October 24, 2010

Italy Region 2: PALERMO

Like Roma before it, Italy Region 2 - Palermo - is a breeze to go through at Bronze Level.

Complete the second job on the Energy Path and you will obtain your next Village Property, the Winery.

The Winery, like each Village property, uses the core four Italian "parts" (columns, woodwork, tiles, slabs) - plus a part unique to the Region in which you build that Property. In Roma, for your Villa, it was the Volcanic Bricks. In Palermo, it is the Wine Barrel.

One job drops Rail Tickets repeatedly, needed as Gate Loot for a job in Region 3 - Venezia.

You will occasionally get a Bottle of Olive Oil as a boost, giving you +100 defense in a fight. (There is also a boost dropping in Italy jobs that gives you +100 attack in a fight).

Unlike Roma, Palermo features drop items from at least two of the four Italy Collections, each requiring seven items to complete to vault for a bonus:

-The Dinner is Served Collection (+10% item drop rate in Italy)

-The Roman Standards Collection (+10 attack, +10 defense).

Palermo also features the first Social Job in Italy: Survive Adriano's Betrayal.

Click on the artwork for each of the Palermo jobs (on all paths) to read an interesting story from the 1930s, in which you struggle to establish your Winery and obtain water rights, only to be betrayed by Adriano, a member of your Mafia. Adriano sends his assassins to kill you. After a narrow escape, you flee from Italy with your family and recover in America, rebuilding strength and determination to track down Adriano - who later appears as the Boss in Palermo.

The artwork in each job is amazingly rendered and worth reviewing each one - it is almost like a graphic novel.

The Palermo loot has slightly better stats that the Roma loot, but still nothing worth stockpiling:

*Fucile Longo* (Weapon)

*Cavalletta* (Vehicle)

*Gallo* (Animal)

None of these can (yet) be traded or gifted.

As with the loot dropped in Roma, the Palermo loot is not worth stocking... so there's no need to move up past Bronze level, but there's also no need to stay in Palermo for now. You'll likely want to head to the next Region (Venezia) rather than work your way through Palermo - Silver.

Italy Strategy Tip: Doing the jobs gives you plenty of Lira to buy the necessary Inventory. This leads me to recommend that you use your Italy parts (marble, colums, woodwork, tiles) to upgrade your Port before you upgrade your Village properties (Villa, Winery, etc). Your Port upgrades allow you to purchase items of higher quality at each level, while your other Village properties generate more Lira... which you don't yet need.

By the time you upgrade your Port to Level 6 and are getting items with stats in the 60s, you should have a nice stockpile of Lira - just from doing jobs in the Regions and collecting from your Village properties - to spend on those items.

Finish any path to the Boss and you will meet your old nemesis, Don Aldo Adriano. (I recommend you finish ALL paths to the Boss before fighting him, for reasons detailed in my next entry on Region 3 - Milano)

The ominous warning about the Boss's henchmen is a bluff. Palermo Bronze was also a 4-shot fight, with both henchman dying after one attack apiece, and Don Adriano - at 400 health in Bronze Level - bowing in two quick rounds.

Your reward for defeating Don Aldo Adriano is Aldo's Palermitan Horse. Even at Bronze Level, this Animal will be one of your standouts with its 55/82 stats:

Remember - no need to fly through to Ruby level here. Keep the job energy and stamina costs low, as you will need many Wine Barrels to upgrade your Winery, and lots of Rail Tickets to use in Venezia.

As noted in the Italy Region 1: Roma post, at Palermo's Silver level, you can jump right to the two jobs that drop the Wine Barrels (now 19 energy per click) and Rail Tickets (45 energy).

With a decent energy account, you can amass enough Wine Barrels (get about 400 to be safe) and Rail Tickets (get at least 200) to get you all the way to a Level 10 Winery and Ruby Level in Venezia, where you need Rail Tickets.

Next stop... Venezia (Italy Region 3)
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  1. A few ppl on the MW wiki have complained that the +10% chance collections (eg tourny win chance, robbery chance, italy loot chance) actually crippled their ability to win/get more loot. Have any of you guys experienced anything strange?

    I vaguely recall losing a lot more tournies a few days after getting the tourny collection, but that could be a placebo effect of sorts.

  2. @4tran yeah when i vaulted the tourney collection i won after that 3 times (before like 7times won already) but aftter that 3 times till now i only won like 5 times and lost much.
    But dont you guys think that building loot in italy is dropping frequently?
    My villa is already level 8 (VIII)

  3. which mission drops all the train tickets?

  4. why do all the paths? i didn't do that....

  5. If you get to and defeat the boss on any level without completing the other paths, you lose out on the opportunity to nab those skill points you would have gotten if you completed them. For example, if you skip the fight path on bronze and beat the boss using the energy path, everything, including those unbeaten fight chapters, reset to silver level.

