September 25, 2010

Governor Halloran: Reelection Bid...

Here's the dispatch from Silver Level of District 8/Hoover Dam in Vegas. To employ the strategy I described yesterday, finish the energy and fight jobs EXCEPT for one fight (so you don't go to Gold), and then take on Governor Halloran for round 2 of the Boss fight. This way, you can stay on Silver Level and can do as many more energy jobs as you want - now for 39 energy points each, instead of 19, while picking up more and more District 8 loot (and a better Halloran's Helicopter).
Along the way, to complete the District 8 Silver Level Energy Path jobs, you'll need 20 Alarm Codes and 34 Hot Tips - though the Hot Tips are for the Social Job, which some of your Mafia should help you with after a shout out. Hopefully, you can trade for these disposables, as each Hot Tip costs 108 energy points from a District 2 job, and each Alarm Code costs 79 energy from a District 3 job (total cost for Silver Level consumables = 5,144 energy points).
Here's the Governor as he appears in the Boss fight. He has 14,000 energy and no henchmen. Sounds easy, right? Well, the Shivs do little damage (maybe 30 points) - same with Grenads. This is one of those fights where you need to use pretty much all Stun Guns, and not let him attack at all - use the Stun Gun, attack, repeat. DON'T ATTACK TWICE AND LET HIM HIT YOU.
Why? As I found out the hard way, the Governor's first attack did NO damage to my two henchmen (who usually get wiped out in one shot anyway) and went directly to me, taking most of my 520 health with it. I furiously clicked on my Health Kits and then went into Stun Gun overdrive. You can also call for help on this job, and of course, come back and finish him off, to be treated to:
1,800 experience points is a sweet boost, and the Silver Level Hallorans Helicopter stats are an impressive 100/160 - your top defensive vehicle.
For now, I'm staying put on Silver, loading up on the great offensive loot there, and pledging not to move to Gold Level District 8 until the Challenge Mission: Dublin and the Prized Pigs challenge are complete.

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  1. Dude Phil - not worth stocking up on loots because District 9 and 10 will be released soon with the promise of even stronger loots. I am not convince farming at these districts make sense. Zynga may even release districts 11 and 12 before Vegas is complete and done with.

    I think it is best to use the energy towards leveling as the ratio in Vegas is not necessarily favorable to folks wanting to level.

  2. i will go wit Phil with this one definitely..i dont c a point in rushing to finish vegas off before something new arrives..wats da point of levelling up without good loots..juz stay put n get this items 1st then move on to gold mastery when district 9/10 arrives..
    btw,phil i do not think the life of the boss was was 8000 and i confirmed it with Mafia Wars Wiki!! =)

  3. It's 14k at Ruby. Loots are non-factors in fights these days. They are just nice to have and brag...they don't impact att/def.

  4. Loots don't matter in fights anymore? Just wondering.. how much does 10 points in atk convert to in atk loot? I'm guessing you need 5,000 to 10,000 in attack skill to really do anything nowadays. I'm only a level 1100 player so have a long way to go before I've got 10,000 in attack skill points, LOL. Not breaking out a credit card for a stupid game, that's for sure.