October 2, 2010

Declare War!

Today, Mafia Wars unveiled the new Declare War feature, which offers some nice loot and a new Achievement.

You can Declare War if you see this banner...

...or by clicking on Fight menu and clicking the section with the yellow star below:

Once you've declared war - or if you see that war has been declared against you, rally your Mafia to help you, with a call for help on your news feed:

You need 7 of your Mafia members to win a fight against your opponent to win the war.

Each time you win a war, you will obtain TWO of the 16 War Rewards - loot items of increasing value (you might get two of the same Reward thought). The final four of these are better than anything in Vegas District 8.

Once you obtain all 16 of the War Rewards, you will also earn the Warlord Achievement (and a Skill Point).

Another nice addition to the game in what seems like an unprecedented week of Mafia Wars developments...

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  1. Seems like I've been getting 2 items per war win.

  2. To bad we can't war with someone that war with us. There is no alert when someone declares war on you. There seems to be a lot of work needed on this feature.

  3. When someone declared war on you, there is a Red (if i remember correctly) colour War Declared alert on the MW home tab and you are informed on the player update and there is an email alert too. The hassle is how to call for help if someone declared war on you. Someone declared war on me yesterday and my option was to post my wishlist which will take time for my mafia to help and will certainly lose if the other side is well supported.

  4. They introduced some more Warlord levels but i'm still stuck in the first one because i don't get Contender and Galapagos Hawk.

    Is it only by luck or do i have to win wars against other players with a bigger mafia? (bigger mafia = better loot?)