September 24, 2010

Dublin Chapter 2: Saturday Morning

The neat thing about Challenge Mission: Dublin has been that you get the prize for each chapter four times - each time you finish one of the jobs. So, while the setup has been the same as the Mumbai, Paris, and London challenges - with Pints of Stout substituting for Bollywood Reels, etc., there are a total of 12 decent items to win here. No more working for a week to get just one item; now you get the item (and a skill point) each time you complete a job.

The jobs progressively get "harder" in that they take more energy points to complete, have a lower percentage completion as you go, and "cost" one more Pint each time you do the harder jobs. The Heat Meter is also back, with 6 jobs allowed before you go to tan and double your energy and Pint costs. But Zynga has given plenty of time to finish each chapter, so no need to rush, unless you've fallen behind, or just want bragging rights.

For Chapter 1 (pictured above), entitled "Euro Trash", the prize is the Irish Traveler,
an Armor piece with stats of 52/63. Not bad to get four of them, as they will be in your top 501 for both attack AND defense.

Chapter 2 will be live on Saturday morning. The prize will be a Weapon
called the Black Irish, with 84/59 stats.

Chapter 3 will open next weekend, with (four) very promising animal prizes called the Dreacht Capall, with 67/111 stats. Take that, Xiamen Tiger!

(Nerd alert!: 'Dreacht Capall' is Irish for ' draft horse' - learn more here

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