August 10, 2010

Las Vegas District 5: Mojave Desert

Since I have been getting a lot of e-mails on Episode 5 (and one topic in particular), I decided to skip over Episode 4 for now and cut right to the chase.

People want to know: how do I beat 'Red' Jackson on Ruby level?

A reader named Al shared his strategy with me for beating her:

Make sure your Top Mafia are good fighting characters. Do not use weak top mafia members (i.e. energy accounts). Test this out by attacking the boss once and seeing if you survive. If you are able to survive one round, you are good to go. If not, find some tougher top mafia members!

1. Load up with Shivs, Stun Guns, and Grenades (10 of each).

2. Attack the boss, and attack her one round.

3. If you survive (your top mafia members should be almost dead but not quite), proceed to step 4. If not, heal up and try again.

4. Use all of your Grenades.

5. Use all of your Stun guns.

6. Use all of your Shivs.

7. Attack until you die.

8. Re-arm with shivs, grenades, and stun guns. You need pretty much all 10 grenades and all 10 stun guns to make a re-attack worthwhile.

9. Repeat this process a few times (could take up to 5 rounds). The boss will heal some but if you are quick and do not leave Las Vegas it is doable. You may need energy packs and even have to spend reward points on energy in order to collect more items.


The Shivs really do go a long way towards defeating this particular boss. Each Shiv will hit the boss for about 40 damage, so you can knock off 400 of her 6,000 HP by using your Shivs. After you use all the Grenades, it will still take 5-8 stun guns to kill off all her helpers, depending on your strength. This only leaves you to get a few hits on her.

You really need some good attack strength in order to dent her HP. It can be really tough with an energy account and take you a lot of rounds to win. With a fighting account, it is just as tough if not harder because it is really hard to collect all the items you will need to take her down with a small energy pool!

With that said, for killing 'Red' Jackson you get her Motorcycle. Here are the stats:

Bronze: 107 attack, 73 defense
Silver: 120 attack, 92 defense
Gold: 138 attack, 105 defense
Ruby: 162 attack, 140 defense


Other Mojave Desert loot:

Bark Scorpion (animal; 50 attack, 30 defense)

Dune Buggy (vehicle; 41 attack, 35 defense)

Set of Biker Leathers (armor; 30 attack, 48 defense)

Bighorn Ram (animal; 37 attack, 42 defense)

Precision SMG (weapon; 42 attack, 30 defense)

Range Finder Rifle (weapon; 37 attack, 54 defense)

Mojave Mike (vehicle; 40 attack, 53 defense)

..and the "Rescue a Hotelier" job drops the Bellhop, which can be used to upgrade your casino.
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  1. I am still waiting for some data like
    - skill points in defense
    - damage done by Red Jackson alone to the player alone

    Does YOUR survival (in one attack without a shiv) actually depend on the henchmen?

    About not leaving LV. Tried that. Not traveling is not nearly enough. Even clicking on the same district to refresh the opponents in the fight path to spend stamina seems to trigger the regeneration, as well as many other innocent actions.

    Were there many observed tweaks Zynga did w.r.t bosses since LV beta first came out?

  2. I finally beat Jackson on Ruby Level. Here is how i did it.

    First of all I have an almost pure energy account. My attack is 338 and my mafia attack strength is 96462. My health is 186.

    My first rule was not leaving Las Vegas. Jackson did not heal when i got defeated and only healed once when Windows through me out. (i had some other windows opened so i guess i was asking for it) I ended up using just shivs, I avoided using stun guns since they mostly got used up by the henchman and it just took so long trying to replace 30 items (shivs, grenades, and stun guns) so if i had to do it over again i would rely just on shivs and then just replace them. I think that would have saved me time and effort. I had to be very patient, i think each time i went in i did around 300 damage and it seemed like she healed a bit while i was attacking her a few times, but slowly i dwindled her down. In between losing i continued to collect shivs and it seemed to take forever to replace them. Since i have an almost pure energy account, i had the luxury of just continuing to level up and do jobs to replace all my needed shivs. I ended up needing to level 20 times in the process of killing Jackson. I think that would have been lower if i had only used shivs from the start and not getting thrown out of Windows that one time. Oh, and you don't need to kill her henchman at any point to complete the job.

    I would be surprised if Zynga didn't make this boss a bit easier in the near future. Simply allowing you to carry more weapons into a fight would be a great help.

  3. Good morning,

    Hey their is some talk on the wire of going on a MW strike this weekend.

    Maybe the administrator of this webpage can also add his opinion on it? The Facebook link is:

    I just wish the added also the changes they made in fighting....loot-drop down and exp gained as well.

  4. I went fighting in Bankok an Red Jackson didn't heal much. I attacked her once within 12h and she healed 1000 hp. She only had 4000 hp on ruby, not 6000.

  5. If you want to beat Robin the first thing u need to do is get rid of her henchmen. Use Stun gun first to clear them out. Its the most effective way. Also be sure to have an extra energy pack. Once you clear her henchmen, you can then use the grenade and shivs, but the first battle death is for sure. Upon dying go to New York and farm stun gun and shivs. It should take u about 2000 exp. And no you dont need grenade the 2nd and 3rd time battling her. After farming you can heal in New York and go back and fight her. Make sure you have about 700exp, because it require for the job. She should kill you the second time,But you will notice her and her henchmen are much weaker. Now upon the 2nd death use whatever exp left and a fresh energy pack to farm again in New York. Now the 3rd battle using the same attack sequences as the first 2 battle. You will be able to kill her easier.
    This took me no more than 30 min., and its the best and easiest proven way. Many people including myself have fought her one time using this method.

    Also the drop for those Mojave Mike and Rangefinder are very very bad. I had 2 energy account, farm it using 20 refilled energy each and if your lucky 1 item will drop per energy use. So, is it worth it? Nope, your better off doing Bangkok for the items in the faction store. Which will give you better exp/energy ratios. and your sure to stock your gear. Pray they change all that. Beside I have about 3 - 400 of those fighting items, such as Zeuses,Segmented Body Plates,Cobra G7s, etc. They have a much higher drop rate not from normal fights, but on the hitlist. Took me about 2-3 wk of fight there.

    Hope my info help, sorry about the grammar just typing on the fly... gl

  6. I learned that if you run away after doing all the things told there and not letting her kill you she will only heal 25 percent and you can leave Vegas without any problems to regenerate your health and level up more in other levels

  7. Wow, at last comment. If true, then I'm sure they'll nerf that soon.

    I wonder if ruby is even necessary. I can go loot from Bangkok. There is enough still in bangkok worth waiting. I'm closing in on gold for district 5 and will just wait til another time. Ruby takes way too much time/energy.

  8. I think the Feds found their binoculars...
    The watch starts again in 1d and a couple of hours...
    And for vegas, I'm finishing the fights in ruby of district 5 but not the boss, and I'm stuck with the boss on level silver of district 3. I'm an energy account. But I don't mind, the only thing missing is 1 item... (and eventually bellhop in district 5)

  9. Anyone know approx how much health is needed to survive one attack in Ruby level?

  10. District 3 Ruby Boss, I could survive 1 attack with 300 health and 900 defense. It took 2-3 health packs to recharge my health, so I could get about 4 attacks before I was killed.

  11. Zyanga is trying desperately to stop people from boycotting the game this weekend as a 'No Play-Click or Trade' event decided by many by bringing a Limited Time Job and Award For Playing Continously for seven Days. Arun and others are promoting this event and Zynga agreed to many of the demands. To start with NBHEL is again giftable and multi gifting is coming soon. Zynga also agreed to look into banned accounts and other issues.

  12. I have a tip about beating Red on Ruby level. I found that if never used any of my shivs, she never healed. I kept collecting stun guns and doing things as outlined by everyone here but I never used shivs. I beat her very quickly after that. She never healed!

  13. @Anonymous AUGUST 12, 2010 1:11 PM
    Were you able to leave Vegas as well or did you stay in Vegas, District 5, etc?

    Also, how much damage was dished out per Red (on Ruby(per attack)?

  14. The reason why the boss heals is because you asked for help. When somebody helps you and gets crushed, the boss will heal.

    So make sure you know who helps you and remove the link from your wall. Then ask your friends to attack just till they know they will get crushed. If you can get 10 friends with max stun guns you will definetly win.
    Or just keep attacking her and healing in vegas till she dies. Around 50 million vegas cash needed, all depends on your attack strength and defence if you want to survive her hits ( around 300 à 500 damage).


  15. Could you talk about the ratios in the jobs. With Bangkok nerfed, I think Vegas level 5 quickly becomes the best jobs for exp/energy.

  16. @Anonymous AUGUST 12, 2010 7:02 PM

    District 5 in Vegas is good only in gold. In ruby is better district 4 with job 2.01 ratio (and 2.13 need cons.)


    Finaly I reach level 20 in fight club (I am energy account) and good news. Energy refill has own timer (24 hours) = 2 energy pack every 24 hours. ;-)

  17. In case this is helpful to anyone: I can beat District 3 Ruby by using all the consumables, heal and come back to beat her the 2nd time. I can beat District 5 Ruby by using all the consumables and defeat boss on first attempt. Here are my stats:

    Attack = 2250
    Defense = 1580
    Health = 875 [key point for surviving multiple direct attacks]
    Team att/def = 106k

    Hope this helps...

  18. Slot sharing is out now. Looks like you get 3 free spins on you mafia's machines but you win Vegas cash instead of RP or anything else. I thought I saw earlier that it said you get free spins on the big boy slots if friends play on your machine, but we will see. No one has played on mine.

  19. @ Shresth

    I've been a daily player for over a year now,
    (level 1200 fighting account and level 3100 energy/farmer account) but i think now is a good time to cut back. I'm still going to play mafia wars, not just daily anymore, i aint got no time for all these bs zynga is coming up with. I will be gone but not forever...

  20. no play, click or trade this weekend.

  21. @Fruiko,

    Ouch, I see that now. Seriously, don't finish the gold on level 5!

    The ratio on "Move the Take" drops from 2.05 to 1.96! WTF!

  22. "Make sure your Top Mafia are good fighting characters. Do not use weak top mafia members'......You don't choose who you want they are automatic there placed by Zynga...

  23. hey mafia-guide and everyone else, i have a question concerning fighting loot.

    since they changed fighting iced targets, i went to fight players from the actual lists, but i seem to not recieve any special fighting loot anymore! can this be true?

  24. It appears the new loot drop ratio, especially for high end, are extremely low! You probably get one high end District 5 loot for every 3k to 5k energy spent.

  25. feds are watching starts few minutes ago and crush again!!! Bravo Zinga, another excellent job in the line!

  26. it seems that feds are working for someone. For someone it is not. It is because of different servers?

  27. they pulled it back 40 minutes after it went live.good work zynga... looks like a lot of people are about to quit playing

  28. Same here, some of my mafia have them, most (me included) don't. Anyone knows what's going on?

  29. It is "back" for me but still does not work. There is some kind of stupid message - You already have an active boss fight enabled.
    What the f...?

  30. The fed job is live for me. The first round of all the bosses is easy. The second round may require you to have two browser windows open at the same time. One for the boss, the other for the MW home page. On the MW home page, use that to heal. After you heal, you hit the health consumable and your health goes all the way back up. Then you keep attacking the boss. It's pretty easy. Working on third round of mastery right now.

  31. the no gamplay event on facebook is gone! facebook deleted it. zynga seems to disapprove of our disaproval! weak!

  32. fed job was live got upto second to last fed boss 3rd star. 33000 something hp, got em down to about 12000 then znyga resets it now have to do em all over again, dont roll it out if aint working.

    and whoever suggested that you open two browser tabs, so second tab can heal, it works... you just need tons of stamina to do the 3rd star fed bosses!

  33. Two tabs is worthless, becase boss don't regenerate. You can run and health.

    Best strategz is stun gun, attack, shiv, attack... and repeat. Stun for me work two rounds. :-)

    And if you are energy account, the best for farming is low energy cost NY jobs.

