October 2, 2010

Dublin: Chapter 3, and a Lesson in Irish Politics

Challenge Mission: Dublin's third and final chapter is live. It's called "Elect Me, I'm Irish" and shows the story line of the entire mission leads to replacing the Prime Minister (more on this point below...).

There are four jobs - the first of which provides 8% completion each time donw. For completing each job, you get a powerful Irish draft horse - the Dreacht Capall - with (67/111) stats.

The Dreacht Capall should become your most powerful defensive Animal (see below) - and there are 4 to earn here!

And now for that promised Saturday morning lesson in word politics (NERD ALERT!)

Dublin is in the Republic of Ireland, a nation led by a President, not a Prime Minister. Northern Ireland, a separate Irish province, is part of the United Kingdom, which is led a Prime Minister (e.g., Margaret Thatcher).

Dublin is not in Northern Ireland. So... robbing banks and running TV ads in Dublin to replace the Prime Minister? Probably not.

But this is Mafia Wars, not World Government 101 - and Challenge Mission: Dublin sure earned players some nice loot.

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  1. Has anybody else noticed that it has been 24 hours and last weeks daily chance winning numbers are still not announced?

  2. hi, im afraid to inform you mafia wars has it right about irish politics.
    the republic of ireland is lead by a Taoiseach (which is the irish word for prime minister) the president of is largely a ceremonial office

  3. Curse the quicker pedants, but yeah. The Taoiseach (tea-SHOCK) is the ROI PM.

    Which is not to say that MW has got everything right. If the examples of Charles Haughey and (to a lesser extent) Bertie Ahern are anything to go by then simply implicating a Taoiseach in corruption, bribery and other shenanigans isn't nearly enough to bring them down...