September 27, 2010

Lotto Ticket Prize Strategy

With Daily Chance tickets, I've always saved up 6 and cashed them in for "up to 5 Reward Points." The other available prizes - a collection item, 1 or 2 more Daily Chance tickets, or a one-time energy or stamina boost, seemed to pale in comparison.

In the past, I can recall getting 5 RPs (or Godfather Points, as they used to be called), or 3, or even 1, but it seemed like a random number each time. Lately, that range of 1 through 5, I've been consistently getting 1 RP.

I've had this result 8 out of the past 9 times I've cashed in the 6-lotto ticket claim. Could it just be a bad run, or has Mafia Wars - which admittedly made RPs easier to get all around (heck, see the post below for 20 of them) - tightened up on this particular golden goose?

Anyone else noticing a trend like this? I wonder if Mafia Wars known how many RPs a given player has when he or she cashes in the "6 of 6" prize... and if some algorithm instructs Mafia Wars to reward fewer RPs as that player's RP total gets higher. After all, 1 RP is still "up to 5"... but not what you're hoping for every week.

That begs the question of whether it's better to claim a different prize that costs fewer tickets. Some players opt for the extra Daily Chance tickets, in the hopes of getting a Daily Chance Collection piece if they submit 12 tickets per week instead of 10.

The odds on winning that prize (3 out of 5 numbers) are sufficiently long that I'm not sure that 1 or 2 extra tickets per week materially improve your chances.

After all, now that you can get 12 to 20 lotto tickets per week, with bonus tickets from Mystery Bags and other sources, you'd think players would regularly hit 3 or 4 numbers out of 5 on a ticket if an additional ticket or two helped.

In my own experience (the results on the left being a typical example), I've still only gotten a Daily Chance Collection piece - 3 numbers out of 5 - once in 15 months of playing, and have never hit 4 numbers out of 5 for the lower Reward Point Prize, not to mention 5 for 5 and 1,000 RPs. You probably have better odds of hitting the jackpot on the Vegas RP Slot Machine.


Instead, most weeks I find myself with a slew of Untraceable Cell Phones and other New York consumables, which I happily gift as I go. On occasion, I'll hit 2 numbers out of 5 and win a free Daily Chance Lotto ticket...getting me that much closer to the next "6 of 6" Claim Prize conundrum...
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  1. Loving the new content. I am finding myself doing the same thing. Part of it is that I was getting only 1 RP too frequently, and the other is that I want the daily chance collection. All that matters is that the game is fun, and it sure does give my brain the tickles to hit 'claim prize!' every day. :)

  2. same experience with RPs and with lotto results.