August 21, 2010

Las Vegas District 6: The Upper Strip

Long time no post! Figured I should get around to posting some information up on Episode 6 of Mafia Was Las Vegas.

Here is the new job tier:

Each tier this time around is actually independent. You can get to the boss through either the Social, Fighting, or Energy tiers. However, you still have to mastery each job type to move on to the next level of mastery.


Aside from the job mastery rewards, I found the following items while leveling up in this tier:

Gila Monster: 36 attack, 48 defense (animal)

P0lice Riot Helmet: 30 attack, 44 defense (armor)

Rangefinder Rifle: 37 attack, 54 defense (weapon)

Performance Sports Car: 47 attack, 38 defense (vehicle)

Goldsmobile: 40 attack, 55 defense (vehicle) - actually good

Diamondback: 56 attack, 48 defense (animal) - actually good

Reinhardt and Otto: 57 attack, 36 defense (armor) - actually good


The bosses of District 6 are the Hill Brothers. They start out with quite a bit of HP (8,000 in bronze, 16,000 in silver) and it only scales up from there. Here are the rewards:

Bronze Level of Mastery: 96 attack, 119 defense
Silver: 117 attack, 138 defense
Gold: 137 attack, 155 defense
Ruby: 160 attack, 175 defense


Killing them will be the tougher part, given their massive HP total. I was able to kill them pretty easy by spending a few Godfather points and this strategy:

- Attack the Hill Brothers

- Attack until you die. You will get 2 attacks off at a minimum, one for each of your henchman.

- Go to the marketplace and purchase a Health refill. These only cost 1 Reward Point now.

- Attack the Hill Brothers again until you lose again.

- Get another health refill at the marketplace (there is no cool down to this)

...repeat until they are dead.

I was able to beat each level of mastery while spending a handful of reward points. This was a lot less frustrating than trying to collect a million stun guns over and over again.

It's not that bad at all doing it this way and you can earn all of the points you will need simply by playing your free spins each day.


And yes, I know I have not posted in a long time. I think the time has come for me to move on to other games and other projects.

My decision to stop updating this page is not about money. This blog was never about making money and was always something I did for fun. The guide I wrote did make a little bit of money (thanks to everyone who bought it), but really writing a 200 page e-book and throwing up 300+ posts on this site in the past year certainly involved much more time than whatever I made back.

The moment the game stopped being fun for me was the moment I stopped making updates. Like anyone, I only have a so much free time in the day to dedicate to gaming and I am currently digging Starcraft 2 and the upcoming FF14 and am looking to shift my attention elsewhere.

At any rate, it's been a good ride, and I want to thank all the dedicated readers who have been coming back day after day for the past several months or even year(s).

If Mafia Wars 2 ever comes out, you know where to find me! I'll be right here.


P.S.: There have been several people contacting me about wanting to keep this site up. There may continue to be updates if that is the case, so stay tuned as this site may not be dead after all!
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  1. Thanks for your hard work! I do miss you and your useful hints!

  2. Thank you Mafia Wars Guide for all your time and effort!!! I guess we saw this coming but it's bit sad nonetheless. Hope to see you again sometime.. Greetings, AT

  3. Thank you so much for all the great work. It was really appreciated!

  4. starcraft 2 rocks cant blame you for moving away from this for that and i am hoping with bated breath that ff14 will be better than 12 or 11 or whatvr it was online.

    This blog has given me so much info over the past months thankyou for all the hardwork

  5. I am one of your daily readers and will really miss your updates, you made the game fun for me. Thanks for all your hard work!!

  6. Thanks for making this blog and thanks to all the commenters who also contributed. Your work was and is appreciated.

  7. love the site sad you're moving on good luck

  8. Thanks for all your work over the years. Game on.

  9. Now that I've mastered the Bronze, I take it the silver mastery hasn't started yet?

  10. Thank you for all your help. You've helped me and many others I'm sure. Good luck Rock On.

  11. Thanks from a semi-regular anonymous poster!

  12. Will miss this site, thanks for your help, i followed it to the letter when i was in Bangkok and choosing my faction.
    Good luck

  13. Thanks for all you have done with the updates and the guide. I too have stopped playing after over a year because it was no longer fun for me. Too many updates, too much click this, gift that, hurry up this weekend only bullshit...