  34. as of the time of this post, i managed to defeat ruby district 3 and 5 in an hour! apparently there is some nerf on the ruby bosses of district 3 and 5. they did not heal up when i entered other cities to heal. more importantly, i did not have to fight ruby district 5 henchmen..AT ALL! i'm guessing that the district bosses were somehow affected by the beat the feds jobs O_O

  35. Its possible to defeat the bosses from district 3 and 5 on ruby now! They dont regenerate even if you move from the city, and district 5 boss doenst have the henchman anymore they are dead, also i think they are doing less damage!

  36. Well, I see the Feds have gone back in to hiding again! Managed to complete all levels to gold mastery this morning. As things stand they havent taken my mastery items off me, which is good as they are top notch items.

    I think it was crashing something again as it got progressively harder and harder to get back into mafia wars.

    Yo uthink they would've learnt!

  37. Feds Back up although I may have lucked onto them since I never got them to disappear last night when I plowed thru 2.5 of the levels. It was gone this morning but I clicked a friends link to help and it's back up. I'll check out the ruby bosses from vegas. I'm glad they nerfed it

  38. Annoying. I beat the first fed at level 3 - or at least his health went down to zero - but the screen didn't change. So I hit him again for good measure and his health completely regenerated :P K, guess I gotta start over...

  39. Stun Guns now seem to allow 2 free attacks instead of just one, and it seems shivs do more damage as well, probably part of zynga's nerf to make it more easy to defeat those 3 and 5 ruby bosses

  40. Have you given up on the game? On the blog maybe? The updates have been rare these days, even with the feds event, new mystery bag, new jackpot bonus items, the super loot. I really hope the blog doesn't die, it has been a great help on the months I have been playing.

  41. i want to confirm the post at August 14, 2010 9:22 AM ... it is currently Aug 14 858pm ET, and i just completed district 5 ruby, there were no more henchmen, and boss didn't regenerate health at all, even if i left to heal up in NY. Boss 3 is the same, no health regen! :)

  42. I defeated the D5 ruby boss using just standard attacks to clear the henchmen, then all 10 shivs, and then 9 stun guns and it was all over in 1 round.

  43. Have they turned off job loot in Vegas?

    I've probably spent 25k or so in energy doing Ruby jobs in District 5 and other than a bunch of vault pieces (I have over 50 of each that I can't use), a very few casino pieces (that I can use), I have only seen four pieces of loot. 2 Precision SMGs that are worthless to me (and pretty much everyone who has mastered Las Vegas), 1 Bighorn Ram, and 1 Bark Scorpion.

    Anyone else getting decent drop rates? By comparision, I spent 8k in Bangkok and got 6 Katars.

    I'm not going to outfit my mafia if I wast a full day and not get as much as one Mojave Mike or Range Finder Rifle.

  44. eh with regards to job loot in vegas i guess it has a lot to do with luck. i did a job in district 5 and twice in a row they gave me range finders! talk about luck!

  45. I was able to beat level 5 ruby boss. I hadn't attempted to fight her in over a week. And had done jobs in NY and Bangkok in the intervening week. No henchman and Red only had about 1/2 her energy which was where it was when I last fought her.

    So looks like health isn't regenerating - same for Level 3 boss on Ruby. I guess enough people bitched to implement a change. So fight till you die. Heal up in Ny and go back. Slow method of killing, but you'll be able to do it.

    This also works for the beat the feds fights as well too.

  46. Yes, Red on Ruby level is now 4000HP and no friends [they are showing, but energy bars are empty]. I had saved up about V$25million - was aiming for V$50m - but heard she had been Nerfed, checked and found it to be true. Used very fewe consumables as I fought - lost - healed in Vegas - fought again and killed her on the 4th cycle [I have 205HP and 1300 ATTACK] Now I can ge tthose bellhops :-)

  47. Is this blog dead? I hope not...

  48. I think it is because of the traders strike. The admin of this blog is more likely not playing this weekend. :-)

  49. or the massive fundamental changes to the game recently have made the existing revenue generating guide out of date and he's possibly reevaluating the project (is it worth it) or experimenting with new characters to see what changes need to be made to the recommendations.

