October 20, 2010

Mafia Wars Italy LIVE!

As indicated in comments to previous posts, certain Mafia Wars players are now in Italy. I was lucky enough to get early admission to Las Vegas (remember that daily gamble with the Hill Brothers?) but no such luck with Italy.

I have, however, been able to help members of my Mafia who are in Italy, as I see them progressing through Italy and turn green with envy:

What I can tell from helping out is that the currency in Mafia Wars Italy has an L$ prefix (as, in Lira - which, by the way, was last used as currency in Italy in 2001. The Euro is the standard currency in Italy).

You can also obtain Italy currency from doing jobs in Missions... and the symbol there looks something like the Euro. So even before you get access to Italy, you can stockpile some cash for whatever you'll need to buy there:

There is also a Football Stadium that needs to be filled with fans. Until you're in Italy, you can't help with this job. Perhaps "Fans" are a part, like a Cinder Block, that you send to Mafia members, and get back, to grow your Football Stadium.

Further intelligence on Italy: Italy has 5 Regions: Roma, Palermo, Venezia, Milano, and Napoli, with Regions 6-8 to be released at a later date. Each region will have 4 tiers, like Vegas, as well as Fight, Energy, and Social paths, like Vegas... but you will not be required to complete all paths to advance to the next tier. Once you reach and beat the Boss at each tier, you move up to the next tier.

Italy Properties include a Villa, Winery, and Fishery. One of the Italy collections is the Dinner is Served Collection. And there are 9 Achievements specific to Italy - including collecting 1,000 Fucile De Caccias (which loosely translates to some type of gun or rifle).

I'll be looking forward to clearing customs in Italy so I can post some proper information. Away in Pittsburgh this weekend bravely wearing my Rutgers apparel to the Panthers-Scarlet Knights game and a heated Big East rivalry... if I make it back in one piece, we'll have all the new developments on Italy throughout the week.

Very exciting...
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  1. It looks like.. it's 500 fuciles.
    From what I know, drawn from AOE3, Fusiliers were musketeers... and google says caccias roughly translates to "hunting"... so hunting musket?
    Something tells me that the Coming in October thing was only for premium members, as technically they wouldn't be lying if they did that.

  2. Symbol £ - The pound sterling, is the official currency of the United Kingdom and the British Overseas Territories. It does not have any connection with Italy and Italian lira is history. Lira is official currency in Turkey.
    I understand Zynga, they think only in dollars! lol
    Anybody have some loot in Italy? Give us some attack and defense numbers, please.

  3. The lira actually used the same symbol (sometimes with a 2nd horizontal bar). Wiki says

    "The pound sign derives from the black-letter "L", an abbreviation of Librae in Roman £sd units..."

  4. I just got into Italy. Wondering if I should do Italy or Atlantic City. I missed collecting Vegas loots since I went up to ruby without realizing how bad the drop rate is on ruby. But Atlantic City chapter 2 gives out Range Finder Rifle and Goldsmobile so I can do my Vegas farming there. And Italy doesn't seem to give better loot until chapter 4 & 5. So Italy or Atlantic City?? Or both...using stamina on Italy by just doing fight paths and energy on Atlantic City?

  5. anyone know when Italy was a city?