October 8, 2010

Mafia Wars: Atlantic City

Within 36 hours of announcing the new location of Italy, Mafia Wars has added an Atlantic City challenge - for mobile phones only.

Some nice Loot pieces... and a clever joke in requiring players to be at Level 18 or over, presumably as a reference to New Jersey's legal gambling age (except that you must be 21 to go into a casino in Atlantic City).

A **very** nice weapon and vehicle as rewards...

Mafia Wars tried the mobile phone tie in previously with Achievements for doing jobs and fighting by pressing 'J' or 'F' as a text message each day... the results (for me) were spotty.

If the Atlantic City challenge - which is featured for iPhones and Droids - doesn't work on a Blackberry Curve 9930, then I'll be looking to our readers for feedback on the new locale. Good luck!


P.S. - When I accessed the advertised site on both my Blackberry and iPod Touch, I got something similar to the graphics above, with the message, "Mafia Wars for mobile web is currently in beta testing. Come back soon." Then there is a button to click to go to the Mafia Wars mobile site. Make sure to bring your Hubble Telescope if you expect to play Mafia Wars on an iPhone, iPod Touch, Droid, or Blackberry...
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  1. Text messages are 10 cents/msg. It would be hard to convince me to spend real currency on RPs, but something of this sort is completely out of the question.

    If spammers get access to my #, that's 10 cents/spam msg I get.

    I don't use text msg often enough for the infinite txt msg bundles.

  2. Yet another way that Zynga makes their game a USA only club!!!!!

  3. Not sure how the US argument works because iPhone is available throughout many countries and Android as well.

  4. Sad. I'm an Indian and I say Zynga should stop introducing local stuffs to an international game. zzz

  5. How do you access it?
    got htc magic :)

  6. go to http://m.mafiawars.com

    It is currently up not and functional.

  7. It is terrible that mafia wars mobile is only available in the US... this is a freaking international game, why would you offer US players an advantage by getting such a strong weapon and vehicle.

    Totally ridiculous!

  8. I guess Canadians and Mexicans are Americans...

  9. when will these americans stop thinking themselves to b superior ..
    this atlantic thing is killing sport`s spirit out of the game..90% chances are that this comment would be deleted

  10. 7:18, we are superior, jackass

  11. Just put the URL in your PC web browser...

  12. I don't see what the big deal is; I'm sure they will spread the event around! If not, could you stop and think about how much it would cost them to support all phone service providers? In the US a phone has a specific provider, whereas most other countries are less exclusive. There are plenty of other opportunities for powerful weapons anyway.

    Facebook and Myspace were also originally American, and as members became increasingly international, so did their respective features. No one is cheating you out of anything, so chill out.

    P.S. - last time I checked, the US was still the world superpower. It's a fact that has nothing to do with this game. Let's let facts be facts and not attribute anything to political and cultural opinion.

  13. Here is a link to use if you want to play Atlantic City without using your phone. to me it is boring and I don't see any great weapons coming up but I will finish it just to see what happens.