October 15, 2010

Top Vegas Loot Items Now Giftable

Here's a scene that wasn't available 24 hours ago:

As best I can tell, ALL of the drop loot items from all of Las Vegas can now be put on your Wishlist, be traded, and be gifted.

This is not the case for the new items from the Armory, Chop Shop, and Weapons Depot.

This development will end the dominance of Railguns, Mugatis, and Hunters - and Bangkok Episode 7 items - as the best tradeable loot. Indeed, we will need a new installment of Wishlist: The Elite Eight to update the best attack and defense items from each category - all of which will be from Vegas...

A very nice development. Happy to see The Wishlist Police departing on this one.
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  1. Are you going to finish the targeted robbing series?

  2. I'm interested ... IS there some rule how Vegas loot drops??

    I notice that it's not the same, it's going from district to district... For example... in district 8 i get mostly this:
    130x Ripper Assault Rifle (2.4%)
    148x Hopped-Up Thug (2.8%)
    69x Cooling Vest (1.3%)
    69x Arcturion Assault Rifle (1.3%)
    89x Amphiquad (1.7%)

    In district 5 .. mojave mike, range rifle, bark, smg precision .. and so and so..

    Has someone looked more closely into this?? :)

  3. @el3ctr0: yes it is known that each district gives you different loot much like in the old cities where different jobs give you different loots:

  4. oh and here is the loot list for district 6:

    and district 7 & 8:

  5. http://mafiawarsguide-mo.blogspot.com/

    updates way before Phil ^^^^^^ look at the time it was posted.