October 1, 2010

Prized Pigs Finale: The Oinker

The Gold Mastery for Boss Hog yields a Jointed Panel with (46/74) stats

For completing Gold Mastery on all three pigs, you also earn the Grand Prize - the Oinker - a strong vehicle with 100/128 stats.

A nice challenge, and you have all weekend to wrap up any loose ends (tails?). Don't rest too easy thought: Challenge Mission: Dublin - Chapter 3 opens later tonight...
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  1. Great job Phil and thanks for the update! Dublin chapter will be 4 nice rewards!

  2. Does everyone realize those dumb shits at Zynga misspelled the word viSe? A vice is a bad habit...I even sent them a screen shot from Merriam Webster's dictionary and they either don't care or don't understand. You can't build anything with a vice...

  3. I believe Zynga is working on fixing the grammar and such...

  4. If they change it now it will only bring attention to the stupidity!

  5. Can you tell me;How can I get a Oinker on wishlist.Because I join on facebook lately and can't find the Dubline state.