October 28, 2010

Italy Gate Loot Flowcharts

Mafia Wars Italy is all about Gate Loot - an item obtained in one job that is required in another job.

The Severed Pinky (obtained and used in Roma) and Rail Ticket (obtained in Palermo, used in Venezia) are simple enough to master. One job drops the Gate Loot, and one other job that requires it.

It's not quite as simple when it comes to finding and using Smart Phones, Cooked Books, and Hidden Charges

These two Gate Loot Flowcharts highlight the jobs that drop - and the jobs that require - Smart Phones, Cooked Books, and Hidden Charges, as you make your way through Milano and Napoli.


The Smart Phone is Gate Loot for FIVE different jobs in Milano and Napoli!

*Smart Phone*


You can get Cooked Books from two separate Milano jobs, and use them to find find Hidden Charges in a Napoli job. The Hidden Charges are then required Gate Loot for two other Napoli jobs.

*Cooked Books + Hidden Charges*

Remember - Mafia Wars Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8 - to be released soon - *may* require some of these five Gate Loot items. Or, as eventually happened in Las Vegas, maybe we'll be able to trade the Gate Loot when the later Regions go live. Either way, it can't hurt to stock up on more than the exact number you need to complete Ruby level in each Region...

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  1. so how many do we need.. in estimate.. you left out the most important part of this post.

  2. An answer to the previous comment, and might help if you add this bro.


    Scroll down to Consumables, it gives you the exact number of them needed to complete, you will need to work out on the Cooked Books though cause they are a chain gate loot, others are pretty straight forward.

    Hope it helps. Cheers!

  3. As far a staying at bronze or advancing to ruby goes, here is what I am considering doing...

    It sounds like Region 3 is a good one to finish all the way first, since it does not drop any gate loot.

    Once you know you won't need more rail tickets, you can go ahead and completely master Region 2. Personally I will still hang on to a few in case I need them later.

    I would still hold off on advancing Region 1, once they fix the villa parts drop, it may still be beneficial to do low energy jobs on an energy pack to maximize drops.

    Regions 4 and 5 I am still unsure if I should pursue ruby, I'll wait and see how things play out by the time I master ruby on Regions 2 and 3, and possibly 1.

    At least this gives you a chance to keep doing jobs and getting a few more skill points, rather than repeating the same old jobs with no benefit.

    Any thoughts?


  4. I agree with region 3 Mario, I am on the way to complete it as well. Region 2 I have completed ruby except for the boss. He is hard as! 36k health and two henchmen that i need 7 attacks to kill. No way to complete this one unless they change something...

    Region 1 I already completed all the way, but yeah it would be good to have the low energy jobs to get Villa parts, but im not so worried about that one... only worrying about the port and its already level 9 for me so pretty satisfied on that part.

    Region 4 i'm on silver and will stay that way until they release 6, 7 & 8 regions. Region 5 I am on bronze and will stay that way.