October 30, 2010

Mystery Shipments + New Italy Village Property

A recent addition to the Free Gift board is the Mystery Shipment, which provides the recipient with a "needed" upgrade part for a Property. The icon on the Free Gift Board is at the upper left:

Sending these to your Mafia, and receiving them back, is a good way to get upgrade parts you need for Italy (as well as, I believe, your Chop Shop, Casino, etc.).

But if you're focusing on Italy, you can obtain the hard-to-find Terracotta Tiles from Mystery Shipments... though I recommend you try this trick first if you really want to load up on the Tiles and the Stone Columns.

I was admittedly confused when I started receiving THIS upgrade part - the DJ - from Mystery Shipments. What property requires a DJ??

Hat tip to "dmon" and an Anonymous commenter, who deduced yesterday that the DJ must be the unique upgrade part (like the Wine Barrel or Football Player) to the Village Property that we HAVEN'T gotten yet - it's circled in red, below, on the picture of the completed Italy Village that Mafia Wars posted just before Italy went live.

As the commenters noted, if the unique part is a DJ, the Property will be a disco or nightclub of some sort. So we can expect this to be a new Village Property when Mafia Wars releases Italy Region 6, Region 7, and Region 8 down the road.

This is reminiscent of how Mafia Wars unveiled the Fountain in the Las Vegas Casino when it released the final Districts in that city.

There is a limit of Mystery Shipments you can receive per day.

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October 28, 2010

Halloween Missions

Just as the Mafia Wars Halloween Loot Event goes live, Mafia Wars has put a Halloween spin on the Social Missions. On your Facebook news feed tonight, you will see posts like this from Mafia members:

Try to get in on these jobs. So far, I have only seen one job - Crash The Mayor's Halloween Party. It requires 5 Mafia members - and it is at the desirable Hard Level for Missions:

The Halloween-themed Loot items for the completed Halloween Mission, at the Rare level, are pretty impressive:

The Uncommon and Common level Loot are all items you've seen before - but since this is a Hard Mission, they also have impressive stats.

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Mafia Wars Halloween Loot Event LIVE

The Mafia Wars Halloween Loot Event went live today. As you do jobs, you will collect various Halloween Loot Items. If you collect all 7 Halloween Loot Items, you earn an "exclusive Halloween item" - which turns out to be an impressive addition to your Animal arsenal (see below)

The seven Loot items are, fittingly, Halloween costumes (these are Armor items).

The reward for collecting all 7 costumes is the Vampire Bat, with combined 101 stats:

With the exception of the Skeleton Costume, the costumes will definitely knock some lower-tier items off of your top-501 Armor list, on both the offense and defense side.

Getting as many as you can this weekend is a fun diversion from scrounging for Terracotta Tiles throughout Italy... or waiting for Mafia Wars Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8 to go live... or for Zynga to fix the bug with the Italy Boss fights where you're up against an opponent with 400,000 health!

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Italy Terracotta Tile & Stone Column Gift Links

(Dec 10 Update - we now have the same links for Private Zoo upgrade parts!)

(Dec 22 Update - everyone who uses these links should also check out THIS POST to see how to get 50+ additional Terracotta Tiles & Stone Columns EVERY DAY!)


Terracotta Tiles are by far the hardest of the four Italy Village parts to come by, with Stone Columns second. The other two - Italian Hardwood and Marble Slabs - you can gift.

As confirmed by numerous readers, the links below will allow you to *GIFT* Terracotta Tiles and Stone Columns to your Mafia members.

When you click on the links below (either one), you will see a screen like this:

And you will think, "Phil is an idiot! I wanted to send TILES and COLUMNS, not a Mystery Bag!"

But click through - the next screen is more promising.

Supposedly, sending this Mystery Bag WILL result in the recipient getting the Tile or Column, despite appearances. The recipient can then return the Tile or Column to you!

You'll need lots of these parts not only to finish your existing Italy Village Properties, but also to finish the disco or nightclub that Mafia Wars seems ready to unveil when Italy Region 6, Region 7, and Region 8 go live.

