October 21, 2010

Italy Region 1: ROMA

Roma is a breeze at Bronze level. Jobs run between 4 and 18 Energy per click, with quick mastery. You will collect a bunch of Skill Points in a hurry in Roma.

Lira are plentiful - not like finding Baht in Bangkok was. You can also send, and ask for, a Satchel of Lira in the Free Gift section. You should have no problem buying the Italy -Inventory items you'll need to do the jobs.

Roma Loot: So far, I've found 5 Roma loot items dropping from jobs...

*Arma di Ordinanza* (Weapon)

*Tradire* (Vehicle)

*Scutum* (Armor)

*Asino* (Animal)

*Vachelli CP* (Weapon)
I did not see this until ROMA Ruby Level

Italian Loot CANNOT be gifted or put on your Wishlist (yet...). I sense the Wishlist Police left Las Vegas and flew to Italy.


Roma Property: The Villa

Italy Regions 1 through 5 give you access to a Property in your Village. In Roma, you will get your Villa. At first, it will look like a hut. When it's complete - 10 levels here, instead of the 5 from Las Vegas - it will look like this, as part of the completed Italy Village.

That's a long ways off, so here's something to look forward to in terms of upscale living. Midway through your upgrading, your Villa will look like this:

When you finally upgrade your Villa to Level X (get it? Roman numerals!), you will own this palatial estate...

...and earn the Meditterranean Maestro Achievement and one Skill Point.

You upgrade your Villa, and other Village Properies, as you did with your Las Vegas Casino: with upgrade parts.

Each Italy Village Property requires increasing quantities four upgrade parts (Marble Slabs, Hardwood, Columns, Tiles), plus a part unique to that property, to upgrade. For the Villa, the unique upgrade parts are Volcanic Bricks, which drop from Roma jobs on both the Energy and Fight paths.

Italy upgrade parts are NOT able to be traded on your Wish List, though Marble Slabs and Italian Hardwood can be sent and received as Free Gifts. The Stone Columns and Terracotta Tiles are harder to come by... until you use this trick.


Roma "Gate Loot": The Severed Pinky

Like Las Vegas, certain Italy jobs drop items that are needed to do later jobs. In Roma, one job drops a Severed Pinky, which is required "Gate Loot" to do a later job. The Severed Pinky is like the Alarm Code, Security Key, and Hot Tip from Vegas.

The Severed Pinky -cannot be traded, gifted, or Wishlisted.

You may recall my advice in Las Vegas Districts 7 and 8 - where the loot started getting top-notch, NOT to complete the Silver/Gold/Ruby levels, but instead to do jobs over and over again at low Energy costs to stock up on the top loot. (I quickly ignored my own advice and have regretted it ever since).

While I intend to use that strategy in Italy, Roma is not a Region worth staying at Bronze level - there is very little of use here in the way of drop loot. For that same reason - since Region 2 (Palermo) opens up as soon as you complete Roma, it's also not worth GOING to Silver, Gold, and Ruby levels in Roma yet! The only advantage is better stats in the Boss Fight item.


Roma Boss: Don Antonio Di Rossi

Each Italy Region ends with a Boss Fight, which gets harder as you go from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Ruby levels. In Roma, the boss is Don Antionio Di Rossi

In Roma-Bronze, Boss DiRossa/DiRossi (his name changes from one screen to the next) has 300 heath, and is aided by two henchmen.

This fight took four attacks and no consumables. The henchmen each died with one attack, and the Boss was down in two.

The Boss Fight loot item in ROMA is DiRossi's Shotgun, a Weapon with respectable 75/51 stats at Bronze Level.

Di Rossi's health, and the Shotgun's stats, each increase on successive levels in ROMA. But all four Boss Fights are relatively easy:

ROMA - Gold Level

ROMA - Ruby Level


Severed Pinkies and Volcanic Bricks: On Roma-Silver level, you can still get complete the jobs to get Volcanic Bricks for 5 Energy points, and the Severed Pinky for 19. When you get to Silver, it may well be worth stocking up on hundreds of Volcanic Bricks (so you can max out your Villa) and thousands of Severed Pinkies (you'll need them in all four levels of Palermo).

Fortunately, on Roma's Silver Level you can do the jobs in any order. (This is true in all 5 Regions, and presumably on Gold and Ruby as well).

This is especially helpful since you can go right to the Severed Pinky job on Silver without completing all of the jobs that come before it on the path.

You will truly see how useful this is in later Regions in Italy. But for now...

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  1. As far as i understand you don't have to finish both the fight and the energy path. You can go for the one that suits you better and will be able play the next stage anyways.

  2. Stay bronze to stockpile consumables needed for the next levels.especially in D4.

  3. agree with Renan. don't move on to D5 immediately. stockpile on Smart Phones and Cooked Books in D4. Especially Cooked Books as you need those to get the Gate Loot for D5!