    In other words, unlike Las Vegas, the color mastery and the boss mastery are one in the same, not separate. Las Vegas would wait for you to complete all the chapters before giving you the star…Italy gives it to you after the boss fight.

  6. Any tips for defeating Don Aldo Adriano at ruby level?

  7. Italy sucks with loot drop rate....specially Napoli....there is another good animal called Meadow Viper att 62 def 37 but after finishing Ruby lvl I only got two of them as well as only two Corpo Armatura.... anybody had more luck ???

  8. hey, I'm trying to get items for building my Italian village. But they are simply not dropping... (I don't mean items like the volcanic blocks) but general part.. Do any of you also experience the same?

  9. 36000 health and 2 other opps to get to it on ruby mastery, how is it possible to defeat him?

  10. good question..n i only can use my grenade once n i cant spam it like last time by using all 10 items consecutively.. =(

  11. can't get past ruby level, the henchmen, can't get past them, any help?

  12. I also can't get the henchmen down..had help from a really strong fight acc and this one also failed :(

  13. Inpossible for me too, and I am italian :)

  14. I foolishly, I guess, completed all five levels through Ruby level. I went through all of the paths most of the time, and was building up all of my buildings, but after I completed Ruby level on the 5th sector, there was no village parts loot dropping.

    I've now burnt through 6000+ energy a dozen times, and I got maybe four village parts loot. This is a serious suck.

    Get your parts early, and build up your PORT first. I have tons of cash, but can't do anything with it.

  15. According to MW Wiki you need 108 of each upgrading part (stones, tiles, columns and marbles) for upgrading port. You need 432 of each for upgrading all other properties and you need 108 of each special loot (bricks, barrels,net, oil and f. player) for upgrading all.

  16. hy guys!! i see you all struggling with boss fights, but believe me its all about ask for help. If someone helps you boss health drops rapidly down even henchmen s. I,m just at gold level Palermo and health was 12,800 i did almost no damage with all my consumables , was defeated, went to my other account ( its energy account with almost no attack and defense) and just after i click on fight boss, bosses health went down at 3,800. I came back on my main account and even henchmen's health went down at 0 and didnt regenerate. That i experienced at Roma too and now silver and gold Palermo so ask for help and if u dnt have other account ask someone to help you and boss health will go down. I think thats why is so hard to defeat him without asking for help.

  17. in this region i found Elmo Della Grande Guerra 19/39 http://mwfb.static.zynga.com/mwfb/graphics/huge_item_italianwwihelmet_01.png and GOSHAWK 47/15 http://mwfb.static.zynga.com/mwfb/graphics/huge_item_goshawk_01.png

  18. ok strategy for boss Don Aldo Adriano Palermo ruby level: Boss health is 38,000 and has 2 henchmen. First i start fight and asked for help. as i have 2 accounts i immediately run away from fight keeping my consumables for a bit later. I went to other account, helped me and in a second i clicked on fight boss, bosses health went down to 7,380 ( and thats very good difference from 38,000 at the beginning, i dnt fight here cause its energy account and i wont do any damage to boss or henchmen). I went back to my main account and fight again. Now i have all consumables and boss health only 7,800. henchmen are strong with my A and D around 88,000 and A 1000 and D 600 i make only 300 damage pro hit. so i use all stunt guns but it wasnt enough to pass henchmen but at least i have done some damage to them, them i use grenades cause they work at boss and henchmen together, as now we can use only 1 consumables and after that hit, in 3 hits i got defeated and went back to NY to heel, and now if u want u can farm all consumables and then come back to finish boss in 12 hours, but i dnt do that . I just heel and come back and repeat that as many times needed. after 2-3 rounds henchmen are dead and they dont regenerate when i leave fight so after couple of rounds boss is dead too. so its possible to fight him and i dnt know is that ask help works only for me that boss health drops so rapidly but it worked in Roma and Palermo all levels.
    Hop this will help you all.

  19. ok one more update !! all ask help magic is that when some low level player help you he does more then half of boss health damage (38,000-7,800) and if good player help you its not so good only 300 damage.

  20. I dont know anyone if knows this. my strategy is to fight out bosses(i have a low attack stats,health,etc) run away the fight & then get health recharged from new york. if we use seperate tab to recharge frm new york boss's health bar grows back(annoying)

  21. i hit the henchmen right away with the grenades. the both went down and then i was able to slowly peck away at the boss. took me a while to get him, but the henchmen were no problem.


  23. i too have the same problem....... can't finish the ruby level and the horse of the previous mastery has also disappeared.......... someone help

  24. I have the same problem: 0% mastered but the popup message "You have already defeated Don Aldo Adriano" keeps appearing, when I try to fight Don Aldo. I WANT A PALEMO HORSE TOO ... AAARRRRGH ... Please help :-)