October 25, 2010

Italy Region 3: VENEZIA

As you start your first job in Italy Region 3 - Venezia (Bug the Don's Train Car), you will need the Rail Tickets from a job from Italy Region 2 - Palermo (the 'Track Down Don Adriano' job).

In Italy, the items from prior jobs you need for later jobs (like Rail Tickets) are referred to as Gate Loot. New name, old concept - you saw this in New York, Cuba, Moscow, and Bangkok, when you needed items from one job (or property) to do a later job:

Italy has a much more clever matrix of Gate Loot for later levels...

You'll likely have to do this first Venezian job close to 200 times to get Ruby Level mastery... meaning, you'll want 200 Rail Tickets before you go too far in Palermo so that you can complete Venezia at Ruby level too.

Venezian Loot: I noted a wider variety of Loot dropped from jobs in Venezia than in Palermo or Roma. I found 6 different items in Venezia, compared to 3 items apiece in Roma and Palermo.

The attack and defense stats of the Venezian loot are still mid-level, though a few items should make your top 501 in defense.

*Water Taxi* (Vehicle)

*Man-Of-War* (Animal)

*Rapier* (Weapon)

*Neoprene Vest* (Armor)

*Luxury Sailboat* (Vehicle)

*Venetian Blinder* (Weapon)

The Tradire (a Vehicle from Roma) dropped several times in Venezia.

The Property job in Venezia - Smuggle Goods Through a Fishery - drops a Fishing Net each time you do part of the job. When you complete this job, your next Village property - the Fishery - can be built.

At first, your Fishery will look rather sparse. The picture above is a completed (Level X) Fishery. Keep collecting the Italy upgrade parts. By Level VIII, your Fishery will finally get a dock and look respectable:

When you upgrade your Fishery all the way to Level X, you'll also receive the Deadliest Catch Achievement and a Skill Point.

The Fishing Net is the Fishery's unique part, like the Winery's Wine Barrel and the Villa's Volcanic Bricks. As with all of Italy's consumables (especially the Gate Loot, like Rail Tickets), stock up on them at Bronze and Silver levels, while the Energy costs are relatively low!

Venezia Strategy Tip: Don't race right to the Boss without completing ALL of the jobs on all THREE paths - I got to the Boss doing the Energy Path jobs, and was ready to fight when I got the gentle reminder that all other jobs would be wiped out when I finished with the Boss.

I went back and completed the Social Path and Fight Path and, lo and behold, I found THREE Venezia Loot items that hadn't dropped in the Fight Path - the three with the best stats, no less.

*Venezian Boss: Don Del Brenta*

The Venezian BOSS, Don Del Brenta, has no henchmen and starts with 500 health on Bronze Level.

The fight against this Boss was easier than in Roma or Palermo: 1 Shiv, 1 Attack, one dead Boss.

Your reward is the Del Brenta Cane Sword, a Weapon nice defensive stats:

At Venezia-Silver, the Boss had 5,250 Health when I fought him... I have heard of numbers all over the place for the Italy Bosses. The Cane Sword's stats went up to 56/103.

The Boss's Health increases to 16,000...

...while the Cane Sword improves to 64A/118D.

At Venezia's Ruby level, you've got a fight on your hands, with Del Brenta up to 24,000 Health.

During this fight, I saw this sign more than a few times:

Your reward is the Cane Sword - Ruby, with impressive 72A/133D stats.

The ability do the jobs in any order on Silver Level is especially helpful in Venezia since you can go right to the Fishing Net job if you need to upgrade your Fishery, without completing all of the jobs that come before it on the path.

You will truly see how useful and essential this "hop around" feature is in our next stop: Region 4 - Milano...

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  1. All the bosses had been really easy to fight up to Ruby of Venice, when all of a sudden I found Del Brenta had 42000 health and each of my attacks only did about 250 damage. What the hell happened???

  2. where do you get the rapier from?? (what mission)

  3. I too, where do you get the rapier from?? (what mission) follow me @raulomaroso
    I speak spanish

  4. I've been doing the Ices missions for a while, and now the enemies I have to fight in the Missions are suddenly level 1000 or worse! How can I get them back down so I can complete the missions in a reasonable amount of time?