October 17, 2010

Mafia Wars Italy Pre-Release Strategy

Mafia Wars is still promoting Italy as an October 2010 release so we are likely less than two weeks from the opening of a new city.

Taking a lesson from Vegas, try these three strategies when you are building your Italian empire:

[1] If you find that a level/job/district is dropping great loot, don't race through the levels. Instead, pile up the loot and improve your fighting/robbing/tournament stats. Don't you wish you were still at Bronze level in Districts 7 and 8 in Las Vegas? Energy accounts could get hundreds of top Vegas items with each refill... instead of the 2-3 I get for every 5,000 energy points...

[2] (hat tip to LP for this one): If you find a loot item in Italy that is giftable AND worth as much as/more than top Vegas items, get it in your wishlist fast.

Apparently, Diamondbacks and some other top loot were originally able to be added to your Wishlist when Vegas unveiled District 6. Soon after that, you could no longer add these items to your Wishlist. Only those MW players who already had the items on their Wishlists could receive them as trade. The rest of us waited until this week.

Use that strategy in Italy in case Zynga changes its mind and pulls a 180 in making valuable loot items "ungiftable." If you do, you won't have to wait for this "Improvement" (??) noted in Mafia Wars' release notes... as though the inability to gift high-end Vegas loot was all just one big misunderstanding.

(Faithful readers know that the Vegas loot/Wishlist switcheroo was really the work of The Wishlist Police ... click if you missed it the first time around).

[3] We know there is a new property in Italy - the Italian Villa. Perhaps it will be more like the Vegas casino than the disjointed properties from prior cities. If so, the Villa will require upgrade parts, like your casino, vault, Chop Shop, etc.

Hopefully, the items needed to build the Italian Villa will drop from jobs and be accessible through your Wishlist for gifts and trades - like the Vegas vault and casino items were, and Chop Shop and Weapons Depot upgrade parts are... and NOT like the Armory, which is pretty tedious.

Assuming Villa parts drop from jobs in Italy, here's a tip: don't trade or gift away all of your upgrade parts once you've finished building your Villa. Anyone remember the Vegas fountain? The new Chop Shop and Weapons Depot levels? Keep a few upgrade sets handy in case Mafia Wars expands the Villa after Italy debuts.

(Speaking of which... anyone concerned about what Mafia Wars might be planning to add in the very conspicuous empty space in the lower level of the Vegas Casino?)


Final point - more of an "Easter egg" feature - perhaps unintended - and a neat walk down memory lane: Try this:

1. Click on Home.

2. Select Italy from your Travel Menu.

3. Once you see the full page Italy promo, click on the Travel Menu again.

4. Select Vegas, Bangkok, Moscow, or Cuba from the Travel menu.

5. Repeat for the other cities (not New York) if you like what you see.

It's like a Zynga time machine!

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  1. Don't forget that the Nile Crocs under the Fight Club is still the top animal out there!

  2. Stamina Refill for MW via Treasure Isle



  3. "don't you wish you were still at Bronze level in Districts 7 and 8 in Las Vegas?"


  4. sorry, I mean "FALLACY"

  5. I'm not finding the drop rate on District 8/Ruby to be higher, or even appealing. I have about 5,000 energy and can do maybe 35 jobs on District 8 with each refill - and get between 0 and 3 loot drop items. With the same 5,000 energy on Bronze level, I was doing about 300 jobs per refill - even if the drop level was the same, I'd be getting up to *30* new District 8 loot items each time.

  6. I have 2 accounts with one at the bronze level and the other ruby level of district 8. I've noticed the overall drop rate is significantly better for the ruby level, but I've also have the lotto collection plus the Vegas +10% loot drop collection for the Ruby level.

  7. daily chance dropping loyalty pts instead of rps for 6 completed tickets. wtf?

  8. Yep, Zynga nerfed that one!

  9. i noticed the same thing as Phil..when i kept my level mastery at silver, i was getting 40+ loots per day and now it has reduced to a mere 10+ loots and this is in gold mastery..its significantly lower and i dont wanna imagine how much lower it could be at ruby mastery..will keep the best district in the future at silver until new cities are introduced in the future..

  10. Atlantic city is up! The UI is really nice!

  11. If you haven't finished Bangkok yet, there's now a double "old city bonus." So, those level four jobs (episodes 5A and above) that were giving 1% are now giving 3%. Those that were giving 3% (level 3, for example) are now giving 9% (3% + 6% Old City Bonus).

  12. Incredible incentives to catch up!

  13. Don't know if you noticed this, but you can now gift up to 50 items at a time through the MW gift interface.

    Chucker (a bookmarklet) is still useful since it has a more user-friendly interface, but this is a step in the right direction.

  14. Yes, and gift more than 20 people at once. 9 new Italy achievements!

  15. where is it, i cant find the new gifting interface

  16. It is possible Zynga has not rolled it out to everyone yet. You should see it on the inventory/gift page.

  17. @ Phil

    you mentioned that target robbing was not accesible on chop shops cause u only get 1 part well may be that was true but now i get 6 parts for every rob, so i must say target robbing is accesible for cs wd armory and maybe the new " animal zoo". take care bro.

  18. Glitch in Atlantic City (PC):

    You can do all jobs without spending energy (you also don't gain xp and chips, but you can fly right through ;) )

  19. mobile mafia wars is also awesome for collecting all your properties. it all shows up on the same webpage vs the full version you have to travel to different cities before you can collect.

  20. Agree, the mobile property collection is very nice and useful.

  21. According to the official blog Italy is in beta testing now and will have an official launch on October 23 to all players above level 5. Level 5!?!??!


    Properties and job setups similar to vegas. Get this though *** Once you beat the boss you ascend to the next level of mastery (bronze to ruby) You no longer need to beat every possible path to ascend.

    Money system though will have a regular bank like rest of properties with a 10% laundering fee.

  22. Italy is now live in beta.