October 9, 2010

Loyalty Program Revived!

Earlier this week, I posted the first installment of the Mafia Wars Hall of Shame. One of the MW features I critiqued was the Loyalty Program.

I'm told that this blog gets about 6,000 hits a day. I'd like to think that the CEO of Zynga reads this blog 10x a day and changes Mafia Wars based on my reviews. Then reality sets in. Yet an improvement in the Loyalty Program over the past two days has me back in fantasy land...

First of all, Mafia Wars has made it A LOT easier to collect Loyalty Points. You will get Loyalty points when you open a free gift sent to you by a Mafia member:

I've seen the Loyalty Point awards range from 5 to 20 points per item, though there is a daily limit.

Also, when you give a Mafia member a gift that they've asked for on their News Feed, you can get Loyalty Points:

Even the Crime Spree feature - #1 in last week's Mafia Wars Hall of Shame - is part of the Loyalty Point program now:

Not only are Loyalty Points dropping all over the place, but - over the past few days - Mafia Wars has introduced new uses for your Loyalty Points at Emerald level. Your points can buy things that are significantly improvement over what was available earlier this week when I posted the Hall of Shame entry.

For example, the two Loot items below are better than anything in Vegas, and on par with the top loot you can get in Secret Missions and Declare War features. Check out the Green Mamba - a 72 Attack animal - and the Dark Squad Vest - a 65 Defense armor:

I'm at just about 500 Loyalty Points now, but think I will save up for the Green Mamba - high-stat animals are not as easy to come by.

You can also get Chop Shop Parts for a 20 Loyalty Points - good for those times when you're just a couple parts away from a new level, but don't want to spend the RPs.

The newly available Emerald Level Loyalty rewards are much better than the originals, and makes the program more interesting. While I'm not yet buying RPs to get to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels, I find myself eager to get the Loyalty Points to buy some of the nicer loott items on Emerald... and work slowly towards the next level.

Good move on this one by Zynga.
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  1. I assume that 6000 doesn't include those of us that browse your posts using RSS?

  2. Not sure - but I greatly appreciate the near-400 RSS subscribers who read our blog - thanks!

  3. Keep up the good work I visit the site a couple times a day. And actually saved myself 10% with one of the ads you had running. Thanks

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Does these LP count to the LP you need to remain a GOLD member?

  6. Do you ever plan to tell us why you prefer robbing in New York? Or perhaps it won't work if everybody did it?

  7. Daily lotto/chance changed the reward at 6 out of 6. Now, it's possible to win up to 20 LOYALTY POINTS instead of up to 5 REWARD POINTS. Fuck off Zynga. Last few weeks have been 1 RP at most, now they nerfed it.

  8. #1 reason to rob in NY: Armory.
    #2 reason: lowest energy required...faster to reach lvl 10 Robbery if that is your thing
    #3 reason: casinos yield the highest NY cash towards the 3 money achievements better than Mogul's "entertain visiting Don" deal
    #4 reason: weapon parts
    #5 reason: car parts
    #6 reason: if you're looking for diamonds you can get it faster because you can clear more boards with lower total energy requirements

  9. 1) ooh, forgot about that; great reason
    2) orly? doesn't casino take a lot of stam to rob? Maybe fountains also take a lot of stam to rob? hmm
    3) hmmm
    4) meh
    5) meh
    6) same as 2


  10. It should be stamina, not energy for robbing.

  11. http://mafiawarsguide-mo.blogspot.com/

  12. This video explains it all and everything you need to know about Zynga Mafia Mars Loyalty Program (The Mafia Wars Experience) Would post it to your Facebook also..They deserve credit for there time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jjfp8Yb0Hzk