October 14, 2010

Silence Don Romo "Event Item"

More on the Silence Don Romo Challenge:

When you complete your 5 minute/8 hour/1 day job, you have a chance of winning a "Rare Silence Don Romo Collectible" (i.e., one of the two Pasta Collection items from the Don Romo job)...

...or an "Event Item"

As best I can tell (since I've gotten this each time I've gotten something that's not the Pasta Collection), the only Event Item is the Guard Vest - an Armor piece with 17/32 stats - hardly worth stocking up on.

Perhaps I'm only getting the Guard Vest because I'm doing the 5 minute job over and over (to see what the Event Items are)... and maybe there are better-stat Event Items with the 8 hour or 1 day jobs.

Has anyone found any other Don Romo Event Items?
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  1. The 8hr job drops Sure Fire weapons, but they're not really great, either. But the 24hr job drops animals w/ 50 ATK, so that's not bad.

  2. 24hr
    Don Romo's Pride: 34a 72d
    Prized Pet: 52a 26d

  3. Yeah, unlike the other events like this one, loot drops are particular to the timed job...granted, if you're searching for pasta, the odds are the same but otherwise, now that I'm done, it's mostly 24 hours jobs because the Prized Pet ain't half bad

  4. I got the Pride vehicle from the 8 hr job.

    I still need one of the random job drops and the special job drops. This is killing me.

  5. Prized Pet: 50A 26D from 24hr job

  6. Here's the pic. of Prized Pet I received after doing the 100 energy job.


  7. Pride drops upon 100% job completion.

  8. Oh, so NOW the 24 hour job drops something that's worth more than negative cash.

  9. I got a gun from this called the Sure Fire (33/16). Not in my top weapons of course, but nice getting a new piece for a collector...

  10. This is some BS! All I need is the farfalle but somehow I've run out of time...will trade anything for it, including anything from the Dirty Laundry collection or any other pasta!