September 21, 2010


WELCOME BACK my friends to the show that never ends...

Colin has been kind enough to allow me to co-author this blog and keep it running. I will strive to match his excellent and informative posts, and trigger discussions about new developments - the good and the bad - in Mafia Wars. So please stay tuned, and spread the word - about the return of regular posts about the game many of us love to hate - but can't do without - as this outstanding blog comes back to life.

This week's posts will discuss the Dublin challenge (a very slight twist on London, Paris, Mumbai, and World Cup); the Armory and its difficulties; and Districts 7 and 8 in Las Vegas.... plus - just when you thought you had your five-star hotel finished - THE FOUNTAIN. Also - some insider hints and tips on making the most of your Daily Chance items, Diamonds, and why some people have LOTS of Mountain Lions, Bollywood Matchbooks, Four of a Kinds, and Saguaros... and others have none.

All coming soon. Plus - if you're in the REAL Las Vegas on October 15 and 16, Zynga is having a live Mafia Wars party, promising lots of goodies (and "swag") for attendees. So... if the game itself hasn't put enough strain on your free time, job, or marriage, why not try for a 2-day weekend swing into Vegas for real?

Thank you and good luck out in Mafia World...

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  1. Hey Phil, thanks for taking up the mantle. Hope you make this as informative a place as it has been in the past.

  2. YAY!! been round here sense the begining. Has always been great info.. Thanx for taking it on and good luck :)

  3. Great!!
    Keep the godd work

  4. best mafia wars guide ever good ur back!!!!!!!