September 29, 2010

New Chop Shop & Weapons Depot Levels!

Some one at Zynga is working overtime today! Not only did we have the debut of the Prized Pigs Challenge, but minutes ago came this newsflash:

While we are all scrambling to build our Armory, both the Chop Shop and Weapons Depot have expanded up to Level 15. On his 1987 album Tunnel of Love, Bruce Springsteen sang of "spare parts and broken hearts" - and for those who stopped collecting those spare parts for their Chop Shop and Weapons Depot, or traded them away, there are broken hearts tonight.

The 7 new items in both the Chop Shop and Weapons Depot require "Special Parts" in addition to higher amounts of Weapons or Car Parts. And some require LOTS of Special Parts. Maybe these will drop in jobs, but one way to get some is to simply ask your Mafia:

While the stats are on par with loot dropped in Districts 6 and 7 of Las Vegas, each item has attractive stat boosts. The two new Chop Shop Items are:

Level 14 - Sportster (52/46), +3 energy, +3 stamina
Level 15 - Extended Cab 640 (53/55), +3 Skill Points (!!)

There are FIVE new Weapons Depot items.

Level 11 - Dirty Trick (49/45), +5 Health, +2 Stamina
Level 12 - Electric Prod (50/50) +5 Health, +2 Energy
Level 13 - Hack Blade (45/51) +6 Defense

but wait... there's more....

Level 14 - Stun Knuckles (52/48) +6 Attack
Level 15 - Wasper Knife (51/51) +4 Skill Points (!!)

Time to renew your quest for all those spare parts you'd traded away... 5 new weapons and 2 new vehicles await!
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  1. Could i ask a question plz.... i dont know what happen with my internet and i cant accept any my stery bag super pigtana or prize pig from the req it's always have error abt connection n' took my request....i loose to much loots from there....i sent email for zynga n' they said that they gonna fix as soon as possible but until now still nothing show that they tried to do smth to help me...plz help me

  2. If you're using a laptop you can try the internet connection at a different location where you know it is consistent. If you have a PC you can try and log on somewhere else to test it.