October 11, 2010

Diamonds Are Forever (Targeted Robbing, Pt 2)

If you made it through Part 1 of the Targeted Robbing series ("I Love New York"), this shorter installment will provide both a cautionary tale *and* a crucial strategy tip to help you use Target Robbing NOT ONLY to rack up Armor Parts and Weapons Parts, BUT ALSO to maximize the benefit you get from your daily Energy Pack.


Shortly before the mid-70s 'I Love New York campaign ad' rolled out, with its unforgettably cheesy music, the 7th James Bond film was released (also with a certain amount of camp... it WAS the 70s, after all):

Personally, I was a Roger Moore fan - probably because I was still in diapers when this movie was released. But back to Mafia Wars...

Part 2 of the Targeted Robbing series highlights something you CANNOT accomplish with this strategy, whether in New York, Bangkok, or even in future Italy - and that is, finish this premium Mafia Wars collection:

Targeted Robbing will NOT get you any closer to completing the Diamond Collection.Diamonds only drop when you finish robbing all 9 properties on the main Rob From Properties board. While you don't need to go 9-0 to get a Diamond, they are an exceedingly rare board completion loot (and some - like the Regent - are rarer than others).

Targeted Robbing & Energy Packs: A Strategy Tip: Remembering that Targeted Robbing gives you a very low Stamina:XP ratio, Targeted Robbing is probably best done just BEFORE you are about to use an Energy Pack - when you are 3,000 XP shy of the next level, and want to use your remaining 800 Stamina - but not so much so that you come in just a few hundred XP shy of leveling up after using your Energy Pack.

Targeted Robbing makes your leveling strategy more efficient: If you use your remaining Stamina on Targeted Robbing just *before* you use your daily Energy Pack, the Stamina:XP works in your favor, because you will get to use that much MORE Energy from your energy pack on jobs BEFORE you level up again and replenish your Energy (and Stamina) anew.

Up next: Targeted Robbing in Bangkok...

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  1. Are you sure the Boar is available from Level 4? It has it has to be Level 5 from where I'm lookin'