October 17, 2010

1 Free Mafia Wars Reward Point? Yes. 111 Free RPs? No.

Save yourself some time and do not bother with the 111 Free Reward Points "Promotion" - as with most too-good-to-be true Mafia Wars Reward Point ads, it doesn't work. This is a scam designed to get you to send a script to your Facebook friends.

You don't get any RPs, and comments in the group indicate others had the same experience I did. (If anyone had success getting RPs, let us know!).

There IS, however, an easy way to get ONE free Reward Point, as one of our commentors noted: Watch the Windows Phone video at the bottom of the Mafia Wars - Marketplace screen (nothing to buy, nothing to sign up for, you just have to hit "Like" on the phone and watch a 2-minute video).

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  1. Wish Zynga would weight these new loots more into fights versus individual stats. The team stats are not worth the effort to accumulate because they are set at a 100 to 1 ratio compared with individual att/def stats.

  2. Pretty good Old World bonus to finish up NY, cuba, moscow or Bangkok. Double bonus on top of the mastery. 2x mastery becomes 6x. 3x becomes 9x. Zynga too stupid to say 3x. But they include 3x money bonus so you won't get caught up by money requirements. Might be a good time to collect Baht.

  3. Zynga is trying to get everyone up to Vegas!