October 15, 2010

Las Vegas Collection Grab

Today brings two significant developments from Las Vegas:

1. All of the drop loot can be added to your Wishlist - this radically changes the value of top Bangkok items and giftable Chop Shop/Weapons Depot items... (see prior post)


2. The four Vegas Collection "short print" items - Bollywood matchbook, Saguaro cactus, Mountain Lion, and Four of a Kind - are now dropping from Vegas jobs as frequently as every other Vegas collection item.

!Viva la revolution!
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  1. About time.
    Also doing Bangkok jobs today and I am getting Mastery of A
    Old city bonus of Ax2
    (so if a job gives 12 mastery it gives a bonus of 24 mastery for a total of 36% mastery)
    this has to be new...

  2. Where do Armory upgrade items drop? I can't seem to find any.

  3. Armory upgrade parts can only be received as free gifts from friends, and by asking for them once a day by pressing the Armory Upgrade button. If you send a lot, you will receive a lot - but it's hard to make complete sets of them as you can only send one of the five pieces (the kind changes occasionally, but you will likely have 20 Rivets and 2 or 3 of the others...)