  4. General Italy thoughts:
    * The energy:XP ratios in Italy are horrendous. I play an energy account, have well over 10,000 energy, and can't move up even one level from Italy jobs.
    * The bosses are pushovers, quite a switch from Vegas.
    * The drop rate on "good" loot (loot that surpasses the best Vegas loot" available in Napoli isn't good, and many of the Napoli jobs require loot to complete, meaning you'll need to do TWO poor energy:XP jobs to get a shot a premium loot item. It's out there, but good luck getting it.
    * The ability to purchase a loot item from the Fishery at every level (achieved, it looks like, when every property in the village is upgraded to a particular level) is a nice addition.

  5. Ahhhh.

    You can now gift up to multiples of 5. It's about damn time.

  6. I also noted that you do not have to finish both fight and energy legs to move on, in fact I was given a warning that if I did the boss fight, I would not be able to finish them. Other than cheap consumables, is there any reason that I would want to wait around to finish mastery of each job before moving on?

  7. The only reason to finish every job is for the stat points.

  8. has anyone done atlantic city? which is better: atlantic city or italy? or should i try to do both?

  9. 107 Attack 69 Defense at ruby first italy mission

  10. palermo horse: att deff
    Bronze Mastery: 55 82
    Silver Mastery: 64 95
    Gold Mastery: 73 108
    Ruby Mastery: 82 121

    venezi cane sword:
    Bronze Mastery: 48 88
    Silver Mastery: 56 103
    Gold Mastery: 64 118
    Ruby Mastery: 72 133

    milano gazzeti:
    Bronze Mastery: 96 71
    Silver Mastery: - -
    Gold Mastery: 133 89
    Ruby Mastery: 148 98

    napoli moncole
    Bronze Mastery: 74 104
    Silver Mastery: 84 121
    Gold Mastery: 94 138
    Ruby Mastery: 104 155

    just in case peeps wanted to know what italy has in store for them hope that helps :)

  11. Multiple gifting is in, and it's even better than the above anonymous poster mentioned. I was able to gift 50 hot tips at a time!

  12. Just a word to you guys who are aiming to blast through Regions 4 and 5; it's a good idea to wait in Region 4's mastery levels and collect cooked books and smart phones. Smart phones are used in at least 3 jobs (may be even more later when they put more regions in), and cooked books are the foundation of a two-tier consumable loot chain, much like how concealable cameras were with blackmail photos. Also, the cooked book job is a social one, and therefore it will be extremely costly, energy-wise, when you need more cooked books later on. Hope this helps!
    Haven't seen much of any great loot other than the Meadow viper (62/37 animal) in Region 5.

  13. Re: Atlantic City vs. Italy. I would recommend Italy for a number of reasons, including a lot more going on, better loots, properties, achievements, etc. AC will give you skill pts at a poor XP/energy ratio. The mastery reward for chapters 1 and 2 are not as good as Italy.

    I would also recommend checking into AC once per day to get the daily bonus. You don't need to do anything else afterwards.

  14. i am very anxious for THE FINAL 4. :]

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  17. I've finished up to region 3 and don't know what to do next, so I'm constantly collecting smart phones and cooked books. Should I continue this until the other regions appear?

  18. To two Anonymous posts above:

    October 22 9:33 PM - check out http://www.the-mafia-wars-guide.com/2010/10/wishlist-loot-final-four.html

    October 23 10:44 PM - as a preview to the next 3 days' posts on Venezia, Milano, and Napoli, collect as MANY Cooked Books and Smart Phones as you can (you will need - literally - thousands of each) as well as Hidden Charges. All the better if you collect them before you defeat the first Boss in those Regions. This is true for Severed Pinkies and Rail Tickets in the early Regions, as well as all Property upgrade parts (Volcanic Bricks, Wine Barrels, Fishing Nets, Motor Oils, and Football Players) - stock up while the energy/stamina costs are cheap!

  19. Working on Mafia Wars Italy 2 right now with working on Italy 1 Silver Mastery. I did both job sides due to the experience factor for Roma.

  20. Has anyone else fought the boss at silver level? I am SHOCKED that his health jumps to 112,000 from 300 (at bronze level). With two henchmen, and only a day and a half to beat him, it will be impossible.

  21. what the hell did happened there?you cna't even touch that boss..only the grenades will do some little har..and the henchmen...this is more like it will take another couple weeks for zynga to realise that is something impposible

  22. Boss at Bronze level has 45000. Can't even get past the henchmen to get to the boss. Not the easier 300 I was expecting.

  23. how can we pass this boss? Even with 10/10/10/10, The boss barely has a scratch!It is mission impossible!

  24. any idea how we win the boss

  25. Roma ruby level boss health 30,000- I dont know is it a glitch or what but i fight first round with not all consumables and my health is 310 only. I got defeated and went to my other account to help me a bit and when i start fighting on second account boss health went down at 5 000 before i even began. Lol after that was easy finishing him in 2-3 rounds ( i just heel in Ny and come back). so maybe it will work for other this way too.
    But i think is a pure luck ( and only grenades work for boss and henchmen).

  26. i dont know how u have problems with boss in Roma. First 3 mastery levels i just went through in 1 hour i think ( i have A & D about 88,000 and health 310 only. I didnt have all consumables all the time available, cause i didnt farm them after using and on ruby level boss health was 30,000 not 45,000 but the same. Its possible like it was at ruby level Vegas district 7.