October 16, 2010

The Wishlist Elite Eight, Pt 2

Just 9 days ago, before the Mafia Wars loot availability was turned on its head, I posted the 8 best items, in terms of stats, that you could put in your Wishlist - two Weapons, Armor, Vehicles, and Animals apiece - with the best attack and defensive stats.

These were the original Wishlist Elite Eight. You can see the original post at:

Ahhhh, the good old days when we were young. LAST WEEK. With the ability to Wishlist all Las Vegas loot, the Elite Eight needs to be updated with eight completely different items - all from Vegas. Again, these are the best items (two from each category) THAT YOU CAN PUT ON YOUR WISHLIST, in terms of attack and defense stats, one from each loot category.

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present Part 2 of the Wishlist Elite Eight, and which Las Vegas District(s) you can find these treasures:

VEHICLES: Ballista Missile Launcher (District 8) and Foo Fighter (District 7)

ARMOR: Reinhardt and Otto (District 6) and Cooling Vest (District 8)

WEAPONS: Arcturion Assault Rifle (District 8) and Range Finder Rifle (Districts 5 + 6)

ANIMALS: Diamondback (Districts 6 + 7) and Bighorn (District 8)

Note that only four of the Elite Eight are located in District 8 (Hoover Dam).

Three others can be found in District 6, with lower job energy costs. The risk in hunting for loot in District 6 is that you will usually get the relatively inferior Police Riot Helmet (30/44) or Performance Sports Car (47/38). The Reinhardt and Otto is the toughest drop in District 6.

Two others are in District 7, with one available in District 5 (again, the likelihood is you will get many drops other than the Range Finder Rifle there).

The Range Finder Rifle, by the way, has started showing up in Stashes found while doing jobs, and can be shared with 5 of your fastest-on-the-mouse Mafia through your Facebook news feed. I look forward to seeing higher level Vegas items make their way into these stashes, especially to give MW players who haven't reached the top Vegas levels the chance to own some of the top loot.

I suspect we will someday see a Part 3 of the Wishlist Elite 8 after loot from the top levels of upcoming Italy are allowed to be wishlisted.

Coming soon... the Wishlist Final Four - my choice for the single best Weapon, Armor, Vehicle, and Animals to stock up on... at least one of which is NOT in the Wishlist Elite Eight.

"How can that be???" you ask, jaw hitting the floor. "That would be like Seton Hall suddenly replacing Duke in the NCAA tournament!" I'll give you a hint: Colin gave us the answer in July - before there even WAS an Elite Eight. Stay tuned, faithful readers. It will all make sense.

In the meantime, get some of the items above on your Wishlist for trades, gifts, and Mystery Bags.
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  4. I've gotten all 8 on district 8 and will continue to farm on district 8 only.