October 11, 2010

I Love New York (Targeted Robbing, Pt 1)

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I like New York better than any other city for robbing. Tonight I will unveil why, in the context of a 3-part series about Targeted Robbing - an option in Mafia Wars to rob the Properties of one individual, rather than the general properties thrown up on the screen for you when you click Robbing (Steal From Properties).

If this technique does not sound familiar, I encourage you to read this somewhat lengthy post (and the two shorter posts that will follow). Targeted Robbing will improve your stats, Loot, efficiency, and leveling strategy.

I Love New York - an obscure ad campaign from the late 1970s - is back with a bang in terms of Mafia Wars robbing because only in New York can you obtain extra Armor Parts and Weapons Parts (and Car Parts) for your Armory, Weapons Depot, and Chop Shop. With the new levels of each, you can't afford to build top items just on the amounts you get each day from your Property.


One way to do that in New York is just to rob entire boards (getting the occasional Armory, Weapons Depot, or Chop Shop - and using a Burner if you fail), or robbing just those Properties and spending the 7, 8, or 9 Stamina points to get to the next Board once there are no Armories, Chop Shops, or Weapons Depots left to rob:

A more effective way - in some respects - is Targeted Robbing. Many players already know of and use the Targeted Robbing strategy to amass hundreds of extra Weapons Parts and Armor Parts without blowing through hundreds of Stamina points looking for the right Property. Read on if you don't know this trick...

SETTING UP FOR TARGETED ROBBING: On the main Robbing/Properties screen, you are looking for an Armory or Weapons Depot at EASY level. On the board below, there is an EASY level Armory in the upper right:

Click ROB and see how you fare:

If you rob that property successfully, AND notice a large disparity in your attack score versus the property owner's defense (above, it's about 18,000 to 11,000), OR see that the player is many levels beneath you (the one above is Level 608; I am about 1,300) - it's a good sign that Targeted Robbing MAY work here.

Why? Because (1) the Property itself is likely ready to be robbed, since it's up there on the main Robbing/Properties screen; (2) even if you both have 501 Mafia members, you are *likely* to beat a player of a much lower level, just like you would in a fight; and therefore (3) you have a good chance (NOT a guarantee) of winning successive robberies of the same property.

(Note: if a robbing attack or defense boost was used, put your mouse over the player's picture to see what level he or she is).

HOW TO START TARGETED ROBBING: Click on the player's name or picture in the square above of the Property you robbed. That will bring up the enemy's Wishlist... and a ROB option:

Once you click Rob, you will see this individual player's Properties - and you will learn which ones you can rob. The phrase "Targeted Robbing" is shorthand for robbing ONE PLAYER'S properties, rather than robbing whatever properties are thrown up on the 9-part Board you initially get under Robbing (Steal From Properties).

The most important thing about Targeted Robbing is knowing WHICH Properties you can rob. Unlike the main Robbing/Steal from Properties board, where all 9 properties are eligible to be robbed, the same is not true in Targeted Robbing.

RULE: You can only rob those properties that have a colored bar under them. If you see a red timer (or police tape), you cannot rob that property now. In the board below, you could NOT rob the Pawnshop or Tenement (timer) or the Armory (police tape). You CAN rob every other property.

If you keep robbing the Weapons Depot and hitting Refresh each time, you will compile a bunch of Weapons Parts at 11 Stamina apiece. No need to waste stamina going to new boards looking for new Weapons Depots (or Armories). Once you've found an easy Armory or Weapons Depot, the Targeted Robbing lets you focus your Stamina on robbing that property for as many parts as are available.

The meter will go from blue to green to yellow to red as you deplete the property of its parts:

Once you've fully robbed the property, you will see the police tape:

At that point, you can click your main Fight button, go back to Robbing (Steal From Properties) and search out another victim for some Targeted Robbing.

Remember the rule that you CANNOT rob Properties with timers or police tape under them. Why? In the first instance, the timer means that the Property has not created its cash/part such that the owner of the Property himself can collect it. If I have a Property that I can't collect from for another 8 hours, you can't rob that Property UNTIL THAT TIME IS UP AND I HAVE LEFT IT FULL AND UNCOLLECTED.

(This is a good, recent change - it used to be you could do Targeted Robbing on ANY Property to some degree, which was frustrating if you owned that Property - as you watched it being robbed BEFORE you could even get your goods out of it).

As for police tape, you can't rob that property because... it's already been robbed. So in the board below, only ONE of the 12 Properties can be robbed: the Dockyard.

The proof is in the pudding. If you click Rob on all 12 properties, this is what you'll see:

It doesn't cost you any Stamina to click on a Property that has a timer - you'll just get the police tape.


(1) You can't use Burners when your robbery fails in Targeted Robbing. If you are losing a high percentage of robberies on a given Property, pick a new target from the main screen.

(2) Targeted Robbing has a VERY low Stamina:XP ratio. For Armories, you will use 15 Stamina to get 19 or 20 XP (as opposed to the main board, where you might get 35 XP). For Weapons Depots, you will use 10 Stamina to get 11 or 12 XP, rather than the 25 or so on the main board.

(3) Chop Shops are not ideal for Targeted Robbing. On the main Robbing (Steal from Properties) board, you will get between 1 and 5 Car Parts for your 10 Stamina Points, and 20 - 25 XP. In Targeted Robbing, you will likely get 1 Car Part... and the much lower XP ratio.


But you can gain a WEALTH of Weapons Parts and Armory Parts this way, while spending less Stamina flipping through the main boards looking for an Easy Armory or Weapons Depot.


Some readers are likely asking, "Why isn't Bangkok better for Targeted Robbing, since you can get endless Baht there, to spend in the Faction Store?" This topic is addressed in Part 3 of the Targeted Robbing series.

Stay tuned...

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  1. Thanks for the share!! Very appreciative.

  2. Is targeted robbing broken? When I click on a person's specific chop shop's Rob button now, the result never comes back. The chop shop window is black, and if I mouse over the area where the Rob button used to be, the pointer changes shape as if there is something still there to click on.

  3. nice mate!!!Thanks!