    Thanks Mafia Wars Guide, you and this blog will be missed...

  14. I completely understand.
    Everyone reaches their breaking point eventually and quits. The changes in June with the fighting only loot was mine. I won't be back until MW 2 either!
    Thanks for all your great work on this site!

  15. Dear Mafia Wars Guide,

    You have been very helpful throughout the development of this game and I believe others feel the same way as well. Though your decision to no longer be active with MW is kinda sad, it is totally understandable. Well, as we all have experienced in our own unique way, the game do tend to kill the fun of playing over time, and let's just admit it, it sucksss, PERIOD! And for the act of moving towards other games, Starcraft 2 & FF14 - FTW!! I'll dig into those very soon thank you!~~ :D

    Alas, thank you again for all your help and may we all enjoy whatever games we play in the future to the fullest! Games ROCKSS!! :D

  16. thx for making this blog and helping me so much... even though you are moving on at least leave the page up... there are plenty of useful tips here that people can use every day... and you can come and write something occasionally :))
    once again thx for everything

  17. I will truly miss your updates and thank you for the job well done. Good luck!

  18. Thank you for all your help and hard work.. You will always be remembered. Good luck and have fun with SC2 and ff14..

  19. Thank you for a gr8 guide! Enjoy SC2 :)

  20. Your guide has been a huge help in the past months. I fully understand why you choose to discontinue it ... as you said, it just takes too much time ... as does the game.

    Having managed to ditch most of the "other" social games I have played on facebook, Mafia Wars (+ 5 minutes at VW a day) is about the only vice I have right now. Should I ditch that, too? It's more than 1 hour / day. Let me mull that a bit in my head, but should I decide to discontinue, you'll get some credit in that regard for being a good example.

  21. thanks man for all those updates. i was a daily reader for the last couple of months and i really appreciate your effort :) have fun with other projects.

  22. thank you for everything. it's kind of bittersweet to see you leaving, but i understand. i have kind of slowed down since i haven't finished w/ bangkok yet. but will trudge along w/ all the useful info that you've provided myself as well as other people. thank you again.

  23. I started following this blog in recent time, I got lot of help by reading your articles. Thank you, I hope you will update this, whenever you get time.

  24. I don't agree with your using reward points for health-refill strategy. Now, you can go to New York, heal yourself and come back and attack the Boss again. They do not regain any health. The only limiting factor is your stamina, as was the case with the final 2 bosses in the Beat the Feds challenge.

    While I will definitely miss your blog and your tips and guides, I think it is you yourself who is responsible for making the game boring to you and to your other readers.

    Mr. MWG, you made this game only about leveling, as if nothing else in the game mattered. You forced yourself and your readers to level continuously, and hence play continuously doing only 1 job (that 35/74 one in New York). No wonder clicking the same job is going to be tedious after a while!!

    I started out as a balanced character. Didn't go for leveling at all, because frankly I don't wanna play continuously as I have my studies to attend to. For the last 2 years, I log-in just once a day to use energy pack and level-up twice, spending about 15-20 min. Ok, I haven't reached very high level in my account Just 800-something. But I haven't gotten bored of the game precisely because I spent just 15-20 min, per day. Not hours like you do.

    Plus, I don't whine like you do about the experience nerfs that have happened in the game, because it doesn't handicap me. You whine about the stamina jobs because you don't have any. The game is called "Mafia wars", it - by definition - is supposed to be about fghiting and overpowering other mafias. But you on the other hand converted it into a soulless leveling game with every man for its own.

    Try playing with a balanced character and don't worry about leveling alone, what the hell does leveling give you anyway? I see level 7000+ players - no doubt they reached there through your guide - but I can defeat them so easily!! They have less than 20 defense I feel!! How embarrassing is that!!

  25. Thank you very much for the help and guidance your informative posts on this blog has been. You did a great job!

  26. Don Hugs,

    I had a separate balanced acct with much more attack and defense points than energy.. as part of the compendium there was a guide on how to build a fighting account in the fastest time possible.

    Nearly every single high-end player with an energy account also has a balanced account to go with it. Just go read the official forums once in awhile and anyone over there alludes to the same thing.

    Yes, the game is supposed to be about fighting and overpowering other Mafias, but there still is no meaningful progression for fighting accounts in game. I have discussed this at length multiple times.

