September 29, 2010

Prized Pigs Challenge: Live!

The Prized Pigs Challenge is live tonight. As previewed in an earlier post, you try to collect lots and lots of pigs to get increasingly-impressive rewards. The 3 pigs go live one at a time, with the first one - Curly Tail - being live TONIGHT.

The other two pigs are Fresh Shank and Boss Hog.

You can send Curly Tail as a free gift as you do with Mystery Bags and Armory Parts. Send a lot so your Mafia sends them back to you. You can also ask for your Mafia to send you Curly Tails on your Facebook news feed:

After collecting 1 or 2 Curly Tails, you will see a green "Collect" button on your home screen. Click it to cash in on the Bronze level prize for the first pig, a Garrotte (60/31 - weapon):

After collecting 5 *more* Curly Tails, you will achieve Silver mastery level and get a Garrotte with better stats (67/38).

As you obtain enough pigs for each new level, your green meter will get closer to full.

You'll need 10 more Curly Tails to collect the Gold Mastery level Garrotte (73/44). As with the Boss prizes that have different levels, you only keep ONE Garrotte, but at the highest stats you've earned.

I believe there is also an extra reward for completing the Gold level on all 3 pigs.

This is one place where using the "dual collection" of free gifts feature, explained in a prior post, will give you an advantage - you can collect free gifts both from the Mafia Wars envelope that pops up when you start (it can be accessed by clicking the tan and white envelope at the top of your home screen - see below - the number on it shows how many free gifts await you) AND from the Facebook home page by clicking on GAMES on the left hand column.

The other two pigs offer higher-stat loot and also have three tiers of statistics. Fresh Shank will be unlocked on at about 1 AM EST on Thursday morning (later tonight..) and Boss Hog goes live on Friday.

There was an amazing screen shot that showed all three pigs and the stats for each prize at each of the three levels - and I missed it. Because I, too, am a pig, and clicked right past that informative screen to collect some other prize. I hang my head in shame.

As retribution, I offer this iconic image of a pig that was very formative for me. You have to squint a little to see the pig, but the associated music (Pigs, Sheep, AND Dogs) is unparalleled

File:Pink Floyd-Animals-Frontal.jpg

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  1. Nice job Phil thanks 4 the gr8 info.

  2. Hello! So I just collected enough pigs to make it through bronze,silver&Im 3/10 on the gold...I saw that I could "collect reward" each time...or "accept more pending" I kept accepting w/o collecting each reward..."thinking my reward would be in my inventory...ITS NOT!!! So do you think Im screwed&lost out?If so let your readers know!! Olz let me know what you think!! I kept hitting back button hoping I could collect still...but this is all I got!! Please help!Thanks

    You earned Bronze mastery!
    Collect your reward by going to Mafia Wars!

  3. Your Garrotte won't be in your inventory yet - look at your home screen - and the Prizaed Pigs part of the Daily Checklist - and see if the green meter is all the way to the right - if so, hit Collect (on the home screen) and you should get your weapon.

  4. I don't see a pig in that picture, but the building looks an awful lot like an upside down cow.

  5. i do not understand how to collect twice.
    i always use the free gift symbol (left of the mentioned envelope).
    how do i access the second way to free gifts?

  6. Could i ask a question plz.... i dont know what happen with my internet and i cant accept any my stery bag super pigtana or prize pig from the req it's always have error abt connection n' took my request....i loose to much loots from there....i sent email for zynga n' they said that they gonna fix as soon as possible but until now still nothing show that they tried to do smth to help me...plz help me sr for spam

  7. To collect twice - see the post entitled "The Envelope Two-Step...Revealed" below - there is a Blog Archive on the right column and it is under the September 2010 posts.

  8. This Envelope Tow-Step diesn't work for me. I can see only that there are new requests but i can't accept them. I can accept them only at the facebook-requests-page and not from inside the game.

  9. i cant see any button for collect on my home screen...i have already finished bronze mastery for 2 of the pigs and have 1 remaining for next level...
    nothing shows up in the checklist..or anywhere..any help??

  10. Hi, just want to ask, after i collected all the prized pig & mastered them to gold, what will i do with my other pending priced pig gifts such as the curly tails & fresh shanks, is it something to be ignored now?? i tried to accept them but nothing happens because i already mastered it.

  11. you can get that picture by clicking on the ? mark to the upper right of the pig collecting box.

  12. Hey Phil, here's the screenshot of all pig prizes you missed. Enjoy! :D