October 14, 2010

Mission Loot, Manners, and the 28-Second Timer

Missions have been all the craze lately since they offer great loot and are available 24/7. Supposedly you can participate in 10 at once AND run 10 at once. I actually have yet to find more than 1 Mission (of my own) at a time and have probably maxed out in helping in 4 at a time.

Some food for thought on Missions:

Mission Loot: While the Easy level Missions may not drop loot that makes your top 501 (usually the stats are in the low-mid 40s), help out a Mafia member who finds an Easy Mission - we're all in this together.

The Hard level Missions are dropping insane loot - the stats make Las Vegas a memory and blow away anything in the Armory, Weapons Depot, or Chop Shop, in pure numbers. Lots of nice Animals as well, especially in the Rare or Uncommon categories:

That Sleeper Shot with its 73 defense... good stuff.

The Common category loot from Hard level Missions will still rival most of what you're getting in Las Vegas... except Vegas now has a Loot drop frequency of about 1-in-30 jobs on the higher Districts...

The Death Dealer Minigun (48/64) is one of the best stat-Weapons around and will put your Titanium Katars (50 defense) from Bangkok - and even the Range Finder Rifles (54 defense) and Pitbull Sentry Guns (52 defense) from Las Vegas to shame.

The Medium level Missions drop loot on par with Las Vegas District 6 or so - definitely worth getting - the Weapons and Vehicles are like extra Railguns and Hunters...

...and even better if you collect Rare or Uncommon loot on a Medium level Mission.

Mission Manners: Nothing is worse than signing up for a mission, or recruiting for one, and watching 2 days pass without it being completed. If you recruit for a mission and can't get all 3 or 4 slots filled quickly, call for help again every couple hours.

If you sign up for a mission and don't have the energy or stamina right away to finish, make finishing a priority. There is no excuse for nearly 2 days going by without some one putting in the 100-120 energy or stamina it takes to complete his or her part.

My proposed punishment for those Mafia members who join - but don't complete - missions in a reasonable amount of time is to exclude them from the Mission (and hurriedly search for a replacement), and consider removing that person from your Mafia altogether....

Mission Timing: You've got to be a speed demon to participate sometimes. Once you see this symbol on your Facebook news feed...

...you've got about 28 seconds before the three or four crew members have filled the job. It's insane how fast these missions are responded to... but the wealth of good loot available makes them worth trolling the boards and clicking quickly.

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  1. What happened to part 3 of targeted robbing??

  2. Don't forget: signing up for a mission and doing the job just to see that no one climbs aboard. It's not a lot of energy but I can get plenty of people to sign up for mine and have to wait a day on some others. I've held a spot and even done the job a few times but still have gotten booted. I'm ok with that but just know that I will come back to that. I just need to see others will join so I don't waste my time. But It can add up to 200 per job and it's not big but kills when you waste it. Zynga should allow me to call for help. Stop limiting it to one's mafia. There are plenty of people willing to help. Cap it at 10 per day.

    And zynga, stop with the stupid caps. Why are secret drops capped at 3 per day? It's nucking futs that I have 30 secret drops but can't collect on them.

  3. Im trying hard but cannot find a list of the "hard" & "medium" and "easy" missions,,can any one direct me plz