a playpen for fighters?

  5. I'm kinda stuck with district 3, level 4 end boss. Anybody got some suggestions. I know i can ask my family to attack, but after requesting that must i leave and come back later, or must i stay and wait?

    Ow now almost ending district 5 level 4, i have fully upgraded vault,. It can hold up to 50m. Not bad, but must admit a bit disappointing.

  6. LV the good:2 decent loot drops, nice mastery items, tons of skill points to be had through job masteries and a few achievements, boosts from properties (not quite sure how this works yet I have not upgraded mine very much)

    LV the bad: most of the loot drops are all garbage, boss fights that are a pain, will require high amounts of stamina to finish which will more than likely hold up alot of people. random drops and worthless chips means i probably won't even bother doing jobs in LV once i've upgraded my properties there, if i even bother with that. Bangkok will be much better to do for upgrades.

    Most glaring problem I have with LV is that it suffers from the same problems as all the other cities besides Bangkok: nothing to spend chips on that benefits your mafia. After we got the faction store in Bangkok I thought they had figured it out and then we have the same stupid model as the other cities in LV. Bleh.

  7. Relax people, stop complaining about the "garbage" loot in Vegas, have you forgotten Bangkok? It was not until the last two chapters that the loot upgrades became worth while, and right now there are at least 3 more districts to come in Vegas.
    Regarding bosses, I think only Juliana is incredibly hard, and it is obvious the fight is glitched (consumables doing damage to you and healing her), so it is bound to get easier soon.

  8. yeps you are right, it seems that she is harden then she should be. But still i wish i could crack her. My attack and defense are reasonable. But i simply can't beat that lady ;-) and well the rest is almost completed. Only district 5, lvl 4 needs to be done

  9. The Bark Scorpion also drops in Dist 5

  10. From the Bonus wheel feature of the fruit machine, I got a "Poison Dart Frog", animal with 28A 68D

  11. Armor:

    Reinhardt and Otto (57 Attack, 36 Defense)


    Mojave Mike (40 Attack, 53 Defense)
    Goldsmobile (40 Attack, 55 Defense)


    Diamondback (56 Attack, 48 Defense)

  12. I think I have the District 3 and 5 boss situations figured out. It's going to cost a decent amount of chips and energy, but at least you'll be able to defeat them. Here it goes...

    Before the battle, obviously make sure you're maxed out on everything...health, stun guns, grenades, shivs, energy, and money. Then go attack the boss. More than likely, you'll get it handed to you before you even get their levels half way down. After the fight, DO NOT go to another district or city to regenerate and replenish supplies. Doing so messes with the boss's health timer and causes them to revive faster (I was fighting the District 3 one, got destroyed, took 10 seconds to go to New York to the hospital, returned and she already gained like 4000 health back. She basically had more health then when I started attacking her the first time in less than 10 seconds).

    So basically stay in the same district, do a bunch of jobs to get the consumables back and you'll have to use your chips to revive at the hospital. I had to do it a couple times, but by doing so, the boss basically doesn't gain any health back between battles.

    Hope that helps everyone out.

  13. @anon 4:39 Just because we had to wait until the last 2 chapters of Bangkok to get good loot doesn't make it right or make Las Vegas any better.

  14. I think he was trying to say that you can't judge Vegas if the city is not complete yet, his logic applies to every city actually. People Always complain about how shity the new cities are, and praise the last one, the one they are used to. At first people complained about the faction store, specially the prices, and now they complain other cities don't have one. I like the idea of making every city unique, keeps the game fresh. Also, advanced players seem to forget there are new players everyday, and those players can "skip" previous cities, and play the newer content, for them the starter loot is decent mainly because it is aimed at them. So I agree, stop complaining, it's only a game so try to enjoy it.

  15. Went thru one part of a tournament and finished the regional with 500K. Lost the 2nd part and as I was basking in the glow of all the riches, some guy fights me down to 100K and 11 health. Luckily this isn't bangkok cuz I would have flipped. Uh, I'll get it back. That's the most frustrating part of bangkok; I can't wait til they get tournaments in bangkok.

  16. Im stuck at lvl3 gold mastering and lvl5 platina mastering.. all else is done, but these two bosses are waaay to hard atm. In area 5 the sidekicks kill of mine and me before Ive even started at the boss (only last lvl of mastery), and in area 3, shes got way to much life so here the last lvl of mastery will be allmost impossible for me:( Will try the tecnique mentioned abowe, but all other hints are wellcome:D

  17. Any loot can drop in any district.

    Here are some more. That I have as well.

