September 25, 2010

Dublin Mission: Chapter 2 - Live

It's here, Chapter 2 of Challenge Mission: Dublin, entitled "Ireland Hopping." The prize for finishing each job is the Black Irish weapon (84/59) detailed below. The first job - "Get the Money to a Waiting Jet" - gives you 9% completion per click, so you can finish it in 8 hours - 6x at the start, and 6x once your Heat Meter goes back to green.

You have a week to finish Chapter 2 and get your four Black Irish pistols. Here's the screen shot from completing the first job:

The second job in Ireland Hopping is called "Fly to a Carribean Island" and gives you 7% completion each time, so it will take 15 clicks to complete - or 16 hours (if you are timing these perfectly) to be done, and in possession of Black Irish #2.

Enjoy your stay in Dublin!

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