October 2, 2010

Governor Halloran: Recall Election

Playing my President (Franklin) Roosevelt to Governor Halloran, today I went for the fourth campaign/election/some failing political analogy.... OK, today I took on Governor Halloran at Ruby Level.
He starts with 20,000 health this time.

Shivs were doing 270 damage and Grenades about 190. So, just from using my 10 Grenades and 10 Shivs, I had Halloran down 25% from his starting health. This was going to be too easy!

But this was far from a blowout fight. My Stun Guns were not as helpful as before. They only gave me one free shot at Halloran, instead of two, and each attack of mine only did slighly more than 400 damage.


By contrast, my henchmen again went down whenever Halloran sneezed, and my 600 Health points were wiped away any time Halloran hit me directly. So Health Kits were essentially useless here.

Still, after using the 10 Stun Guns, and recharging a *number* of times, the end was near:

And at last, Governor Halloran has been recalled from office.

You get a nice 2,200 XP bump and the Ruby level Hallorans Helicopter has impressive (120/190) stats.

Some commentors have correctly noted that there is no reason to use your Stun Guns, Shivs, or Grenades since you can simply go to Moscow or Cuba and recharge your health with the otherwise-useless currency there. That begs the question of what exactly one WOULD use the Stun Guns and other Boss consumables for...

Either way, once you're done with Governor Halloran at Ruby level, and assuming you've gone through the Las Vegas Distrcits in order, you're all out of Bosses. For now...

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  1. If anyone has high enough health, the stun guns and health kit are useful!

  2. The boss items are for bosses with minions...
    Like that scientist in area 51.

  3. Exactly what 4tran has said..
    I just completed the Ruby level for Halloran also and found it to be rather easy. Without minions, the bosses are easy to pick off.

  4. "That begs the question of what exactly one WOULD use the Stun Guns and other Boss consumables for..."

    are you kidding me? there are two types of bosses:

    the ones that have a lot of health you just kill by healing in a cheap town (Trieste, The Senator, Chief of Security)


    the other bosses with helpers (like Jackson) - in order to get a proper hit on the boss, you have to put out the helpers first - and they reheal every time you time you die (at least on my account they do...) so you need to be able to get as many hits on the boss as you can, after taking out his entourage, and therefore stun guns are quite useful - I agree that the health kit is useless in boss fights and grenades provide little damage but the other consumables are pretty helpful :)

  5. i think that i was commentated that you dnt need stunt guns and that but i thought you use them all when u have it but for me it's useless to spend tons of energy to collect them again when u can heel and come back :)

  6. and by the way this is the best Mafia Wars guide that i have ever read on net. weld one moderator !!!!