October 12, 2010

Silence Don Romo - New Collection

Hours ago, Mafia Wars unveiled the Silence Don Romo challenge - with an Achievement AND a new Collection that will whet our appetites for the debut of Italy.

With its dual mission (that earns you an Achievement) and 7-piece Collection, the Silence Don Romo challenge is similar in structure to the Valentine's Day Massacre, St. Patrick's Day, and Fix the Global Cup challenges, which I found much more enjoyable than the relatively-robotic Dublin/Mumbai/Paris/London missions.

You can Silence Don Romo three ways, with the previously-seen 5 minute/8 hour/1 day options, and corresponding 1%/12%/20% completion, and 20%/50%/100% chance on getting a Don Romo Collectible (see below) or "Event Item" at the end of that time.

I've started with the 8 hour route, using a tip Colin had previously posted.

Like the Global Cup Collection, Lucky Slots Collection, Valentine Day Massacre Collection, and the St. Patrick's Day Collection, the Silence Don Romo challenge also has a 7-piece Pasta Collection.

Ziti is a free gift that you can send to and receive from your Mafia.

Manicotti and Lasagna drop from fights.

Spaghetti and Rotini drop from jobs.

Conchigle and Farfalle from the Silence Don Romo jobs. These last two will be the hardest to get because of the time limitation on those jobs.

So after a fight in Bangkok, the Manicotti dropped as a reward:

I haven't seen Rotini or Spaghetti drop from a job yet, but it appears that these items can drop from any job in any city.

The Silence Don Romo collection is found under the SPECIAL menu in Collections & Vault:

The reward for obtaining all 7 collection pieces is a Home Cooked Meal, with 68 defense

Get to work - this one ends on Saturday night.

As with other limited time Collections, your extras may be more valuable once the challenge is over... so be generous with your Mafia, but work to get some extra pieces - especially the Conchigle and Farfale - they may pay off down the road, much like certain Soccer Balls and Easter Eggs do now.

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  1. could you describe the tip colin said or where it is .....starting with the 8hours route..ty.

  2. Phil -

    Change to the Daily Chance Prize -

    6 tickets now bring "up to 20 Loyalty points" and not Reward points anymore.

    ...I think these Zynga people are obsessively listening to you.

  3. 8hr jobs are in the middle and easier to complete versus the 24 hrs option - can complete 2 to 3 times per day. And higher probability of getting the loots compared to the 5 minutes option.

  4. I ran the 5 minute option for less than an hour, 6 jobs, 12 fights and had to wait for the gift (ziti) until today.. but the collection is done, in under 12 hours. Good luck maybe?

  5. Wow. I can't say the same.

  6. i got spaghetti and rottini from doing job in Bangkok so they drop in every city :)but i?m almost done with Don job and i havent got any of collection items

  7. Try the 8 hrs. They seem to be dropping every 3 times for me.

  8. Free Treasure Island Stamina refill!1 per person per day; make sure you empty your stamina first!



  9. The Don Romo job is being VERY stingy and nothing is dropping.

  10. 8 hr jobs seems the best drop rate.

  11. i don't know about everyone else but i seem to be getting special loot all the time and never collection items

  12. Have you noticed the change of the picture?? Don Romo now has glasses and a beard. Hahaha, I bet they had some copyright problems with "The Godfather" movie makers...

  13. hats off gr8 source of info for mafia wars players u need a salute man nd thanks after reading leveling up guide m able to beat my sis i start from level 50 nd within a week sis left behind she was 300 and m 500 finger start paining coz of so many click :) after reaching 793 level i stoped playing this game.

  14. @ anonymous 3.48
    I also just noticed the change of appearance in Don Romo. That's really hilarious!!