October 5, 2010

Secret Missions

When doing jobs, you will occasionally notice an opportunity to participate in Mafia Wars' newest feature: Secret Missions.

Click on "See the Rewards" and you will see a host of available items you can win for completing the Secret Mission:

You can click on each item to see its stats. Even the Common level items are as good as Vegas District 7 and 8 Loot. The top items have very impressive stats - on par with items you can buy from Mafia Wars for 35 Reward Points:

When you click "Select Your Crew", you will be given an opportunity to pick 5 Mafia members to help you. You can also post a help request on your Facebook news feed:

Once the Secret Mission has begun, you will see this screen.

You can ask for more help every two hours, and can check back on your Mission periodically. If/when you complete it, you will see:

And then you - and the Mafia members who helped you - will divide up some nice rewards:

So, with two new additions from the past few days, Mafia Wars players can rack up some nice Loot from leading and helping in the Secret Mission and the Declare War! challenges.

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  1. what does your crew have to do to accomplish mission? And one of my crew got a red X by his pic instead on a green check. What happened? Does that mean I already failed the mission?

  2. The crew just needs to complete their job that requires either energy/stamina. The red X means they did not do it within the timeframe.

  3. so if one crew got a red X, I can't remove him? So the whole mission failed??

  4. Which job gives the most mission pop ups? Should I just do small energy jobs to load up on missions?

  5. when doing an infiltrator job I only clicked twice then the screen jumped to an old finished mission. when I go back and try to finish the infiltrator job there is no box to click to complete the job. The mafia member who I am trying to help says they cannot even delete me as it says the job is mastered when clearly it is not. Any suggestions as to what is happening and how I can complete the job?

  6. The weird thing is that the mission starter has to do nothing! I mean why only friends spend the stamina/energy. There should've been work for the mission initiator also.

  7. I can't spend the stamina/energy on the mission I've joined. What can I do?

  8. Is there a way 2 remove yourself from a mission? Im stuck w\10 dead missions... Is waiting for them to expire the only way out? HELP!