So try these links:

Update: Looking for Marble Slabs and Italian Hardwood? We've got the same types of links HERE. <<==== CLICK LINK

Hat tip to the Loot Lady for this one.

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Mafia Wars Atlantic City

I had originally posted about Mafia Wars Atlantic City with great enthusiasm, given the promise of two impressive weapons.

Three weeks later, I am still getting this screen when I try to access Mafia Wars' mobile web site (the exclusive location for Atlantic City). The URL is http://m.mafiawars.com/mobileweb

From what I've read, Mafia Wars Atlantic City has some neat features beyond the two weapons. The one that impresses me most is the ability to collect from your Properties when you're not at a computer (or if you're at work and have Facebook blocked).

For those of you who got into Atlantic City or are beta testers for Mafia Wars' mobile web site, send us some postcards and let us know more!

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Italy Gate Loot Flowcharts

Mafia Wars Italy is all about Gate Loot - an item obtained in one job that is required in another job.

The Severed Pinky (obtained and used in Roma) and Rail Ticket (obtained in Palermo, used in Venezia) are simple enough to master. One job drops the Gate Loot, and one other job that requires it.

It's not quite as simple when it comes to finding and using Smart Phones, Cooked Books, and Hidden Charges

These two Gate Loot Flowcharts highlight the jobs that drop - and the jobs that require - Smart Phones, Cooked Books, and Hidden Charges, as you make your way through Milano and Napoli.


The Smart Phone is Gate Loot for FIVE different jobs in Milano and Napoli!

*Smart Phone*


You can get Cooked Books from two separate Milano jobs, and use them to find find Hidden Charges in a Napoli job. The Hidden Charges are then required Gate Loot for two other Napoli jobs.

*Cooked Books + Hidden Charges*

Remember - Mafia Wars Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8 - to be released soon - *may* require some of these five Gate Loot items. Or, as eventually happened in Las Vegas, maybe we'll be able to trade the Gate Loot when the later Regions go live. Either way, it can't hurt to stock up on more than the exact number you need to complete Ruby level in each Region...

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October 27, 2010

Italy Village: The Future

Hat tip to an Anonymous commenter for this post:

The picture below was featured in Mafia Wars' October 20 Game News as a teaser to Italy days before it went live:

If you compare the picture above to my impoverished Village below - still at Level I because I am only upgrading the Port to get the good Italy Loot items - you will see two things:

(1) How the Properties from Roma, Palermo, Venezia, Milano, and Napoli will look at Level X. Look at that Football Stadium! That Fishery! The bustling Port! The proud Villa (as compared to my hut).

(2) One or more additional Village Properties that Mafia Wars will add in Italy Region 6, Region 7, and Region 8... check out the multi-colored "bubble property" on the hill above the Port, and (maybe?) the storefront to the "right" of your Auto Boutique.

Remember, Mafia Wars Las Vegas added a new property to its Casino well after the Las Vegas was live, when it adding the Fountain as Districts 7 and 8 went live. I remember it well - because I had traded away all of my Concrete, Cinder Blocks, etc. and had to scramble to get more.

Anyway, a nice look into the future of Mafia Wars Italy. Thanks again to the poster who pointed this out.

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Mafia Wars Halloween Loot Event

The Mafia Wars Halloween Loot Event is headed our way this weekend. This banner is popping up throughout the game, but no details yet on the event. I will update this post as we learn more.

The Marketplace has 4 new Limited Edition Halloween Items on sale for 35 RPs each; I've included one below. If you are in the habit of spending 35 RPs for these items, you can see and buy all 4 of them in the Marketplace now.

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October 26, 2010

Italy Region 5: NAPOLI

Mafia Wars Italy Region 5 - Napoli has earned the motto "Hidden Charges WILL apply." Napoli is where your "Gate Loot" - explained in the prior posts on Milano and Venezia - really comes together (apart) in a "Gate Loot maze"... that I will clear up below.

There is only one new piece of Gate Loot in Napoli: Hidden Charges:

That part is simple enough. You get a Hidden Charge to drop each time you work on the first job in Napoli, Snag a Lucrative Disposal Contract.

But each time you do the job above, you have to use one of your Cooked Books - a Gate Loot that you earned in Milano. This two-step Gate Loot process was used in Mafia Wars New York with the Concealable Camera from the Enforcer Tier, which you needed to get the Set of Blackmail Photos in the Hitman Tier, which you needed for various other New York jobs.

Napoli is the same way with the Cooked Books and Hidden Charges. But the fun doesn't stop there. You will need the Hidden Charges to do other jobs IN Napoli... and you will need Cooked Books to do job that MAKES the Hidden Charges... and you will need Smart Phones (another Milano Gate Loot item) to do *other* jobs in Napoli.

In fact, 6 of the 10 jobs in Napoli require either a Cooked Book, Smart Phone, or Hidden Charge. And that's why you need to stock up on Cooked Books and Smart Phones in Milano before you get to Silver or Gold level there, and the Energy and Stamina costs skyrocket for each item.

Some one noted that my estimate of needing 1,000 of each Gate Loot item is too high... but remember, Mafia Wars already told us that Italy will have a Region 6... and a Region 7... and a Region 8. While the Hidden Charges, Smart Phones, and Cooked Books *may* later be something you can trade or gift, they are NOT now. Don't chance it.

Solution to the 'Napoli Gate Loot Maze':

(Jobs are designated by (E)nergy Path, (S)ocial Path, or (F)ight Path:

1 Napoli job needs Cooked Books:

-- Snag a Lucrative Disposal Contract (E) (drops Hidden Charges)

2 Napoli jobs need Hidden Charges:

-- Blow Up a Police Station (E)
-- Support Your Local Hooligan Firm (F)

3 Napoli jobs need Smart Phones:

-- Break Out an Incarcertated Lieutenant (E)
-- Link the Camorra to the Police (S)
-- Take Out a Troublesome Caribineri (F)

4 Napoli jobs do NOT require Gate Loot - these are "Safe Jobs":

-- Show a Business Owner Who's In Charge (E)
-- Trash a Rival Camorra Stadium (E)
-- 'Lose' a Waste Cargo At Sea (S)
-- Take on a Camorra Trash Crew (F)

Hopefully, this roadmap helps you in your travels through Napoli. While you may be tempted to do a lot of "Safe Jobs" in Napoli to get the Loot here, read my cautionary tale below...

But first, some good news:

Napoli Village Property: In Napoli, you will build your Football Stadium (it's Italy, so this is what we call "soccer" in America). The unique item for the Football Stadium is the Football Player, which drops regularly from the property job - Trash a Rival Camorra Stadium - this is a "safe" job so no Gate Loot needed.

At Level I, your Football Field looks barely equipped to let grade schoolers play there...

By Level VI, it will look like this, ready for some real matches:

At Level VIII, you move up to:

In time, you will build it with parts and Football Players into a World Cup-worthy stadium by Level X. You can see the finished Football Stadium here.

Also, the Football Stadium has a unique aspect among the Village Properties: you get Football Fans, and your stadium makes more Lira.

You can ask for Fans on your Facebook feed by going into your Stadium, and everytime you respond to one of your Mafia member's Fan request, you get an additional fan.

Napoli Loot: Three of the items in Napoli have combined attack/defense stats of 100 and 95 - impressive. The top item is the Meadow Viper, an Animal with 62 attack points.

*Meadow Viper* (Animal)

*Avanti Tutta* (Vehicle)

*Corpo Armatura* (Armor)

*Cinhiale* (Animal)

*Fenzi Tuorno* (Vehicle)

*Tirapugni* (Weapon)
(formerly called 'Pugno')

*Goshawk* (Animal)
(some readers found this in earlier Regions)

Napoli Boss: Don Enzo Casazza - you see him here with his two henchmen...

...and when you fight him, those two henchmen are at his side.

Don Enzo starts with 700 Health on Bronze level.

The real challenge in this fight is that YOU only have the support of ONE henchman.... so make sure you have your 10/10/10/10 fight consumables ready!

The reward for beating Don Enzo Casazza is an Armor piece - Enzo's Monocle.