    Clicking "attack" over and over again is even more meaningless than clicking "do job" over and over again. At least with jobs you unlock new jobs with new loot and get bonus skill points.

    With fighting you get... a random drop here and there. And then you can't attack other players without stopping to heal and waiting for the timer to come around so you can heal again.

    Once in awhile they will add a few new random loot drops so you can collect even more of the same items to participate in the same meaningless task. Good times!

    There is absolutely no consequence of "overpowering" another person's mafia. Oh, you iced Don so and so, too bad he will never even notice and has probably been iced 45 other times today already.

    The fighting tournament and robbing are even more of a joke for a dedicated player. What is the point of improving your character with more stats and loots if you still randomly lose half of the time with no control over the outcome. That is not fun.

    I understand robbing was meant for more casual players and to get them into fighting. That's great and fine. However, there is still no meaningful progression for fighting accounts.

    The stamina-requiring jobs just require players to put a lot of points in stamina, not necessarily in attack or defense. The bosses are just as frustrating for fighting accounts, since they have a harder time collecting the consumables needed.

    In short, all of the recent game changes as of late are not why I quit. They have little to do with energy accounts and energy accounts can still play just as effectively as before.

    The reason I quit is because its no longer fun for me, end of story. It's not fun for my fighting account and it is not fun for my energy account.

    And game design 101, when trying to make one path in a game more appealing, you add bonuses to the underused path, rather than nerfing the overused path.

    Just take a look at what Blizzard has done with World of Warcraft. That operation is netting a billion dollars a year and has had incredible sustainability.

    Every time one class edges out another, they buff the other classes and rarely nerf the "overpowered" class. They reward casuals with dailies, easier dungeons, rested xp, soloable content, and the like, rather than directly punishing more dedicated players who enjoy the end-game process.

    The point is, when you want to make balance changes, you make them fun, not tedious. And LV has been nothing but tedious, energy account or balanced account.

  27. Thanks mate, because of you i made some good choices between maffias!

  28. Mafia War Guide - Here's another reader wishing your well and adding my thanks to you for maintaining this blog.

  29. the only way to be a monster at this game is to have an alternate energy/farming account if not you will always be just a big fish in a small pond.

    i started out as a balance account way back when new york was the only thing available, but i got sick and tired of getting bullied around by other mafias. thankfully i found out about mwg guide but not until the same time as pre release of moscow, instead of changing my character i decided to follow his tips and create a new energy account.

    my balance account is now a fighter account still strugling thru bangkok ep 7, 115k mafia atk/def about 1500 invested on atk/def stats, 400 health, 4100 energy and 1200 stamina. now my energy account has breeze thru everything i am still able to serial level with the cuba job and las vegas d5 gold. what amazes me is that my energy account has about 95k mafia atk/def with only 62 invested on atk/def stats.

    soo yeah im still playing the game, still somewhat enjoying it, since gifting high end loots is dead i might dump all my profile and reward points on the energy account's atk/def stats and use my bangkok money to buy faction animals to turn the energy account into somewhat of a fighting account.

    the point is dont knock the energy account just because you dont have one and you were not able to reep the benefits of having one. in the end i would like to thank mafia wars guide for the awesome blog, hopefully someone is willing to step up and take the mantle.

  30. Thanks for the tips, I enjoyed the blog almost as much as the game.

  31. Thanks for all the info!

  32. Thank you for everything you have done. I've been coming back to this blog almost everyday since your first post in relation to New York. I can't believe it's been more than a year now. Your guide has helped me ALOT. I've accomplished alot also in MW but as you said...the game isn't that fun as it used to be. I've gone hiatus three times this past year, mainly because i was busy with school and such. The last one was last month when LV made me lose interest in the game. However i've started playing it again. I don't know how long but it's starting to be tedious. Again I just wanna say thanks and i wanna wish you good luck on other games as well.

  33. from one of your reader in Indonesia, i thank you very-very much.. your info and tips are a great help to me.. you will certainly be missed by a lot of people.. gl in your next game and real life..