    -Gilded RPG: (29.42)
    -Range Finder Rifle: (37.54)
    -Mojave Mike: (40.53)
    -Rhinestone Cowboy: (33.25)

  18. The tecnique above is not possible, because it costa 1 million of chips to use the hospital in las vegas... yeah right, its the same price of ny... i finished everything, i have like 5 million, but that is all, maybe i could defeat her in that way, but i am not going for it, its fucking stupid this boss, i tought it would cost like 100thousan the most to heal in vegas but 1million its way too fucking much, not even considering that i spent 6000 energy doing jobs and got just 1 stun gun, i didnt had 9 previously, while in ny its really slow but you can spent like 100 energy and get at least 1 stun gun, ad u can do this like in 10 seconds, the way people find is nice, but it would only work if you could go to ny, but being stuck in vegas is almost impossible to defeat district 3 boss on gold and district 5 boss on ruby! They always make mistakes, the game is annoying me, i am about to quit

  19. would people stp calling the fourth level platinum its ruby dammit are u color blinded or smthn or are u soo much of a loser that u havent reached ruby level yet

  20. is there a vegas job requirement list anywhere?

  21. well just tried the strategy on area3 gold lvl... and YES 3mill and 8 stunguns later she died!:D... will post result when Ive tried on area 5 ruby mastering aswell);

  22. btw... I had all the stungunss and the other boss items before I started the fight.. if not, I wouldnt have had a chance in hell to get them while in the fight!!!! Get them first in NY, have atleast 3mill in LV vault (233health on my account),attack three or (or four if ur lucky or have much HP), die, heal, repeat untill u see that u have enough stunguns to finnish her of (area3 boss gold lvl) Good luck guys worked for me! And btw, yeah the healing cost is insane, but money are easy to come by; save one area for last and do the fighting jobs over and over again to generate cash... if u lvl up the area the jobbs will cost more stamina to do and the pay increase does not increase accordingly!!!

  23. The bosses are cake. Just use your supplies. You can use your shiv's all 10 of them before the battle starts, same with grenades. And if you are concerned, just keep using the stunner. You should easily have many of them available by the time you reach the boss, even if you used them all up.

  24. I really don't understand why people are complaining. Haven't all the loot drops been similar? The best Cuba, Moscow and Bangkok loot came toward the end of completing a city. The new Boss fights make me use stuff I've never used before. The tournament's are interesting, even with better odds you can lose. Now don't get me wrong LV is not great but it is interesting and moves people toward something other than;click,click,level. Doesn't everyone think "mafia wars" implies tough fights,do'in some jobs and working the system. With that said,I would like to see use have the option of choosing who helps us do boss fights. Sort of a pick your special fight crew once for each level. how do you get them? Contract? pay in loot or cash,..just a thought

  25. @victor

    Yea, I know it costs a ton of cash to do it this way, but it is possible. I mean most people in Vegas are being held up because of the stamina requirements. Most people are energy accounts and what else is there to do while waiting for stamina to regenerate? Just spam click some energy jobs, build up on cash and consumables (it also helps you get a ton of the building materials for the properties/vault). You should have no problem getting the money.

    And because of the vault, this should make sense to use your money this way. I was at the point where I was just randomly buying items in the store with my chips because I couldn't store any more and I didn't want it being stolen when people attacked me.

    But hey, it's just a suggestion to help you all out. You can take the advice and try it out or not.

  26. No whining in Mafia Wars...enjoy the game or play something else...Gezzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  27. Anyone know what district these drop at?
    Reinhardt and Otto (57 Attack, 36 Defense)
    Goldsmobile (40 Attack, 55 Defense)
    Diamondback (56 Attack, 48 Defense)
    And, please stop crying about not being able to defeat the Vegas boss'.That just means your too damn weak!

  28. to be true to the thread:
    All Terrain (19 27) vehicle


  29. Updated the loot list. I have not seen some of these high-end items.. where did you find them?

    Also, I have not seen pieces drop in multiple districts.. can someone provide a screen shot of that?