At Bronze Level, Enzo's Monocle has 74/104 stats. Completing Napoli-Bronze will also award you this Achievement:

At Silver level, Don Enzo Casazza starts with 4,500 Health (when I actually fought him)... or 6,750 Health (when I first peeked)... consistent with reports of his Health numbers being all over the place.

The Silver-level Enzo's Monocle has consistent 84/121 stats:

At Napoli Gold Boss Fight, Enzo has 14,000 Health along with his two henchmen.

Enzo's Monocle now has 94/138 stats.

*Defeating Don Enzo at Ruby Level*

At Ruby Level, Enzo starts with an intimidating 36,000 Health. You're best served asking for help - or better yet, coordinating with a Mafia member or two when you're about to start this fight, so they can help out. You have 6 hours to defeat the boss, and this one will take a lot of recharging your Health.

How quickly you complete this depends on (i) how many Mafia members you can enlist to help you as you fight; (ii) your Health, Attack, and Defense stats; and (iii) how much Stamina you start the fight with (make sure it is more than 500, to be safe - you use it each time you attack, and each time you return to the fight).

Unless you're Superman, you'll see this screen many times during your fight:

I saw it probably 25 times. No worries. Also - don't do jobs to reload on consumables when you lose. I had a Mafia member help (thank you DF!) and simply followed this pattern to victory, in about 30 minutes:

Step 1. - Get rid of the Henchmen with your Grenades. This took me more than one "life" to do, but they have to go first.

Step 2. - Each time you are crushed, go to New York/Cuba/Moscow to heal. Since you can't heal instantly, do a couple of menial tasks (rob a property, etc.) and heal as soon as you can. DON'T LEAVE MAFIA WARS. Then return to Italy and go right back to the fight with Don Enzo.

Step 3. - Use the best available attack sequences depending on your remaining consumables. With Don Enzo at this level, I found that Health Kits were useless. My attacks were doing about 560 damage apiece, while his did 640. I only have 800 Health, and after the first hit from Don Enzo, I'd have 160 Health and the kit would bring me to maybe 350... still not enough to survive another hit. If you have better Health or Defense, your Health Kits may buy you another round with the Don in one fight.

I used these sequences, in order, going back to Step 2 each time I was beaten:

[1] STUN GUNS: I would get in 4 hits in one "life" by using a Stun Gun/Attack/Attack sequence first, then getting hit by the Boss, then using the same Stun Gun/Attack/Attack sequence. That would take him down about 2,100 Health each time, though I could only do that 5 times with my 10 Stun Guns.

[2] SHIVS: I could get in 2 rounds of Shiv + Attack each "life" once I was out of Stun Guns. That would take him down about 1,800 Health each time, but again, I could only do THIS sequence in 5 "rounds" with the Don.

[3] GRENADES: Same sequence as Shivs, but less damage - and I only had 8 Grenades left after dispatching with the Henchmen - so the Grenade + Attack sequence, twice in each round, did maybe 1,600 damage to the Boss' Health in the 4 times I could do it.

[4] ATTACK! Once the consumables were gone, I just hit Attack, got hit by the Don, hit Attack again, and went back to Step 2. This did about 1,100 Health damage each time and slowly depleted the Boss until....

Enzo's Monocle has 104A/155D at Ruby level... and will replace Bidwell's Suit (from Las Vegas Boss Fight) as your top defensive Armor piece.


So now we await the release of Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8...

Once you've completed Ruby Mastery (including Boss Fights) on Italy Regions 1 through 5, you'll earn the Hail Caesar Achievement. It doesn't matter what order you complete the 5 Regions; I finished Napoli before Milano just to make sure I had enough Smart Phones and Cooked Books.


Mafia Wars Italy is now open for Robbing (Steal From Properties) - (more info if you click the preceding link) you can rob other players' Italian Village Properties. (I recall it took some time before robbing properties opened for Mafia Wars Las Vegas - kudos to Zynga for a much quicker turn around in Italy.)

This is a good way to stockpile Lira, and allows for Targeted Robbing, a topic I addressed in a 3-part series focusing on robbing strategies in Mafia Wars New York and Mafia Wars Bangkok, plus a pointer on the Mafia Wars Stolen Diamond Collection.

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