    But, yeah, it would suck if this blog fades away.

  50. my guess is he is playing starcraft 2...

  51. Totally off topic, but i am also wondering about the lack of updates to this site. Hopefully the admin has not given up on MW just yet. I read this guide everyday and a few times during the day and learn a lot from it and the comments posted here. Thanks to the comments i reengaged Juliana on ruby level yesterday after reading them. I was going to leave her last after accumulating enough Vegas money. Managed to beat her myself by healing in NY and fighting her a few times.
    Some of my players were not happy this weekend with the very slow loading of pages and blank screens etc. Maybe too many people logged-in to do the Feds job and the game could not handle the load. Not sure. But they just log out and i hope to see them again today and hopefully more updates from the admin. Thanks

  52. Yep anon, been playing SC2 in my free time lately. I also got into the Final Fantasy 14 beta too (enjoyed FF11 back in the day so it was pretty exciting to get into beta). Those two games have been biting considerably into my gaming time.

    As far as the game guide goes, the revenue from its sales was always very modest compared to the amount of time I put into it and this blog, this blog was always intended as a for-fun venture.. remember this blog was running for 7 months before I released mafia wars compendium ;p. The money I made with that was to make up for all the times I set my alarm to go off in the middle of the night so I could throw up an update.

    The point is, the day MW stops being fun for me is likely to be the day I quit updating the blog. I haven't logged into MW for the past few days.. just haven't really had the urge. It seems a lot of my readers have too - this site now averages almost 1/3 the viewers it got just 6 months ago.. and now I'm ranking higher in google for major keywords (#1 for "mafia wars guide" and #2 for "mafia wars strategy")

    I'm not throwing in the towel yet. I will throw up a post if I do. Will probably log in tomorrow night and see what's going on.

  53. fhooo ,Isnt a game orignally made for pepole to spend a little bit time, have a bit of fun and attract peoples attention to the game,.! then why is Zynga making us play at least 6 hours a day ,have no fun and making people leave the game ,when I started this game almost a year ago I thought I couldnt be happier than this while playing Xbox PS3,, I couldnt wait to wake up in the morning and play thats why I never slept ,.just kidding but I used to get so much fun out of the game but now I get more fun out of playing The Sonic with SEGA Iam not saying I hate the updates I just think Its to much.,.,...


  54. Dear MWG, why did you post about LV District 3, then District 5, skipping District 4? I always read your blog before I go on a new MW adventure. Thanks for all your insight!

    I don't blame you if you got tired of the blog and the game--so many nerfs lately, that it stopped being exciting to play; the rules change daily and you never know when you might lose stuff. I used to be a daily player, playing several times a day and I bought MW Game Cards once they came out. Now I just log in a couple of times a week and I will definitely not be giving Zynga any more of my money (I regret I did!).

  55. I cant fight the feds, i defeat all of them in the first attempt but it didnt cleared so i can fight then further, they are just dead, in the bronze or something and i cant go any further...

  56. MWG: Can't blame you. Zynga gets fat by these small updates and nerfs then changes the rules. You spend all this time and drop some money and it doesn't matter because they add a random die to fighting and robbing and you still only win 60% of fights. You have to pick on smaller guys just to get any chance. Then you have to farm for 500 things in 4 different categories just so they can put out something better in 3 months. Or not. I've breezed thru Vegas and gave up on Ruby because I won't get anything special. 30 more attack points on a weapon when my attack is 70K? Seriously...I feel bad I spent ~30-50 bucks on buying stuff at 7/11. Rearrange the economy Zynga before we all get tired of this crap.

  57. mwg-guy, i really appreciate all your effort on this page, it made everything way more easy for me. loved the tipss, the info and all being always on time.
    if you quit just leave one last post so we wont check this blog any longer.

