September 23, 2010

Mountain Lions in Bollywood

It's Mafia Wars, so what more fitting cinematic reference can we have than to the opening THE GODFATHER, when Don Corleone was asked to do a favor - and happily did it - asking in return only that someday, when HE asked for a favor, he not be turned down.

Tonight I'm going to do you a favor (even though you didn't ask, and I'm not Marlon Brando)... and at the end I'll ask you to do me a favor (I can't leave a horse's head in your bed if you refuse me, and no, it's not a donation request).

Now for the 4 Vegas Collections - these were a nice addition to Las Vegas, as we had been accustomed to every city having its own series of collections. Vegas was the first location where all of the collections and their items can be obtained in any District.

The 4 Vegas-themed collections are Matchbooks (commemorating almost-real casinos), Cactus (from the surrounding desert), Mojave Desert Animals, and Poker Hands. As with
other collections, you need 7 items to vault the collection and get the reward.

And these are some good rewards:

Matchbooks: +10% loot item drop in Vegas jobs
Cactus: +30 Health - a stat once ignored, now so important with the Boss jobs
Mojave Animals +10 energy, +10 stamina - like leveling 4x at once!
Poker Hands: +20 attack, + 20 defense - like leveling 6x at once!

You can only vault each collection once, and all items are tradeable and can be on your wishlist.

The matchbooks are the easiest to pick up during jobs, with the poker hands being hardest. I find the animals *slightly* less commonly dropped than the cactus, even though the Cactu
s Collection gives you 30 points of something versus 20... AND (until the Armory arrived), health points were something you could ONLY get by leveling - not get through a Weapon Depot or Chop Shop item, unlike energy and stamina.

Either way, there's always the rub. Each collection has what sports card collectors call the "SP" - the short print - the elusive chase - the one you can't find. And you know which ones they are.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing your tormentors:

Bollywood Matchbook

Saguaro Cactus

Mountain Lion

Four of a Kind

In an earlier post, I noted that if you stay on Bronze level in the later Vegas Districts, an energy account can do 200 - 250 jobs with each energy refill. Want to know how many of these 4 items have dropped in the thousands of Vegas jobs I've done? Exactly ZERO.

But I have several of each, and they fetch a nice price on the trading boards. That price is coming down (last week, people were trading entire Daily Chance Collection sets - all 7 - for just one of these. Now I see them trade for two Hunters or three Mugatis apiece).

Why? Because people are learning how to get them. Hence, my favor to you. I recently learned "the trick" too, have been able to vault all four Vegas collection, and trade my spares. And the solution is surprisingly simple. But - I bet you're getting impatient - here's why it's also surprisingly obvious.

Ever click on some Mafia member's wishlist and see something ridiculous being asked for, like the Regent Diamond or a Baccarat Shoe? I'd think "Oh sure, let me send you one right over, it only took me 6 months to get my own." I mean, Railguns and Hunters are one thing - most people won't gift them to you, but you might get one in a Mystery Bag (and now you can find them in job stashes). But, historically, as a rule, COLLECTION ITEMS COULD NOT BE GIVEN THROUGH MYSTERY BAGS. So good luck waiting for your Bingo Card or Striped Easter Egg.

Not any more my friends. Put 3 of those items on your Wishlist and start sending Mystery Bags like crazy. And slowly but surely, you will open your Mystery Bags and... yes... you will see Mountain Lions in Bollywood.

Now about that favor... if you are liking this blog since its recent restart, please tell a friend. Colin created all the research from the menus so you can see what level in each city does what, and he's been nice enough to let me post - so if this is a good thing for you, tell a friend or two.


Happy hunting,


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  1. hy! regarding las vegas collection items that drop rare i want to let you know . I put mountain lion, bollywood and saugaro cactus on my wishlist and after a day or two they dropped from mystery bags i received. So if you want them its good way to get them

  2. You can get them in 5th day playing as a reward if you have them on whishlist.

  3. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the great tip! Reading about Colin's menus, it just hits my mind why you haven't changed your blog's theme? There are a number of themes now available on blogspot and I'm sure people would also like the "drop-down" menus. :)

  4. well darn, i guess my secret weapon is out, lol! But really i have shared this with anyone who would listen. I'm glad you have a forum to do so with many people.