September 22, 2010

Las Vegas Districts 7 and 8 - Loot and Strategy

Impressively, Zynga got two new districts of Vegas up just as the first people were finishing District 6 (which itself was an add-on). Let's start with the new loot in Districts 7 and 8, and then some ideas on mastering them.

District 7 - Area 51

X-22 Peregrine (53/24) - vehicle
Pitbull Sentry Gun (28, 52) - weapon
Pronghorn Antelope (21, 53) - animal
Ares Power Armor (33, 58) - armor
Foo Fighter (37, 60) - vehicle (hard to find)
Diamondback (56, 48) - animal (also a District 6 drop item)

Boss Item - Experimental Exosuit - armor (149, 90) for bronze through (185, 106) for Ruby

District 8 - Hoover Dam

Hopped Up Thug (56, 18) - armor
Cooling Vest (31, 61) - armor
Arcturiuon Assault Rifle (59, 27) - weapon
Ripper Assault Rifle (57, 30) - weapon
Balista Missle Launcher (62, 15) - vehicle
Bighorn (26, 64) - animal
Amphiquad (58, 24) - vehicle

Boss Item - Halloran's Helicopter - vehicle (90, 145) for bronze...


A few thoughts here:

1. Halloran's Helicopter - even at bronze - will immediately be your top defensive vehicle. The boss - Governor Halloran - gets stronger and harder to injure as you go.

2. Experimental Exosuit - even at bronze - will immediately be your top offensive armor. The boss - Dr. Hank Williams - has two henchmen. LOAD UP ON STUN GUNS. You will find yourself using 6 to kill the henchmen alone on the Ruby level.

3. These are some serious stats for drop loot! Would you ever play in Cuba or Moscow again for loot? With attack and defense stats in the 50s and into the 60s, even Bangkok high end loot (BHEL, to use the trading group lingo) will drop on your rankings...

4. ...except that Vegas high end loot (VHEL) is not - readily - tradeable. You can't gift it, as you can with a Royal Thai Marine, or add it to your Wishlist through other MW websites. Though some people apparently are doing it...

5. For the energy jobs on Distrcits 7 and 8, you will need TONS of three items from earlier Districts in Vegas: Hot Tips (D2), Alarm Codes (D3), and Hotel Security Key Cards (D4). I mean TONS. This is like Bangkok on steroids when you needed Untraceable Cells for a few levels and then Satellite Phones forever. If you've already finished Ruby level on the lower Vegas Districts, you'll see that acquiring ONE such item requires up to 108 energy points. And District 7's final energy job requires ONE OF EACH (of alarm code, hotel key) - and get 2% mastery per job - so your "cover charge" for each job is 165 energy points just for the "tools" you'll need to do the final job in District 7, which itself is 144 energy. Total retail price for that ONE job? 15,450 energy points. So be patient.

One reader below commented on a strategy I've used in Vegas that I *wish* I'd used in Bangkok, and even earlier in Vegas. STOP FINISHING THE LEVELS OF THE TOP DISTRICTS SO QUICKLY. There is GREAT loot here - there are some things in District 7 that are as good as the District 8 loot (Foo Fighter, Diamondback). Or - at least - if you finish District 7's Ruby level, stay on Bronze level in District 8 for a LONG time - why not? You will get tons of the top loot in the game. Your stats will skyrocket. And until a new city or District comes along, why wouldn't you want to max out on all this great loot, which drops fairly generously?

Compare the slow climb of Distrct 7's Ruby level - 309 points PER JOB on the final job, doing it 50x, not to mention the other jobs on Energy and Fight Path. The final job on District 8 Bronze level, by contrast, requires no codes/tips/key cards... and costs 19 energy. NINETEEN. If you have an energy account with 4,000 to 5,000 points, you can do roughly 250 jobs and watch all the loot, boss fight items, casino upgrade items, vault upgrade items, Weapons Depot and Chop Shop parts and specialties, and the 4 new Vegas collection items (matchbooks, cactus, animals, card hands... more on these later) drop day after day. Just a suggestion - hold tight on District 8 bronze.

