October 27, 2010

Mafia Wars Halloween Loot Event

The Mafia Wars Halloween Loot Event is headed our way this weekend. This banner is popping up throughout the game, but no details yet on the event. I will update this post as we learn more.

The Marketplace has 4 new Limited Edition Halloween Items on sale for 35 RPs each; I've included one below. If you are in the habit of spending 35 RPs for these items, you can see and buy all 4 of them in the Marketplace now.

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  1. Yeah. I usually don't go in for the loot, but I like the horse, bike, and weapon. Will be taking advantage of the lucky stash and mystery bags to try to get RP's and get them.
    BTW FIRST!!!! :p

  2. So, I was looking under the 'Help' tab just now and there is an interesting picture of the Italy Village in the 'Game News' section. Check it out. Three buildings unopened to us yet - one (quite obvious) on the cliff between the port and villa; one on a ledge between the port and auto boutique and one between the auto boutique and winery. Interesting!