  58. I had been playing MW's daily for over a year and have found this blog so useful for many things. When Vegas came out it was the icing on the cake for me..I finally admitted something I had known in the back if my mind for a long isn't fun anymore. It seems to me instead of a developer making improvements/changes to make a game fun, it's like they have "us vs the players" mentality. I understand they are running a business but so many things they have done have went horribly wrong. Thank you Zynga for making it so so easy for me to scale back to an occasional player. Thanks MW Guide for all of your help along the way, it is appreciated :)

  59. My 7 days in row bonus:

  60. Dear MWG, why did you post about LV District 3, then District 5, skipping District 4?

    He focused on the Districts that folks were having some difficulty with. The most difficult were 3 and 5. District 4 was dead simple. There really wasn't a strategy required to defeat the boss.

  61. MWG,thanks for everything you have done. Wish I would have discovered you and wiki before I got beyond level 250,but all your info has been very helpful. Thank YoU! I do have one question though,anyone can answer,if they know.If you follow the NY guide and master Capo & Consig by level 150 is it better to head to Bangkok and open up level 1... to Episode 4 and/or 5A/5B or just finish U/boss? Just wondering..

  62. I would first finish NY because of the mastery rewards. the +5% xp from jobs and double energy in the same time are very helpful...

  63. Looks like we get an extra day for Beat the Feds. I also got a silenced sniper rifle and 100 victory coins because of the issues with it when it came out the first time.

  64. Mafia Wars Guide...

    Thanks for all that you have done. I say that when the game is no longer fun, you need to stop. That is just what I did. With the release of Vegas, I haven't logged in since and have deleted the applications on facebook.

    With Vegas and Bangkok and all the mini weekend games and all the help this, click that all the time 500 times a day it just became too much...I had played for over a year and was lvl 1156 but NO MORE Zygna...I enjoyed this free game more than I have enjoyed many games that I paid for but I felt a slave to the game with the constant logging in and doing stuff.

    Since quitting cold turkey I realized I have no need to constantly log in on facebook and be a slave to clicking jobs. I find I spend my time on more productive things or other games that don't constantly get nerfed once I have put in the time.

    RIP Mafia Wars...(you were fun while it lasted)

  65. I guess this informative blog is DEAD ... R.I.P

  66. I don't see any fun in Las Vegas. The only thing I did was update all properties to see what the final picture looked like. (pathetic)
    I've finished New York and Cuba. I'm on the final stages for Moscow & Bangkok. When I finish these two cities, I might just quit.

  67. I probably won't quit since I can't do a lot of gaming but it's losing the luster. Thanks to MWG. It was fun while it lasted.

  68. If this blog is going to fade away it would be a shame, I've followed this guide for sometime, built my character up to a level 1000 using the guide and then branched out to become a more balance lvl 2000 player.

    If you do decide to quit thanks for all the tips MWG, I will miss them.

    The thing is with the constantly changin updates, new skills which they then take out again it was becoming more and more difficult to produce a comprehensive guide. I almost got the feeling Zynga were waiting for you to put an update out and then change the characteristics!

    I'll still keep playing, it keeps me busy in work, which has always been the purpose of time waster games for me.

  69. even i wont quit, what else do i got to do huh? But MWG you need to update any sh*t u can come up with its been over a week, u plan to play but dont plan to update

  70. @ Anonymus above me:

    Keep in mind that
    - this blog is for free
    - MWG maybe has some other (real life) stuff to do
    - It's MWG's blog, he can decide what, how, when,... happens with this blog.

    So, wether this blog is dead or not, thanks for all the stuff MWG (hoping to be continued)!

  71. anon @ 10:58

    get a life dude, there are other things besides mafia wars

  72. anon @7:30 posting on a mafia wars message board?

    /pot calling kettle black

  73. BOOM!!! Roasted.

  74. anon 2:53

    i know he's doing a great job but without him we feel like we are abandoned on a desert with a can of rat poison just like in quantum of solace, so keep ur toungue still n shut up.

  75. you idiots are so lazy, everything needs to be spoon feed to yall, go search thru various forums if you need info/tips so bad. i hope mwg doesnt do any updates so all of you can quit being znyga slaves.

    and to anon @ 2:53 i think you mean can of motor oil not rat poison.

