September 30, 2010

Prized Pigs #2: Fresh Shank

The second of the Prized Pigs, Fresh Shank, is live (with Boss Hogg going live after midnight). Many players are simultaneously trying to collect Fresh Shank and Curly Tail. This hurried pace is an interesting change from other Mafia Wars challenges that stretche out for weeks.

For Fresh Shank, Bronze mastery requires collecting 3 pigs; Silver = 5; and Gold = 10. As with Curly Tail, you can ask for Fresh Shank and send him as a free gift to your Mafia. As you collect each new pig, your meter will grow:

The prize for completing each level is a Fish Speer, with (59/32) stats at Bronze...

..and (68/37) at Silver.

P.S. Gold Mastery increases the Fish Speer's stats to 72/45.
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