October 30, 2010

Mystery Shipments + New Italy Village Property

A recent addition to the Free Gift board is the Mystery Shipment, which provides the recipient with a "needed" upgrade part for a Property. The icon on the Free Gift Board is at the upper left:

Sending these to your Mafia, and receiving them back, is a good way to get upgrade parts you need for Italy (as well as, I believe, your Chop Shop, Casino, etc.).

But if you're focusing on Italy, you can obtain the hard-to-find Terracotta Tiles from Mystery Shipments... though I recommend you try this trick first if you really want to load up on the Tiles and the Stone Columns.

I was admittedly confused when I started receiving THIS upgrade part - the DJ - from Mystery Shipments. What property requires a DJ??

Hat tip to "dmon" and an Anonymous commenter, who deduced yesterday that the DJ must be the unique upgrade part (like the Wine Barrel or Football Player) to the Village Property that we HAVEN'T gotten yet - it's circled in red, below, on the picture of the completed Italy Village that Mafia Wars posted just before Italy went live.

As the commenters noted, if the unique part is a DJ, the Property will be a disco or nightclub of some sort. So we can expect this to be a new Village Property when Mafia Wars releases Italy Region 6, Region 7, and Region 8 down the road.

This is reminiscent of how Mafia Wars unveiled the Fountain in the Las Vegas Casino when it released the final Districts in that city.

There is a limit of Mystery Shipments you can receive per day.

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  1. Has any one else noticed how loot drops in vegas have completely dried up...

  2. There is also a cruise ship in their photo and an additional building between the winery and the car dealership. A couple additional awnings on the front of buildings too but not sure that means anything.

  3. Bosses and loot drops suddenly started sucking terribly in these last few days.

  4. hy!
    Can u please do some overview on boss fights in Italy!! i have read all around that is quite impossible to beat them as of their enormously big health. It will be very good to have your strategies cause you helped me so much with Vegas bosses.
    Thx :)
    and regarding post above yes, Las Vegas loot drop has dried up completely! I wanted to finish Vegas ( i have D7 and D8 fight jobs to finish on ruby for mastering all) and i thought ok i will stay a bit longer there doing fight jobs and farming loots in D8 but nothing. In past week i have spent like 20000 energy on farming and i got maybe 10 things all together. Lol

  5. I noticed loot drops have gone to nothing now in the last few days. I'm probably going back to level up in the old countries.

  6. Well it almost dried up and i only found a couple of parts in level 5... but off course.. not the one your really need and want..drops..

    I don't like these recent choices regarding trading. I strongly believe in trading and rewarding sending (like with special parts).

    In my humble opinion we should be able to trade everything except Boss weapons, purchased GF weapons and Special Event weapons.

  7. Am I the only one not getting fight XP from being attacked and winning these attacks? I get them if I attack someone and win, but not the reverse.

  8. I've been using the links above to send out Terrocotta Tile and Stone Columns, but it seems that when my mafia return the favor, I get Mystery Bags back instead instead of tiles or columns. Anyone else notice this?