October 1, 2010

Prized Pigs #3: Boss Hog

This morning, the third and final Prized Pig is live: Meet Boss Hog

At Bronze Mastery level - collecting 3 Boss Hogs, you'll earn a nice defensive armor piece called the Jointed Panel, with 33/60 stats

At Silver Mastery level (collect 5 more pigs), the Jointed Panel's stats go up to 38/72.

Haven't gotten to Gold as of this post, but Boss Hog - like his predecessors, requires you to collect the same 3/5/10 of him to master each level.

It appears that once you've achieved Gold Mastery on Boss Hog, you'll earn a nice vehicle with impressive 100/128 stats, as the "Grand Prize" of this challenge.

You have all weekend to track down the last few Curly Tails, Fresh Shanks, and Boss Hogs you need to get Gold Mastery on each one (18 of each pig).
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  1. new war feature is out. Like the old one, but now you can declare war against people who aren't in your mafia, the timer is 16hr, and the prizes for winning look decent.

  2. Gold: Att = 46; Def = 74

  3. New war feature and rewards are much better than the old one! Too bad we can't assist in the war when our mafia sends out the help because we are not friends with the other person.

    This ask for help is rendered a pointless feature and takes up unnecessary feed space. I wish people would stop publishing these...at least until Zynga fixes it.