October 11, 2010

Fight Club: The Daily Boar

While my initial Mafia Wars Hall of Shame post targeted Fight Club as a broken program, I have found a very good use for it. Unlike the Loyalty Program, which debuted improved rewards *after* the Hall of Shame Post, the Fight Club already had this benefit -- I should've looked harder before I criticized.

Now, Fight Club has gone from a daily bore to... home of the Daily Boar.

The daily Wild Boar, that is:

The Wild Boar is sitting quietly as an available reward at Fight Club Level 4, for 200 Victory Coins apiece. With its (43/43) stats, it eluded me in my initial review because my top 501 Weapons, Vehicles, and Armors have over 43 attack and defense.

But Animals are a different question - and if you're still using the 30-defense Riding Elephant in your top 501, or haven't gotten enough Chain Vipers, the Wild Boar is may be a nice upgrade for you on attack AND defense.

Once you hit Level 4, you'll have well in excess of the 200 Victory Coins to buy a Wild Boar:

Once I discovered the Daily Boar, and counted my 4,000+ Victory Coins as I advanced through Level 3 of Fight Club, I figured I'd purchase 20 Wild Boars the second I hit Level 4, and watch my Animal defense stats soar.

Not so fast: You can only purchase one Wild Boar every 8 hours - so pretty much twice a day unless you time it perfectly:

Fight Club doesn't feature another high-stat animal again until Level 11 - the Red Back Spider (33, 53):

At 500 Victory Coins a pop, and only one defense point ahead of the Xiamen Tiger, the Red Back Spider is hardly worth the wait. But if you're fighting anyway (and if you're fighting, you should be fighting in Bangkok... later post... ) your Fight Club level will increase anyway.

At Level 19 of Fight Club, another high-stat Animal awaits your arrival (literally and figuratively):

Just as the Red Back Spider barely edges the Xiamen Tiger, the Nile Crocodile is only one attack point higher - and many defense points lower - than the Diamondback (56, 48), available as drop Loot in Las Vegas Districts 6 and 7.

So the Wild Boar may be the best reward on Fight Club, in terms of a level that you can readily attain, and costing few enough Victory Coins that you can amass 20-40 of them quickly. Best of all, the Wild Board is 6 points **better** than the best defense-stats Animal available through your Wishlist (the Forest Scorpion) and only 3 attack points behind its Wishlist: Elite Eight counterpart, the Chain Viper.

While the Animals from Las Vegas District 6, 7, and 8 are superior to the Wild Boar - as are the Animals from the new Missions - and while Italy will likely reveal even better Animals - the Wild Boar has made Fight Club something worth fighting for.

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  1. Phil,

    I must say, I am quite happy with the tips and strategies you have proposed so far. I happened across the robbing strategies awhile back but had to ease back in order to finish Vegas. The Boar I missed somehow.. and I know I thought to ask at one point and completely forgot about it.

  2. Anyone know how to get the 2 job loots (rotini and spaghetti) from the new Silence the don romo? Any particular city, e.g. NY? I can't seem to get them via jobs.