  76. Juliana 'Black Widow' Trieste AKA the Whore is back to the way it was run away move 1 inch she is back to the way she was 25000 health u take 200 damage per attack and she takes around 500 per attack for me and the consumables are like shit exept for the stuns fuck man!!!! i hate this game,.,..,f u Zynga you mother (f)er

  77. Hey guys, this site is giving away free 150 MafiaWar Reward points! It has already given out over 7730 codes for free. Check it out -->

  78. Bullshit. No such thing as free reward points unless they're from Zynga.

  79. I may be one of the few people that has actually kind of liked Vegas. I've found it to be more interesting than the other expansions. The thing that turns me off about MW now, though, is these blatantly desperate attempts at getting people back into the game. I kinda purposely avoided MW today because of the whole Snoop Dogg blowing up an Armored Truck crap.

    What Zynga fails to realize is when you do things like this, it makes it obvious you're hurting for support...and when you make it that obvious, that usually only makes it even less cool to take part in.

    But yea, I've played MW for well over a year now and I notice a clear difference. I play much more out of habit now than fun. But like I said, I'm probably in the minority that thought Vegas was a pretty decent expansion compared to Bangkok and Moscow.

  80. Here's a very interesting post from Zynga addressing several issues, especially gifting and bookmarklets/bots:

  81. Question for the community:

    Fight club takes 100,000 (successful) fights to get to level 21. Are there really people out there doing this one fight at a time, or is anyone who is seriously gunning for that achievement using a bookmarklet like brawler?

  82. 1 thing to the admin of this site. Just wanting to say final fantasy rocks. Where do u think my name comes from ;-)

    Been reading this blog from the beginning days and I can understand that updating this isn't that fun anymore. Mafia wars isn't that much fun anymore. No new things to gift, no new collections, timers that go off and nothing happens. I even wonder if district 6 will open in a few hours. Oh well, I hope you do a new post about district 6. :-)


    Attack her until you die.
    Rinse and repeat.

    That's it. Very VERY easy. If you have a low stamina pool. Attack her when you have enough energy to level, then when you run out, level up. Run out again? Play poker. Run out again? Treasure Island Run out again? Mystery Bags Run out again? You suck and should quit.


  84. And P.S. I agree with the owner of this blog. All I do when I log in is set up Brawler to run all day with a 90 minute delay when out of stamina, update my bag link, waste my energy and that's it.

    Then I open up Plants Vs. Zombies GOTY edition (my new timekill) or Starcraft 2 (the best computer game made yet) and PLAY A REAL GAME! Instead of clicking there's GAMEplay involved. GAMEplay.

    Mafia wars is a text based game in a Gameplay and UI driven market. It's dying and was fun while it lasted, but a sinking ship doesn't wright itself.

  85. now they have another side mission mumbai ... f mumbai and znyga for all these crap

  86. To anon 12.04 pm, thanks for the site about bookmarklets etc. I used the chucker a lot before bcos i send a lot of consummables like sat phones to my mafia. Now i have stopped using it for about a week since there were talk of a more serious crackdown on this sort of thing. I had to ignore a lot of my players' wishlist for these items bcos sending them manually just takes time and there are a lot of other things to do. Zynga should provide something in their program for this sort of thing.
    To anon at 11.43 pm, i also find Vegas very interesting with its different paths for jobs and the tournaments. Just left the fight path for Mojave district to finish which i had to stop doing due to the FEDS boss fights and just left the heavyweight world title to get. Working on that but it is a challenge.
    One of the worse things Zynga did was to take out the 3xp for assisting in wars. Not a lot of people do war assists now which makes the game really boring bcos there's not much challenge with just helping out on jobs while racing to take part in a war can be challenging.

  87. Vegas District 6 is now open

    To anon 12:04pm, I don't use bookmarklets, but am considering it for those fight club achievements. Or, more likely I'll just stop playing soon.

  88. Oh man. Boss drop for District 6 (which I was hoping was going to be an animal, seeing as they did that with Bangkok) is 96/119 AT BRONZE. Already better than the Typhoon Cleavers.

    Really, I had it with waiting for the release of Dist. 6 that I just watched Snoop Dogg blow up that armored truck over and over again.