  30. couldn't agree more with the "please stop crying... you're too damn weak" comment.

    this is where the paper players get screwed and rightly so... the game is called mafia wars not leveling wars.. you should be tough, not just some loser 1000+ level account that gets pushed around level 400 players that actually invested their skill points wisely... if you wanna start winning tourneys and fights, put your skill points into A/D

  31. Thank you so much for your boss killing plan. It will beat ruby district 3 boss, based on some minor tests of mine. I need to save some chips though, I want 50 million vaulted because I will have to heal probably 20-30+ times at 1.7 mill a pop. Any tips on level 5's henchmen? When you die, and heal yourself, although the boss won't reheal if you stick in your district, her henchmen WILL. with no grenades and picks, I end up using all my attack just to kill the henchmen. I guess if you can level infinitely just on energy, you are set, but I can't. Eventually you run out of energy and can get no more grenades and picks.... maybe boost myself first, so I got extra, and can at least level once...

  32. As far as the "social Jobs" go, I find that if I help someone else on their job and then leave them a comment asking them to help me, most people will finish that job for me in no time at all.

  33. Straying dangerously back on topis here:
    Does anyone know what district these will drop?
    Reinhardt and Otto (57 Attack, 36 Defense)
    Goldsmobile (40 Attack, 55 Defense)
    Diamondback (56 Attack, 48 Defense)

    ...and yes the Vegas bosses are hard, so what?

  34. PICTURES - my LV loot


  35. OK. I am energy account. I stop crying, when you say me how many skill points you have in A/D. I have 2000. It's 1/5 all my skill points and it is not enought.

    Are you fighting on ruby level yet? Or you do only gold level? Becase gold is easy for everybody! And I don't trust you, when you say, you win district 5 boss on ruby. Without energy account you can be here yet!

    Then stop make me silly!!!

  36. Hmmm...I forgot about the henchmen for the Level 5 (I still actually need to fight her on ruby). Let's see...I would maybe make sure in addition to everything else that you have an energy pack ready. This should let you level up 2 or 3 times while you're trying to defeat her as well as better opportunities to grab more consumables.

    Good luck...

  37. stun guns cannot hurt the boss at all!!! How can I use these stun guns?????

  38. Ok.. I too have an issue on finding these
    Reinhardt and Otto (57 Attack, 36 Defense)
    Goldsmobile (40 Attack, 55 Defense)
    Diamondback (56 Attack, 48 Defense)

    And LV actually makes me feel its MAFIA WARS and not some boring ENERGY dominated game.I'm a hardcore fighter with abt 7k combo att & def,500+ stam,1500+ energy,300+ health,.. I finally feel the game is well balanced and i'm making a slow but steady progress. I win some tournys, lose some.. But there's a whole lot of new element to the game now.
    @goldfish370 ,Stun gun stuns the bpss,i.e. when you use it, you can att the boss once without taking ANY damage on you.

  39. seen alot of bark scorpions on district 5!!!
    when i do the arrange a cartel sale job i get one after some time

  40. I have the same question regarding the Diamondback and Reinhardt & Otto. I've been playing District 5 for the last couple of weeks but I've only seen the Mojave Mike, Rangefinder Rifle, Bighorn Ram & Bark Scorpion.

  41. I think these 3 items are dropped in higher mastery, say maybe gold or ruby

  42. OMG. New job payout ratio. Jobs with consumables is now the best. LV jobs in ruby isn't now bad too (same ratio - changes is only in old citys).

  43. I don't think those items are dropped at higher mastery levels. I've done everything except defeat the District 3 and 5 boss fights at ruby level and hiave not seen any of those items. Maybe I'm unlucky, just saying.

    Also, what's up with the diasbled marketplace?

  44. I agree I have also completed all levels except defeat the District 3 and 5 boss fights at ruby level.... Still have not seen these items. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!

  45. Anyone else had his yakuza/triad faction standing dropped? Both went to 0 and now I can't do jobs in ep 7 >_>

  46. the fight club is out. really, really sucks if u ask me. the good thing to look forward to are the bonus reward points that come with the achievements included with the fight club. btw, it is level based.(i.e the higher fight level you are= the more loot you have unlocked to buy.) already at level 18 fight mastery!

  47. Bangkok experience was nerfed...

  48. bookmarklets are not working for me, chuck a crap, attackx and brawler, anybody else having the same problems?

