July 16, 2010

Vegas Jackpot Weekend

So, as many of you have pointed, our new Mafia Wars Las Vegas "Jackpot Weekend" is actually the same thing as our previous Las Vegas loot weekend!

You can collect 7 items between fighting and doing jobs (the same items as before):

Stage Show Tiger (animal; 28 attack, 50 defense)

Casino Guard (armor; 48 attack, 28 defense)

Suit of Suits (armor; 46 attack, 24 defense)

High Roller (vehicle; 46 attack, 23 defense)

Royal Flush (weapon; 48 attack, 25 defense)

Big Blind (weapon; 52 attack, 25 defense)

Viva Las Vegas (weapon; 27 attack, 50 defense)

and the reward for collecting the 7 items:

Jackpot (weapon; 30 attack, 54 defense)


You can only get 10 of each item it seems, so if you hit the Las Vegas loot item cap before, you cannot collect new items.. foiled again!

In other news, this weekend for the third weekend in a row is a double fighting loot / double job mastery weekend. Players will earn twice as much loot in fights and they will earn twice as much mastery on jobs.


In another news note, Mafia Wars South Africa has been extended by a day. Players now have 2 more days to finish up.
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  1. ...Players will earn twice as much loot in fights...
    What loot?! Few hundreds attacks and none of loot came out. Only some car parts and few secret stash! Who need twice as much mastery on jobs when everybody need money in Bangkok?!
    Just another "BIG" Weekend!!!

  2. Anyone know where I can get the royal flush and the big blind? I'm just missing those 2.

  3. drop rates from fights seem to have plummeted again. After the disaster of a the "Must Play" weekend, followed by decent loot last weekend, I'm thinking I'm done for now after burning through a bunch of stamina with nothing to show for it.

    I did get one Royal Flush from the couple hundred jobs I've done. So I guess there's that.

  4. My fight loot drops are hovering just above 22% so far. Only used about 3k stamina so far since the double loot weekend began. Doesn't seem to me that good loot is dropping less. I already had the 7 Vegas items so Zynga bringing that back doesn't really pertain to me.

  5. Think it depends what server you are on. I can tell you that i personally am on the crap one again. Complete BS by Zynga yet again. Spent 2463 stamina thus far and have a total, yes thats right total of 89 loots dropped. It gets worse when you consider 14 were counterfeit tickets and 27 car parts leaving me a whopping 24 double loot drops. Oh yeah and of those only 10 were HEL.

    And enuff with the BS advertisements about Vegas jobs and loot when it's the same garbage as last time and if u reached the 10 item limit as most power players did, you get nothing.

  6. I got the Big Blind from fights. Still looking for the Royal Flush - it's supposed to drop in jobs.

  7. This cap is BS. I have 6 items 36 times and I just need 1 item (the Viva Las Vegas) to finish the collection. However, it doesn't drop anywhere...

  8. I've got a question. It's happened to me a couple of times that my attack and defence points go down a couple of 1000. Just now it happened again and I went from 70.000 and 72.000 to 67.000 and 69.000. This probably has a simple explanation but I don't know it. Anyone has the same problem?

  9. I missed two items that first time, so I got them this time around, so snatched the prize. But I really don't like the cap. :/

  10. Both now went to 64.000. >_>

  11. Mafia, I have the same issue. Funnily, it seems to happen everytime I win a HEL loot. Instead of the stats going up, they go down.

  12. Anon 6:28. Att/Def stats are way overinflated. Up until a couple of months ago, my spreadsheet matched my totals exactly. Just by adding up the attack or defense values of my best in class loot, I could exactly calculate the values.

    Then they changed it so that if you get a better piece of loot, your value increases not by the difference between the new loot and the loot it replaced, but by the full value of the new loot.

    Let's say you get a Cobra G7 (53 Attack) in a fight. At the time your worst HEL happens to be a Zoloto Sports Car (43 Attack)

    Before: Your attack score would go up by 10.

    Now: Your attack score goes up by 53.

    It's ridiculous. It leads to outrageously incongruous stat totals. Folks who replace a fleet of 33s with 34s with 35s and so on can get far far greater totals than someone who has much, much better loot, but skipped a bunch of intervening steps.

    Caveat: As you have noticed, there are occasional "corrections". I find that my att/def totals vary from 2%-20% over the calculated values.