  34. first af all thanks for your were a great help in many situations(even though i did not always folow your tips.)
    anyway since most people will abandon the site realy soon(i might as well cause i may stop mafia wars soon).i want to ask a final question.i cant get to mumbai it says my crew is not ready.maybe ut has to do with mafia members but it does not say how many i need. i have 70 members btw.let me know if u know something.
    once again good job on the site

  35. Thanks for your help by maintaining this blog. I, too, am on the verge of quitting MW; I've already quit all the other FB games. This might be the push I need.


  36. It is a sad day for Mafia Wars...
    Thank you very much for your help, hints and humour on the situation !

    I will probably follow you, in fact I'm wondering if I won't just stop every games on FB... it's too much time consuming !

    But I do wish MW2 comes up soon, just to keep up with this blog !

    Thanks a lot !
    A canadian follower

  37. Thanks a lot for u r help

  38. Thank you, Mr. MWG. I've been visiting your site a lot - until I stopped playing MW too, which was about a month ago. The game's not fun anymore.

  39. Cheers brother, I too have quit. I played for over a year and once the mafia war toolbar came out, I played twice a day solid. I had 4 accounts one a solid well balanced account and one for farming. I got bored and see no end and someone said it best when the best weapon is a credit card. Well I ended up selling my account for 98.00, thats about 0.25cents an hour. Al least I got something back.

    I have read your guide and asked for advice numerous time and you were always there. Great job with the Blog and good luck in the future

  40. This is the end of social games...same as the end of all games. Make them fun and balanced. Gamers, casual or not, can tell quality. I'm glad Zynga makes money but they'll only be a diversion to me. Here's to me getting my time back.

  41. Your site made the game a lot more fun for me. Thanks!

  42. malwarebytes is now detecting znyga toolbar as spyware anybody else getting this?

  43. To above comment, two days ago i kept getting the message from my antivirus (Avast) that it detects the toolbar as a malware and has blocked me from using it. I uninstalled and reinstalled but got the msg again. Not sure what was going on, i sent my computer to a computer shop to reformat and scan for any viruses. I started using it again today and so far have not got the msg yet.

  44. I must say no need of spending GF points for health refill, once u're crushed head back to NY get filled n come back and attack... I killed all of then very easily :)

  45. I have to agree with you MWG. I got sucked into this game over a year ago. I enjoyed it so much that I had my main account, an account I created on my wife's FB profile, *four* other accounts to help w/ farming loot, and an "enemy" account for the sole purpose of attacking me to check my defense! Seven freaking accounts! I would log in almost daily into all 7 -- what a waste of time.

    Thankfully I have wised up. I rarely use the enemy acct, occasionally play the "other" accts, and sometimes check my wife's acct. Mine is the only one I still play daily, and even there I've missed some days. My interest is dwindling in all the clicking. I haven't even bothered to go into Mumbai. I've somewhat "abandoned" Bangkok (waiting on another double mastery weekend).

    A good friend of mine was playing MW w/ me. He started roughly about the same time but basically quit around lvl 200. I'm at lvl 750+. I think he was the smart one. I used to pound the same jobs over and over and over and OVER again to acquire more loot -- chasing the elusive 501 of each HEL. I've basically given up on that.

    Right now, my mindset is that I will complete LV (& Bang on a DM weekend) then hang it up. I've got a stack of PC games on my desk still in shrink wrap and a pile of Xbox games in my HT tower sitting untouched. I'm pretty sure 99% of them will offer far more enjoyment than MW.

    And by typing all this out, I think I just convinced myself to quit MW.

  46. Your blog really made a difference - thank you for all the time and effort put into it , and good luck in whatever you're doing next !

    I'm also quitting Mafia Wars after about 1 year of furious mouse pounding.

    Can someone share with me how do I sell my account ?

  47. yeah i deleted the znyga toolbar becuz of the antivirus warning, its for the good i find myself playing less and less without the toolbar. and did they nerf las vegas district 5 gold, job ratios again... anyways just trying to get all the fight achivements done and im outta here as well.

  48. I need to first of all thank you for all your efforts. I have been following your blog since the beginning and i have developed into a strong character and have an energy account too. I use both wisely based on your advice and have been benefitting frm every move. I jus wish you can continue,but do whats best for you.~Cheers~

  49. Guys can anyone help me on this 1, in gld mastery 6th district, when you fight hill btothers they have 24.000 hp, without stn gun i manage to do about 4000 dmg but since the heal 25% if i die/leave its 6000 then how does this gf hp refill strategy works?