Folks, your Railguns and Mugatis and Hunters - and your Lamangs, Vipers, Marines, and Katars - should start to drop into the middle/lower tier of your weaponry with these great District 7 and District 8 items. Don't fly through it and find that you still have Zolotos and Shturmoviks as part of your top 501 items. Even the Bangkok Faction Store is close to obsolete - why spend your stamina points robbing properties to save up Baht to buy a Xiamen Tiger (52 defense) when at least two drop loot animals in Vegas beat it? Even the Banded Krait (51 attack) - a very expensive B$540,000 - is only 5 attack points higher than all your vipers, but 5 points LOWER than the Diamondback - which drops in Vegas Districts 6 and 7. If anything (since you can't amass 501 Diamondbacks unless you hold back in District 7 at Bronze for more drops), you should simply load up on Vipers, and use the Baht that you accumulate to buy Kraits or Tigers in the Faction Store. The rest of the merchandise is blown away by what you'll accumulate in Districts 6 and 7 in Vegas... so if you're robbing (and we're going to discuss HOW you should be robbing) it should be in... NEW YORK. More to come on that topic.

For more information on the Vegas MADE event on October 15 and 16, please see No - I don't work for Zynga and this blog will not be a shill for it - you will see plenty of critique and cheats as we uncover together the threadbare parts of the game (how's that Crime Spree feature working out for everyone??). But this event sounds like fun.

Good night for now, and good fighting.



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  1. ALL I have to say to this is fuck fuck fuck fuck I wish I had thought of this sooner I rubed district 8 Now what?

    7 is still bronze but it's full of alarm codes and shit.

    I repeat fuck fuck fuck!

  2. My thoughts are twofold:

    1. You would've beaten out Al Pacino for the title role in Scarface, if only Brian DePalma had seen your post above, 27 years ago :-) - and

    2. District 7 has some GREAT loot that I am cursing my own inability to pile on, since I rubied it already. The Diamondback and Foo Fighter are incomparable: best (free) attack animal and best defensive vehicle IN THE GAME. And all of the District 7 loot, with stats in the 50s and 60s, is better than what's out there now - AND you know something new - a District 9 or a new City will come along (supposedly in October, Zynga will announce the new City at the MADE convention in Vegas) with loot that has stats in the mid 60s and 70s, so District 8 vs. 7 will be an afterthought. Stay at bronze and pile on!

  3. thx phil so glad you kept this blog alive I wish you the best of luck and I'll be checking daily :-D

  4. wow, i feel way stupid now. staying on bronze wouldve been so much smarter, i mean i did that with the sat phones and bangkok, but didnt make the connection. and my 16k of energy wouldve provided me with some decent amount of loot. fuck.

  5. thanks Phil for continuing the blog and this is a fab resource, I will be hanging onto those bronze levels :)

  6. Ruby level isn't nearly as crippling as it sounds... if you're a powerleveling energy/stam player. At bronze, the exp/energy sucks. Since they nerfed bangkok/NY, the ruby level Vegas jobs have the best exp/energy.

    I currently have 7300 energy. Using the job mentioned above, we have 2 possibilities:

    a) bronze: 19 energy/job and due to low exp/energy ratio, I level up 3-4 times/day

    7300*(3 to 4)/19 ~ 1150-1540 jobs/day

    b) ruby: 158 energy/job and due to high exp/energy ratio, I level up ~ 20 times/day

    7300*20/158 ~ 924

    So far, bronze still wins, but not by a ridiculous margin. Since I leveled up so much on b), I have ~75 skill point + ~8 RP advantage over a). With that said, b) is no longer such a terrible option.

    The obvious flaw with my strategy is that I dumped nearly all my stat points into energy/stamina. This leaves me rather weak in fights. I'm not completely impotent since I was still able to dump a lot of energy into getting decent Bangkok loot.

  7. Are you sure chop shop and wep depot upgrade items drop from vegas? I could have sworn they dont, but still the loot is definatly worth the farming.

  8. Those new mafia wars loot and items are extremely difficult to get. I really wonder how top players can loot so many mafia wars loot, item and collections. Especially the daily chance collection and the Las Vegas loot.
    mafia wars loot

  9. too late... rubied all except the last two stages. but still bronze in all of italy. ;)

  10. I was trying to farm items on my family member's accounts, but decided to start mastering the tiers because 1) it's pretty time consuming to try to spend 19 energy 100 times for five people and 2) I thought that when I would advance in the tiers, that the drop ratio would go up. Do you really think that it's best to stay at bronze for farming accounts or is there a way to find the drop ratio for items in their relation to what level you are on in the tier?

  11. has anybody tried work bronze level all the way through and working backwards? Does this help? Please let me know