October 27, 2010

Italy Village: The Future

Hat tip to an Anonymous commenter for this post:

The picture below was featured in Mafia Wars' October 20 Game News as a teaser to Italy days before it went live:

If you compare the picture above to my impoverished Village below - still at Level I because I am only upgrading the Port to get the good Italy Loot items - you will see two things:

(1) How the Properties from Roma, Palermo, Venezia, Milano, and Napoli will look at Level X. Look at that Football Stadium! That Fishery! The bustling Port! The proud Villa (as compared to my hut).

(2) One or more additional Village Properties that Mafia Wars will add in Italy Region 6, Region 7, and Region 8... check out the multi-colored "bubble property" on the hill above the Port, and (maybe?) the storefront to the "right" of your Auto Boutique.

Remember, Mafia Wars Las Vegas added a new property to its Casino well after the Las Vegas was live, when it adding the Fountain as Districts 7 and 8 went live. I remember it well - because I had traded away all of my Concrete, Cinder Blocks, etc. and had to scramble to get more.

Anyway, a nice look into the future of Mafia Wars Italy. Thanks again to the poster who pointed this out.

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  1. Don't forget the Cruise Ship in the background.

  2. Another possibility for an additional property is the extra building just above the Auto Boutique. Just in front of the right ramp leading to the 2nd level.

  3. What really sucks is that you can only buy one item from your port every 24 hours. I was saving money and busting to get to Level IX (which I think is a better deal than the Level X item) and then all I could buy is one item.

  4. I think today they lowered the drop rate for the necessary parts. I have close to 9000 energy and plowed my way through the first job in Region 1 silver rank for a couple of days. (used energy pack because I need about 20000 experience points to level up) I used to get at least 50 of each part. This morning, I didn't receive a single part after spending 4000 energy and gave up.
    The most scarce parts are the Terracotta Tiles. They have yet to appear in the gift section and I always ask my friends for this every 24 hours.

  5. Yep, same here, no upgrade parts have dropped since yesterday, have levelled up twice and done different jobs in regions 1 and 2 but none have appeared. Zynga seems to have decided to have the upgrade done very slowly maybe to tempt players to spend RPs on the parts !! Hate posting for the terracotta tiles bcos i seldom get good help there. Some players seem to have gift links for the tiles, not sure how they got them. Can anybody pls post it here. And on another note, the TI stamina refill link seems to be not working anymore. Anybody got a working link ? Thanks

  6. For terracotta and stone column: