September 29, 2010

Governor Halloran: Round 3

Ignoring my own advice from earlier this week, I raced through District 8 - Gold Level - to get to my third matchup with the Boss, Governor Halloran. For a mere 15 Stamina Points, welcome to the jungle...

At Gold Level, Halloran starts with 12,000 health. You can call for help on this job. Just to measure up my foe, I attacked without using a consumable, and did just over 800 damage. After all, I have two henchmen to help me. Then it was the Governor's turn...

As always, my henchmen were superb - superbly useless, that is. One attack from Halloran and the first henchman died/fainted/fled/wet his pants... plus I lost over 10% of my health:

That was the last time I let Halloran hit me. Shivs did about 550 damage each and Grenades - lo and behold - did over 300 damage each - and I could use as many as I wanted without being attacked back. Also, the Stun Guns actually let you attack Halloran twice without being attacked back (this was not the case with Dr. Hank Williams, the District 7 Boss). Eventually, the Governor resigned:

The 2,000 XP for winning is a very nice plus, and the Gold Level Hallorans Helicopter has 110 attack and 175 defense. (Not to make this into a grammar blog, but does Zynga know that there should be an apostrophe in "Hallorans"?)

I find Governor Halloran easier to fight than Dr. Hank Williams, as Halloran has no henchmen. Round 4 coming soon to a theater near you...

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  1. Can you please make a table of Stun Guns vs Las Vegas Villains? I mean how many free hits you get for each stun.

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  3. As far as stun gun use goes Zynga can change the rules anytime as they see fit. I usually try attacking the boss twice with the stun gun the first time as a gauge. I think this is the best rule of thumb.

  4. Very well said by Anonymous Sept 29, 2010 3.03pm!!
    On another note, I will still stick to silver level mastery for Hoover Dam just to get my loots. I've made bout 200 loots thus far. The drop rate is great hence I don't see a reason to complete level mastery for HD!

    your shivs and grenades do 300-500 damage????
    mine do 30-50... what do I wrong?

    kind regards

  6. On the previous comment, there was a typo error. Its not 200 loots thus far but only 100!!sorry!! =)

  7. Why are you guys wasting stun guns on this boss?
    attack, get ass kicked, repeat
    I ate through most of my Moscow bank accnt, but it's not like I had any other use for rubles.

    Maybe you guys don't have enough stam to atk him repeatedly?

  8. What else do we need stun guns for right now? Faster you kill the less stamina it costs. By the time you need stuns again you will have had alot of energy to get them back.