  50. @Anon 6:19 am
    u can also go to new york and heal fast,
    thats what i did in ruby mastery district 3&4
    now busy with ruby bosses 5&6

  51. thanks MWG - i appreciate all your help - especially in the faction guides in Moscow and Bangkok.

  52. Techoo
    Thanks for u help

  53. The game has been seeming to get less interesting but then I've always been puzzled why I even play it in the first place... lol.

    That said I would try to pass the torch if the game doesn't die completely. There has to be some die-hard that would want to keep up your tradition.

  54. I hate to see you. Go!

  55. Mafia wars was fun for a while but now that I masterd all the cities and reached level 1000 perhaps it's time to hang up my boots. It's become so tedious and they keep on making things worse like fighting (used to get >2 experience per attack, even against iced opponents, plus loots) and the nerfs as you all know.
    I could see myself getting totally hooked on computer games but luckily (or unfortunately) I'm skint:-)

  56. thanks a lot 4 everything...we will miss u .....

  57. kiss a$$es!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Does attacking a dummy acct allow you to advance in the fight club? I have 49K fight wins but all before the fight club. That energy recharge looks good for some fight tokens or widgets.

  59. There are new Las Vegas collections.....

  60. @ anon 806pm

    i think you need to atk live targets unless your dummy account auto heals best bet is to use brawler. i finally manage to get to level 21 master assasin, the energy refill that cost 100 victory coins is every 24 hour and you can combine this with the energy refill that cost 90 victory coins and 2 rewards point which you can get every 6 or 8 hours. so now i can actually get about 3-4 energy refill a day including the energy pack and toolbar treasure chest bonus.

    too bad that i have a fighters accnt, meaning high stamina low energy. but i been dumping all stat points on energy recently so this should pay off in the long run.

  61. been a longtime reader... hav been thinkin alot about quitting and i guess u hav just given me the final push... its no more fun doesnt exactly sum it up, its literally boring now... to b honest if it hadnt been for ur blog mightve quit alot earlier...
    best of luck
    bye bye MW
    might c u again if MW2 ever comes out...

  62. For anyone who still cares, Districts 8 and 9 have shown up in Vegas. Also, if you go to your casino, a fountain is now on the property. It is unlocked when completing a particular job in District 8.

  63. I believe you meant District 7 and 8.

  64. Is anyone helpful and organized (i think some people keep spreadsheet on this sort of thing) enough to give a lowdown on the new loots found in district 7 and 8, been seeing quite a few dropped but have not checked out their stats yet. Now that admin is not active, wish there is a similar blog to this which gives info about this sort of thing.

  65. How can i ugh beat the d7 ruby boss when after i hit it took out my 2 henchmen and half of my health points ...... plz i am stucked and not an energy player .
    Anyone here

  66. Find someone strong enough to defeat him and schedule a time for you to ask for help. This is how all the energy accts move forward. They leverage their fighter accts.

  67. hmm but i cant ask for help on the d7 one

  68. I wanted to thank you for this guide! It is the best one out there! All your time & effort is greatly admired, as well as appreciated. You have helped myself & many player advance immensely in Mafia Wars! I'm very sorry 2 hear you no longer find joy in the game :( Your vast knowledge & insight will be missed incredibly! While the news is quit upsetting, I do understand! :( However, I myself am praying you'll have a change heart and rediscover your passion! Because... well quit simply, YOUR GUIDE ROCKS! Please keep up the amazing work for us! I told myself I wouldnt beg. However it seems necessary soo... Please, please, pretty-pretty please dont give up on us! We need you! Your the beat!

  69. For those trying to finish the District 7 Ruby Boss, this is how I finished him off without asking for help:

    First you need 10 stun guns. Health kits are useless. Shivs & Grenades will do little damage, they might help a bit but not much.

    Use a stun gun before every hit. It took me 3 hits to kill each henchman. So that is 6 stun guns. The remaining 4 allowed me to get 5 hits before he killed me.

    That put his health at around 40% remaining. Go do jobs to get 10 more stun guns. Come back, repeat process and finish him off.

    With less attack strength this may take more than 2 rounds. But it should work.

    If you cannot do many jobs, then gift stun guns and if they are returned, don't cash them in just yet. Wait until you need a bunch of them and accept the gifts then.


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