October 3, 2010

The Eye of the (Xiamen) Tiger

If you're looking for a quick boost in your defense stats, AND you've fully completed Bangkok, you may have literally THOUSANDS of Defense points available to you right now.

The key is the Xiamen Tiger, available only in the Bangkok Faction Store. The Xiamen Tiger has a 52-defense and is the strongest defensive animal that you can buy. More likely than not, each Xiamen Tiger you add will increase your defensive stats by 20 or more points.

But... at B$550,000 each, the Xiamen Tiger is expensive. I've been collecting on Bangkok properties and buying one each time I get enough Baht.

Today I took a different approach.

Remember that Bangkok was initially unique in that the weapons, armor, and vehicles you needed for each Episode were used ONLY in that episode. Hence, except for the ability to buy more Satellite Phones, many players wisely sold their inventory from completed Episodes to free up money for purchases in new Episodes.

Leave yourself ONE job to do in Bangkok on the off chance you need to make some Baht in a hurry. You'll see here I left myself the ability to do the job that gets the Titanium Katar weapon, a 50-defense item. The rest of your Bangkok inventory should be SOLD.

You may free up millions and millions of Baht - especially when selling items from the later Episodes - to buy Xiamen Tigers. I sold ONLY items from Episode 7 today and bought nearly 40 Xiamen Tigers - and took my defense up almost 1,000 points in the process.

Just make sure to leave yourself ONE job you can do in Bangkok (preferably one with a loot drop)... you never know when Mafia Wars brings something back that you thought was done forever (anyone feverishly collecting Gun Drills and Car Lifts this week??)

Give it a try!
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  1. same strategy here...is the wisest letting katars avalaible cause is the better balance item and still with high value...another option is forest scorpions before Diamondback was into the game cause you spend your 5k drugs and requires less energy. but now i think is the best option katars..also you can rob if you have full pool stamina only gambling den to down 15 stamina to 4 those for jobs gives you B$ and utilize your free burners only on gambling den ive got 19,000 and not doing the 20 and 25 stamina jobs at least u want black market and hyper alert for fights, but forget the pirates and drug robbing save that 40 stamina. i have a question why you said the better option for robbing is new york???

  2. Stayed tuned for the "I Love New York" post coming soon, on why New York is my favorite city for robbing - but I agree with you about robbing in Bangkok - I didn't even rob Gambling Dens on regular boards - I would find a low level player on a board, and just rob his Gambling Den over and over for B$9,500 a time - with 1,000 Stamina points, you can get 2 nearly Xiamen Tigers that way - this type of robbing also to be discussed in a future post. Thanks for reading!

  3. Another idea: Check how many Yakuza assassins you still need ... I was able to sell > 100 of them and to aquire Tigers with the Baht.

  4. to tell you the truth I was planning on doing the same thing, but found out that I can make a ton of money in Bangkok by just fighting there and just buy tigers with that money. I make around 5 million bahts per levelup spending 2000+ stamina fighting in Bangkok and buy 10 tigers with it. I am sitting at 115 tigers and now each one only gives me +4 defense cause I pilled up on Rhinoceros from fighting loot, which has 54 defense. So yeah, my suggestion, just fight in Bangkok and you are golden

  5. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  6. Agree with the fighting. Over the last 790 fights, I've made B264,000 for more than $320/stamina point. The best job in Bangkok gives about $63/energy. (And the Katar job only gets you $51/energy.)

    The downside? Fighting.

    I haven't finished Bangkok yet, but I'm at 39 tigers (and 196 rhinos).

    Either way, it's slow going. I need 259 more tigers (or better) to max out the defense I can buy. That's $142 million baht! Or, 445,000 fights at $320/stamina.

    So, with jobs, I'll need to fill up 827 times to max out my tigers. With fighting, I only need to fill up 294 times.

  7. Do victory coins get awarded for fighting in Bangkok ? I would very much like to fight there to get the bahts but have not got the last two fighting achievements yet so is still finishing my stamina in Vegas

  8. Yep, victory points drop from fighting no matter the city.

  9. In case this is helpful it took me about 800k fight wins to max out all the fight loots.