  49. Bangkok was nerfed big time. Battle Your Way Through the Temple was 403/194, now 379/194. Doesn't appear to be offset by increase in Vegas, either. Wow.

  50. @ tec gooch

    i have the same problem and so does many other people.

    i think its because of the updated fight club and the new levels for fights (like robbing)

  51. anyone noticed that you can no longer gift Vegas loot?

  52. I'm betting most of the Vegas loot got de-gifted because they were surprised how much some goobers will pay for them... honestly, 100 Mojave Mikes for $60??

    Meanwhile, I'm still trying to figure out what the building behind the Hotel is going to be (probably from District 6). You can see it flicker if you wiggle your mouse on/off the hotel. (You have to really have no life to do this)

  53. wtf people have trouble killing bosses. I CANT EVEN FIGHT THE DAMNED BOSS. i click and nothing happens. except my stamina minuses. epic

  54. seems vegas loot is non giftable now, any idea if thats for good

  55. Zynga expects us to pay and net be able to trade items .... this game is beginning to really SUCK A$$

  56. adam, I just tried NOT to go to another city or district in the same district while getting the consumables to fight the level 5 boss. Guess what, she still regenerated everything except a few hundred health. Apparently, your tip is not sufficient. And by the way, I wonder if the loot drops of the boss-fighting consumables have been significantly decreased or not. Right now I need to level up a few times just to replenish the consumables in LV. And doing that in NY would also be a PITA, not to mention that grenades do not drop there. At this rate, I'd have to level up somewhere from 100 levels to infinity in one session just to slowly reduce the boss.

    Ok, I am not a pure energy account, but still not balanced. I know I need to build up a lot of defense points to survive an unstunned attack when I have no henchmen. Almost ready to give up on this until it gets nerfed.

    MWG, what about more LV posts? I understand that some people would no longer be interested in reading about most details of the district 3,4,5, because they have mostly passed it. But at least the bosses deserve a post to be dedicated to them. Hey, this issue is FAR from being clear. Let me just rephrase ONE question people have been asking already a few times:

    CAN anybody at least APPROXIMATE the criterion whether a player survives one hit, depending on the following assumptions and parameters:
    - the henchmen at both sides are dead
    - the boss survives this round
    - the level is ruby, district E (3 or 5),
    - player's attack skill is A
    - player's defense skill is D
    - player's health is H
    - player's mafia strength is AA/DD.
    If this question is too difficult, how many hitpoints does a player lose under the same assumptions and also assuming the player survives the round, depending on E,A,D,AA,DD?

  57. Please disregard A and AA, under these assumptions they should not matter.
    To those who may not have multiple accounts surviving these hits but still want to help, just post d3,d5,D,DD. Thanks, Artiom

  58. I did some reading at MW forum. People suspect that also DD does not matter, and neither does the mafia size. Then I guess the damage would only depend on the personal defense skill (including the top mafia bonus) and (the sum of) defenses of ONE best item in each of the 4 categories... And since the best-1 items typically vary much less then the defense skill points, plain approximation of d3ruby(D) and d5ruby(D) would answer my curiosity. Yes, I am asking this because I have seen that the damage done to the boss is fairly deterministic from hit to hit.

    adam, from the posts there it seems that you were right, but there are many more things where you cannot go, e.g., you cannot even click on the same episode to refresh the list of opponents in the fight PATH in order to burn your stamina on the players you want instead of 501s that would not even refresh if you keep losing. I have not seen it mentioned explicitly whether robbing in LV in another tab would trigger the regeneration, though I am not that optimistic about it any more.

  59. i saw some other loot dropping only from fights. don't know if they drop in every city...
    devastator (weapon, 52.36)
    skull cap (armor, 28.51)
    bomb suit (armor, 22.52)
    Segmented Body Plate (armor, 50.31)
    Turbo Road Warrior (vehicle, 51.35)
    Cobra G7 (vehicle, 53.25)
    Ruby Red (vehicle, 38.52)
    Condor (animal, 37.50)
    Cougar (animal, 51.32)
    Rhinoceros (animal, 20.54)

    and the bark scorpion is dropping in district 5...

    haven't seen the loot mentioned above...

    have fun

  60. I am completely finished with all levels of all 5 districts and have not gotten a goldsmobile, diamondback or reinhardt and otto...does anybody have them????