    It's another one of those stupid things that Zynga has done that punish players who actually try to follow the laid out design of the game.

    Ironically, it probably punishes players who spend money on RP and then loot more than on the cheapskate daily players like myself who only have what the game has provided.

  13. Just to continue above. I have a mafia of 354.
    Calculated stats:
    ATT: 66684; DEF: 65736

    Zynga stats:
    ATT: 73597; DEF: 76474

    Currently they're overinflated by 10.4% and 16.3% respectively.

    I've been farming a bunch of NBHEL, using the cash on Xiamen Tigers, and also doing a lot of fighting, so I've been getting a steady stream of new loot.

    I suspect that once my loot farming is replaced by Las Vegas gameplay, these numbers will drop back to being closer to where they really should be.

    Of course it's too much to hope that Zynga would actually go back to using the calculated numbers.

  14. Well that sucks... And here I was, happy that I finally made 70.000 att/def points. Ah well,... Thx for the explanation!

  15. is it me or do we only have 5 energy packs per week now? adn they dont come every 23hrs

  16. Damage: 3,611 dealt/1,318 taken [Attack] +68 [Defense] +62
    loot: 39/177 (22.0%) High end Loot: 16 (41.0%)

    seems to be a server problem, my loot ratios are double, like the other weekends too.

  17. im getting loads of nice loot form fight's not sure why others arnt + my fearless quit form my mafia meens i can lvl off one load =[ stupid waste ='[

  18. what does NBHEL stand for?

  19. they should have extended paris too... >:X

  20. Well from my observations, the loot drop rate/quality depends from the level of the player being attacked vs yours. When I attack players with higher def.weapons score but weaker defense skill points than mines, good loot drops often. Which is not the case when you beats up someone far weaker than you (which is lame :))
    Or maybe is just subjective observation, because i mostly attack clan players (most of them are tagged losers using high loot accounts, but with weak stats).

  21. anyone knows where can i get the "viva Las Vegas" weapon??? i have every Las Vegas loot except the viva Las Vegas weapon -.- if anyone knows pls tell me

  22. NBHEL - New Bangkok High End Loot from the two added levels. The Katars, Ninjas and stuff from Ep 6-7 are decidedly better than most of the stuff from 1-5B that drops as fighting loot.

  23. My Stamina suddenly regenerates at a rate of 4 every 4:30?!?
    Not that I'm complaining, but have others noted the same effect? Something to do with the Vegas Weekend?

  24. I shouldn't have reloaded the page :(
    The Stamina is still there, but now the regen is back to 1 - just a temporary weirdness I guess

  25. Right on time !
    Just finished buying the last item to Bangkok... Now I only need enough baht to buy all the episodes back !
    With LV coming up, I'll probably use my properties to accumulate the money !
    There, nothing new for you all, but I needed to tell someone ;o)

  26. @guillaume

    do the veryy last job in bangkok over and over, has the best en:xp ratio atm and gives you baht. ive collected a few hundred million so far.

  27. Looking for Brazilian ball, will trade for any item. Add me, fb profil in name.

  28. been leveling for 8 level non stop
    just using bangkok job that drop you chain viper over and over again on lv 4 mastery
    is this some kind of bug?

  29. @ hollow. I can level like minimum 50 times with that job. It is called an energy account :-p ;-)

  30. @Anon 9:30AM
    That's indeed my goal...
    But I'm also trying to finished thing like the 50 Federal Agent... Never bothered, but now I don't have any other priority (and I have the energy !)
    But it's time consuming without a fast connection (well, the one at work is not ;o)

    Also looking for Diamond and answer about that collection.
    Once it's vaulted, is there anything else to do with the Diamond or you cannot re-vault it for a boost ?
    Is it's wortless afterward, the price in trading shouldn't be that high !

  31. still don't know when vegas is opening for Vips? But just saw a new post from mafia wars couple minutes ago that said vegas beta is almost here, could it possibly be released tonight?

  32. Dude I'm glad they redid the Vegas drop week... the first time through I maxed all the fight items and one or two of the others... but it took til near the end to actually have one of every loot!

    re: 50 Federal Agents
    You could just put it on your wish list or message one or two people... there are enough floating out there that you could rotate the 50 thru the mafia you know. That's what I did when I hadn't finished NY yet.