September 26, 2010

Would You Buy 2 Skill Points for V$12,715,000?

When I saw the animal that you could purchase in Vegas - the Desert Spider (31/18), I was underwhelmed with its stats. If you're even IN Las Vegas, you hopefully already loaded up on Vipers, Kraits, and Xiamen Tigers in Bangkok, or the purchaseable animals that appeared in Cuba, New York, and Moscow when Animals became a separate category. Same with the Weapons you had to buy in Vegas to do jobs: their stats would rank them in your top 501 items.
Today, I stumbled upon a reason you may want to own two of those items, or at least own them for a few minutes. Mafia Wars has added Achievements here and there with Vegas and I had totally missed two of them that you can literally purchase with Vegas money. At this stage, if you have a 4- or 5-star vault and about $V25,000,000 sitting in it, try this:
Buy 50 Desert Spiders. It will cost you (for now) V$17,500,000. You'll see this screen... well as a screen announcing you have achieved the Arachnophobia Achievement. Do the same with the LAWs (39/20) - buy 100 of them, for V$7,930,000. As soon as you purchase the 100 LAWs, you'll see this screen:
Then, assuming you don't need the Desert Spiders or LAWs as part of your top 501 animals or weapons for attack or defense, sell them back:
After you do that for both items, you'll get back V$12,715,000 - half of what you spent on the 100 LAWs and 50 Desert Spiders. And when you check your Achievements, you will see: well as a 2 Skill Points to allocate. And THAT is how you can turn a net of V$12,715,000 into 2 Skill Points.
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