  89. Boss fight on Silver in District 6 is already insane. Better prepare your Mafia to help out on Gold and Ruby.
    And the fight path takes forever on Gold, it'll be days for me to get through....

  90. Just a few notes on the new District 6 materiel:
    Boss: 8k HP, 16k, 24k, on bronze, silver, gold masteries. No henchmen.
    Drops: "Hill's Heavy Weapons": at gold, 137A, 155D

    So far I've only seen:
    Police Riot Helmet: 30A 44D
    Reinhardt and Otto: 57A 36D
    Performance Sports Car: 47A 38D
    Goldsmobile: 40A 55D
    Gila Monster: 36A 48D
    Diamondback: 56A 48D

    I'm not even level 2100 yet, and I'm halfway through ruby mastery already. MW will not be able to make areas sufficiently difficult for high leveled personnel while keeping them sufficiently easy for low leveled players.

  91. I'm not even level 2100 yet, and I'm halfway through ruby mastery already. MW will not be able to make areas sufficiently difficult for high leveled personnel while keeping them sufficiently easy for low leveled players.

    Agreed. I had the same thought about the Feds challenge. I blew through it. However, I can't see how a fairly new character would have any chance. It would make more sense if they would scale those battles to the level of the player. I'm level 1900+. It wasn't that difficult if you farmed stun guns correctly.

    Big thanks to MWG for all of the help. Enjoy your sabbatical. You've earned it.

  92. No more buying a health refill, they now cost 1 RP for a health refill.

  93. Nevermind, it was gone for a while this morning but is back now. I wonder if they are getting ready to take it away and were just testing it out.

  94. i am realy stuck on the hill brothers on bronze level(i dont even want to go to silver mastery at least not yet but i want the poker face achievement).he has 8 k health but the trouble is i can deal 300-400 damage each time.the only way i see it is to use all my stung guns and shivs to get him to almost 3-4 k of life.then i will leave he gets 2 k back(25 per cent no matter how long until i fight again).and then restock and again the same tactic.but i dont get it how am i suposed to deafeat them on silver level or even worse the ruby level;;;;plz some advises.

    i am level 408 btw.

  95. Please help with the achievements of fight club, just get to level 10, where I can find those bookmarklets, thanks

  96. Get strong friends with high att/def and especially health. Your 2 mafia members can survive hits while you attack. This way it doesn't matter about the 25% because you can heal and come back, attack until he is defeated. Hopefully you start to invest in the proper points area to improve the time it takes you to win.

  97. zynga is not showing how much experience you have in your profile page. This will scare newbies off (WOW, he has a billion experience points!!)

  98. Typo in the above

    *Zynga is NOW showing.....

  99. Boss isn't so hard.

    I have 330 health and 1,5k in attack and 1k in defense.

    I can survive one attack from brothers, with henchman 4 (it's about 2500k demage for brothers). I don't use any cons. and I healed in NY. I don't run from fight, everytime I was dead.

  100. boss fight on district 6 was pretty easy. Ruby level is 40000 hp. Just make sure you got your vault full and you might need a little extra. I was able to jump to my energy boost mid way through, and boss didn't regain. All that is left now is the fight path on the district which takes a while for an energy player, although I do have 600 stamina. Hills heavy weapon ruby is 160A/175D

  101. The Range Finder Rifle that drops very rarely in District 5 drops in District 6 at a much higher rate.

  102. what mission produce the most stun guns or boss fight weapons?

  103. Hello i think i have some error in lasvegas i fight in distrcit 5 red jackson it was not like other district i kill here two escort and reach here to 1000 and i stay in vegas adn used vegas money to rgernate and other time i do it by used vegas money adn soem time rewqard point even i dont get out from distrcit 5 when i return to here i see it regernaet with heer two escort so why that happen may eb error it not happen wit hall district

  104. hello again i have problem in bolly wood film in past every one ad to my team over 7 slot it add me one item of bolly wood film it was as example becasue it was not every time bolly wood film and now 200 team add to me over 7 nothing happen i want ask why that hapen