October 21, 2010

Italy Unlocked!

I suspect more and more of you are seeing this screen this week:

Region 1, Roma, has the familiar Fight Path/Energy Path...

...leading to the showdown with the Boss of Roma, Don Antionon Di Rossa

Italy has a "My Village" menu that, when first clicked, gives this preview of the 6 different properties.

Here's how your Village looks at the outset:

Each Region unlocks one of the new properties in the Village, the first of which is the Port. The Port is available before you start doing jobs in Roma. As with Las Vegas Casino properties, and your Chop Shop, Armory, and Weapons Depot, you need to collect "parts" (Italian Hardwood, Marble Slabs, Stone Columns, and Terracotta Tiles) to increase your Port's level:

Within the Port, you can buy different Weapons, Animals, Armor, and Vehicles as you upgrade the Port from Level 1 through Level 10. Starting at Level 6, the items have better stats than Vegas Loot. Especially appealing is the Level 9 Bolla (bull), an animal with 68/55 stats. So long, Diamondback!

Very nice artwork for the Port.

After you do a few jobs in Roma, the second Village Property - your Villa - will open up, and look like this:

The Villa requires the same 4 "parts" as the Port to upgrade, plus Volcanic Bricks (which are plentiful in the early jobs).

On the Game News menu, Mafia Wars includes this explanation:

"Certain jobs in each region will unlock a new property for your Italian seaside village. There are six Italy properties: Villa, Winery, Fishery, Auto Boutique, Stadium, and Port. You'll be able to collect Lira for your properties. The Port functions much like the Chop Shop or Weapons Depot in New York. However, you'll be able to purchase weapons, armor, vehicles, and animals in your Port with Lira.

Also, you can request more fans to fill up your Italian football stadium by posting Facebook feeds to friends. After all, you'll need fans to yell Gooooooooal and toot their vuvuzuelas when your team scores."

Plenty of pictures, news, reports, Loot lists, and analysis to follow for the next week as we forge ahead together in Italy.
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  1. That's what's said on Italy's first job tier:
    "Choose a path and complete jobs to open a route to the boss. Defeat the boss to unlock the next Region, Palermo, and to achieve Bronze Mastery. Note: It is possible to master the stage without completing all jobs, this means you may lose some potential rewards."
    Do anyone know what could be these 'potencial rewards'?

  2. >After all, you'll need fans to yell Gooooooooal and toot their vuvuzuelas when your team scores

  3. @gabifoot The potential rewards they're referring to are more than likely the skill points from each mastered job. Now I have a question of my own but it's probably way too soon to know the answer: is it worth freezing at bronze in the top districts just like in Vegas?

  4. The energy experience ratios in Italy are very low - 1:1 in some cases. Even for strong energy accounts this will take some time to push through.

  5. For strong energy accounts, it's very plausible to smash through Region 1 with little consequence, as in even in silver mastery, the most expensive job is only taking 25 energy.
    BTW I'm freezing on level two mastery of Italy first region to acquire more building parts extremely cheaply with the second job. Good tactic or no?

  6. I have mix feelings about farming in Italy because the consumables may be cheaper now but it slows you down to get to the ultimate loots in Regions 6, 7 and 8. These have not been released but it will take quite awhile to complete.

    Plus the amount of skill points gain outweigh any farming strategy.

    According to Zynga (and we've heard this before), the loot drop is equal and weighted by XP/Energy/Stamina ratio so they "discourage" farming in general.

  7. I think it is not necessary to farm in the lower regions..but do save at silver mastery from region 4 onwards coz the loots are getting better there on..
    n i havent completed my final district in vegas as well to ensure my levelling is not affected wit the 1:1 ratio of early stages of italy..
    n is there any suggestion on which property to upgrade 1st in italy??i decided not to upgrade port 1st because the lack of lira for now..once i start farming in region 4/5, i think its good enuf to upgrade then..any suggestions?

  8. Take a close look at the Port. Click on PURCHASE.

    It looks like getting Italy HEL won't take too long. Not all of the pieces are upgrades, but some certainly are.

    At this point, I'm staying in R1 at the Bronze level, and just repeating the jobs until I've got all the pieces needed for a full-upgrade to the Port. I've already banked $500K in Lira, too. I'd recommend the Intercept A Handoff job, until you get at least 100 Severed Fingers, you'll need them for the Colisseum job, if Vegas is any indication. Along the way, you'll pick up Port pieces and Lira. win-win.

    Saving money is like it was before Vegas: You're taking a hit each time you deposit Lira.

    Also, note that Multi-gifting is now in effect, too! Awesome upgrade.

  9. To anonymous at 11.58, i am also staying at bronze in regions 1 and 2 and trying to farm for port parts. I want to upgrade the port as fast as possible since purchasing items there can only be done once every 24 hrs, i'm at lvl 4 now and has bought one of the animals, either at lvl 3 or 4 (can't remember). Asking for upgrade from your mafia is hit and miss since it's the same with vegas each one can only help five times so you might not get full help everytime you post for help. The low energy to xp ratio does not bother me too much bcos after using the energy pack there is still enough left to reach the next level.

  10. When buying loots in the port, you can only buy "1 per day". I bought Escalation just for my collection. In that case, how many years we spent so that we can collect 501 loots of the level 6 to level 10 of the Port. That's INSANE!

  11. Why even bother about Italy??

    Italy is CRAP!!