  61. For players who have completed Vegas...
    where are you spending your energy, now that Zynga has changed the percentages for leveling up?
    I was upset when they changed Settle a Beef in NY but got use to doing the last job in Bangkok... now I'm not sure what to do?

    Any suggestions?

  62. I just saw a Blue Frog on someones defense...anyone know what that is or how to get it?

    Anyone heard of Chinese loot? I've seen some bizarre loot.

  63. Diamondback, reinhard and goldsmobile will be probably lootable from episode 6 of LV which is still locked.

  64. blue frog is a drop from the slot machine bonus. When bonus meter is full, you automatically get a spin wheel where you get a free bonus. not sure how many different items drop.

  65. Comment on my success on District 3 Ruby level:

    My boss had 25,000 health points. (i have heard other people say there boss had different numbers) Tip 1. Do not leave District 3, otherwise boss does replenish life. Tip 2. If you can, wait til you have the option to get help, any help is better than none. I have an energy account and had 50 mil in vault. I think i had to level about 7 times and replenish my life about 5 times, lots of cash, but no big deal. It really was a pain but i did finally manage to dwindle her down. Initially i only used stun guns, that way it didnt take me a year to replinish all the different weapons.

    I am still at a loss for how to handle district 5 boss ruby level. I have a strong feeling Zynga will make the bosses a bit easier in the near future so i am not gonna level 100 times trying to figure out what works and doesnt. Maybe once the new cities open up they will give you the ability to carry more weapons.

  66. level 5 boss isn't such a big deal in my case. on the one hand I definitly have noch chance against her. with full consumables I get her down to 2000 hp. that was yesterday. when I tried today, she still had a loss. she startet with 2800 today and I realy left district 5 (fights in bangkok etc). so I think that I'll kill her tomorrow...

  67. A question... Is it possible to send LV loot to others?
    Quite sure there once was a time when you could, but now, doesn't seem that way...

  68. right now, you can't dend LV loot, exept those things nobody is interested in...

  69. I am at the District 5 Boss fight, Ruby level, and have gone at Red Jackson 3-4 times. Yesterday I almost had her except I only had 8 grenades when I started and a full compliment of all consumables is needed. Got her down to 358 HP, but only had shivs left & they do squat. I believe 1 must eliminate her goons 1st using all grenades & then stun gun her to death. My attack is 1800 and defense 1014. Having trouble finding grenades and stun guns. Any suggestions?

  70. Greanades at VEGAS only and StunGuns at NY/Vegas

  71. Blue frog comes from loot drop from fruit machine

    Paul D.

  72. Zynga has made killing Ruby Red Jackson a lot easier. She had only 4000 points, used up all my Shivs, Grenades, and Stun guns (10 ea) on her, and died once. Restored health, and got her on the second time!

    Be sure not to leave Level 5 in Vegas after you die or she recharges!

    1000 Attack, 500 defense, 250 health. level 1700

  73. I got a question:

    In Las Vegas you can buy very powerful things for few money like the helicopter with 40 defense. Those items are not shown in your profile though and i guess they do not count to your strength. Might that be a bug??


  74. I've had the Gila Monster (36/48) drop a few times in District 6.

    And I had the same question as above about the powerful things you can buy in Vegas not apparently counting towards your strength. Am I missing something?

  75. District 6 Loot items so far;

    Range finder rifle A37 D54
    Reinhardt and Otto A57 D36
    Police Riot helmet A30 D44
    Performance Sports Car
    Diamond Back

    Sadly I can't see the stats of the last 4 due to a 'buggy; loot list!


    Paul D

  76. necessary loot for district 7 (Area 51) and district 8 (Hoover dam)
    hotel security keycard:swipe keycard (shogun casino)
    alarm code: buy black-market info (lower strip)
    hot tip: Help A Bookie Out Of A Jam (paradise city)

  77. The best district to do is district 7.

    Nab A High Tech Prototype is the only job i do in this district, mainly to boost.

    (high) meaning the mostly random droped
    District 7:
    -Pitbull Sentry Gun (high)
    -Arcturion Assault Rifle(rare)
    -X-22 Peregrine (high)
    -Foo Fighter (rare)
    -Pronghorn Antelope(semi rare)
    -Diamondback (rare)
    -Ares Power Armor ( RARE!!)

  78. Im selling my maifa wars account im wel above level 5000, anybody interested can P.M me for further details...