October 28, 2010

Mafia Wars Atlantic City

I had originally posted about Mafia Wars Atlantic City with great enthusiasm, given the promise of two impressive weapons.

Three weeks later, I am still getting this screen when I try to access Mafia Wars' mobile web site (the exclusive location for Atlantic City). The URL is http://m.mafiawars.com/mobileweb

From what I've read, Mafia Wars Atlantic City has some neat features beyond the two weapons. The one that impresses me most is the ability to collect from your Properties when you're not at a computer (or if you're at work and have Facebook blocked).

For those of you who got into Atlantic City or are beta testers for Mafia Wars' mobile web site, send us some postcards and let us know more!

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  1. I have access to it. You are correct that it allows you to collect from your properties.

    Right now there are two episodes. Each has 4 levels of mastery. You do get a skill point for each job mastered.

    You win various loot and the currency is Vegas chips.

  2. It allows collecting, but you can't bank anything besides Vegas $

  3. MWLootLady had an entry about on her blog a while back, including screenshots.
    My wife has access to it.
    Not a lot of graphics though as it is made for mobile phones, but a nice timewaster :-)

    Downside for the moment in general is the boss fights in Italy bug (bosses have enormous health, and you can only dent them and their henchmen).
    Also I've heard something floating around as NY would be getting new maps? As there aere still weapons, vehicles, etc in NY to buy which you don't need for any current job...

  4. Atlantic City is "almost" a continuation of Vegas. Chapter 1 = District 5 of Vegas with 24 skill pts per chapter for a total of 48 so far.

  5. I think Atlantic city is best saved for after Italy, or if you want to make better use of your energy pack (ie use every last bit of energy).

    I have over 9000 energy, and I can barely finish bronze of chapter one. The energy costs only go up from there! It took me days to finish chapter one :(

    The skill points aren't bad, but they cost soooo much energy. Also something that shouldn't be overlooked: the loot advertised for the city only drops when you ruby a chapter! Unlike Vegas/Italy, you get 0 for finishing bronze, silver, or gold. You only get the item for ruby.

    Until I have a few 1000 smart phones/cooked books, I'm staying in Italy.

  6. For those of you who can't access it via a phone, Firefox can play some games to let you in. The issue appears to be that not all phone-screen-forms are supported at the moment.

    Install the "User Agent Switcher" add-on for Firefox. It will let you switch the UA of your browser, letting it appear to be something other than Firefox.

    Create a new user agent, name it IPhone, and make the UA string as follows:

    Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU like Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/420+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.0 Mobile/1A498b Safari/419.3

    Then select that User Agent, log into Facebook, and go to m.mafiawars.com


  7. I have been playing atlantic city through the google chrome browser on my regular laptop computer. I don't have a phone that can handle Atlantic city so I typed the URL and it worked.

  8. Just finished Uptown. Ruby level. MW wont give me my weapon or open up Boardwalk. Anyone know why? Driving me up a wall!!!!!

  9. the same with me...:(