September 24, 2010

Secret Drops and 2x Mastery

In addition to Mystery Bags, we are starting to see Secret Drops in our gift list. These seem to contain a premium item or several new boosts (Adrenaline, Slum Lord, etc.) - you can only accept a certain number per day, and you obtain them from your Mafia (and send them to your Mafia) by doing jobs.
An icon will occasionally pop up allowing you to send a Secret Drop to three random Mafia members. Some Secret Drops contain new types of boosts, others contain Reward Points, Skill Points, and the like. Haven't seen Gold Keys in awhile... but still, Secret Drops are like enhanced Mystery Bags-Plus. Unlike Mystery Bags, however, you can only accept a certain number of Secret Drops per day - sort of like the Super Pignatas.

Also from doing jobs, you will occasionally see a 2x Mastery icon pop up, allowing you to send three random Mafia members this boost (and get it for yourself). Then, as you proceed to to jobs, you earn double mastery. These are especially helpful in Gold and Ruby levels in Vegas (or any city's top tier) when jobs are costing a lot of energy and earning 2% or 3% at a time.

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  1. you can only collect 5 super pignatas a day. So I'm assuming it's the same for secret drops?

  2. Zynga posted an explanation of Super Drops today indicating that you can only open *3* cases (Super Drops) per day....

  3. hy all!1 i just want to say about strategy defeating any boss in las vegas. why all strategies include that u have to go again and farm stunt guns and other weapons when u can do your fight , use all your consumables and after that u can just wait to be defeated , go to new york , heal( wait a bit if you are too fast to heal), go back to boss fight and do it all over again. i read here that people spend their RP on health refill or spend tons of energy on collecting consumables and i ask why?? this method is a bit slow but if u have good stats and good top mafia u can defeat boss in 5-6 time with no spending nothing at all.Justa little patience