September 24, 2010

Pink Floyd Fans: Your Prized Pigs Are Coming!

Mafia Wars has a new challenge on the horizon that will delight farmers, Pink Floyd fans, and regular gamers alike. Following in the tradition of Pignatas and Super Pignatas - the free gift items with top loot inside, comes a pig-based challenge called PRIZED PIGS... with Zynga's description below:
Get ready to pig out because the Prized Pigs are coming. You all had a healthy appetite for Pigntas and Super Pigntas, but you'll want to save room for Prized Pigs. This will be a limited time event where you must collect and master Prized Pigs. Master all three Prized Pigs to become a true porker and earn the Oinker vehicle (100 Attack, 128 Defense). We know you're salivating over the Oinker because those stats are making us hungry, too.
This looks like an interesting challenge - with a nice payoff - not too many items with 100+ attack AND defense - and the banner/graphic below would make Roger Waters envious...

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  1. Has anyone won the previous top loots? If so, how many did you open? I am guessing pure luck here?

  2. What is wrong with Zynga, what is about pigs that they like?

  3. Hogs get slaughtered! LOL

  4. I won the wolf. Thats about it